A Man Took A Picture Of His Wife On Their Boat. Then He Spotted Something Floating In The Ocean


A lovely day at out at sea fishing is interrupted by a sight seen in the distance.

As the celebrations ensued, one member of the party noticed something in the distance that looked like a buoy. But what was it?


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In May 2016, this story was highlighted in the media. Two couples who were at sea celebrating.

They couples would do it around this time of the year, every year. But for what reason?


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Bruce and Robin Knecht were sharing a joint birthday celebration with their friends, Michael, and Shawn Sahr, on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

The two couples from Florida did this every year. But in 2016 there was an unexpected party-crasher.


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Bruce first saw the object, but nobody at first realized what it was. Bruce said,

“I thought it was a floating buoy, we were going about 20 miles per hour, so it was hard to see.”


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As the group got closer they noticed that the object was moving and was clearly alive, but struggling.

Bruce said he saw two eyes and got such a fright because he thought it may have been a child.


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The boat was instantly turned around to head directly to the object in the water. The mystery item wasn’t in fact a buoy or boy.

But rather a Jack Russel wearing a pet’s life jacket. How did the dog possibly get that far out to sea?


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When the dog saw the boat approaching, he paddled as fast as he could towards the party.

They radioed into the coastguard for further investigation after plucking the struggling dog out of the water.


www.YouTube.com/Watchjojo Animals

The pooch took 30 minutes to warm up and stop shivering. It was found that ‘Jagermeister’ the dog had been missing at sea for over 3 hours after going overboard.

Although the pooch was shaken up, he was now in good hands.

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