Man Stumped When Orca Follows Him Until He Looks Down


Against The Odds

Suddenly, he sensed that something was following him. He saw nothing at first but when he looked down, his heart dropped.

There was no way he was going to make it out alive. The giant orca was swimming straight towards him. Just as he prepared himself for an attack, the orca stopped. He sprang into action.

Julian Dunggio

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Julian Dunggio loved the ocean for as long as he could remember. So, it was no surprise that he grew up to be a professional diver.

He lived in Gorontalo, the mountainous region in Indonesia, famous for its stunning views and crystal clear waters. But it was also well-known for something else.

Rich Wildlife

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It also had an impressive catalog of wildlife which attracted many tourists to its shores. For Julian, the animals made his job that much better. He loved taking the tourists out on the water and showing them the surrounding corals and exotic creatures.

Every day he’d find something new, and that’s exactly what happened this time around.

Tour Guide

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It was just like any other working day when Julian set out to greet a group of enthusiastic tourists. He took them out on a fishing boat as he often did to show them the area before getting into the water.

He had no idea that he was sailing straight into unimaginable danger.

Heuston, We Have A Problem!

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As Julian talked to the tourists about the area, the boat stopped to haul their fishing nets. However, there was a big problem. The net was caught on something beneath the water. The boat was stuck.

Without thought, Julian dived in to cut the net loose so they could continue on their tour. A decision he’d pay for.

So Far So Good

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Julian quickly spotted the problem and swam to free the net which had wrapped around a boulder on the seafloor.

He pulled with all his might and watched the net float once more in the clear blue water. Underneath the water was calm and beautiful. But back on the fishing boat, tourists began to scream for him in horror.

Feeling Followed


Julian surfaced for air before diving back down to swim to the boat. But on his way, a strange feeling came over him. As he swam, he sensed something following him.

He ignored it at first, but when the feeling got stronger and stronger, he quickly turned around. His eyes scanned through the majestic-looking water that shimmered with sunlight. He saw nothing until he looked down.

A Killer Whale

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Julian’s heart dropped as he took in the sight of a huge orca swimming towards him. He froze in utter panic. The giant creature known for being the most dangerous marine mammal in the world was far too close for comfort.

There was no way he could outswim him so Julian did the next best thing.

Surrendering To Fate

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He faced the orca and tried to remain calm as he prepared himself to react to the attack he felt sure was going to happen.

However, just as the orca was within arms reach, it stopped moving. Julian’s heart was about to burst with fear but then he noticed something strange.

Stuck For Air

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When the orca’s eyes met his, Julian immediately sensed that something wasn’t right. He didn’t want to make any sudden movements but he needed air.

Julian took a leap of faith and swam up to the surface for air, as soon as he reached the surface, he heard the screams of the tourists. The boat was right beside him. With a sigh of relief, he began to swim towards it but then he saw it.

The Dorsal Fin

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Just as Julian had popped up for air, so did the orca, leaving his enormous dorsal fin piercing above the surface.

The tourists on board begged him to hurry up and get out of the water. But seeing the orca’s fin changed everything for Julian. He grabbed out his pocket knife and swam towards it. Now, it was a race against time.

Needing Help

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When Julian looked at the Orca’s dorsal fin, he spotted a fishing net that was haphazardly tied around it. It was preventing the huge mammal from swimming. He was stuck.

Julian froze in the water. He had a choice to make; swim to the boat and get back to safety or risk his life in an attempt to free the majestic animal. He chose the latter.

Bold Move

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His heart pounded harder as he swam right up to the orca and reached out to touch his fin. The tourists watched in shock as he then hoisted himself upon the animal’s back.

Julian straddled the orca. Facing the fin, he held his knife and began to saw his way through the web of nets that entangled the beast. But he had no idea how the orca was going to react to his bold actions.

Unusual Bond

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The orca was calm at first but when the boat got closer and closer, it got spooked. It moved side to side, blowing out water from its blowhole. But then Julian did something incredible.

He calmly petted its fin, saying soothing words. To the astonishment of the onlookers, the whale calmed down. Then Julian did one last heart-stopping thing.

Out The Other Side

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He swam beneath the whale’s belly, following the tangled fishing net. The tourists looked on, praying desperately he wouldn’t get hurt. One flip of that orca’s tale could have sent Julian to his grave.

However, he submerged on the other side, smiling brilliantly with a lump of rope in his hand.