Dog Rescues Joey From River, Then Mom Shows Up


Battle Against The Current

Jasper’s legs and waist felt like they were about to turn into ice as he battled against the cold current. He reached for the Joey and did his best to push it towards the bank. He was getting tired, he had to act fast before the exhaustion set in.

He used all of his strength but eventually, he managed to get the frightened animal onto the bank. He took a deep breath. It was finally over. But that was when he heard something over his shoulder. He turned around, a shiver running down his spine when he saw the newest arrival overshadow him. He wished he could turn back time.

Family Man

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Jasper Dunn was an ordinary man from Melbourne, Australia. As a young child, his mother and father taught him the importance of helping others. He loved animals and always did what he could to help them. He was grateful for his kind family, they set him up to be a successful adult.

Once Jasper graduated from college in Melbourne, he met and married the girl of his dreams. A year after their wedding, Jasper and his wife welcomed their first child into the world. They named him Tommy.

Father And Son


The day Tommy was born was the happiest day of Jasper’s life. He was determined to raise his son with the same love and compassion his parents had shown him.

Jasper was an amazing father. As Tommy got older, he made sure to spend a lot of quality time with his son. Everyone knew how much Tommy liked a specific picnic spot right by a river. But soon, this spot would change their lives.

Favorite Snacks


The river was a 20-minute drive from their home. Tommy loved bonding with his father on the banks of this river. Whenever they went, Jasper made sure to pack all of Tommy’s favorite foods, which included chicken mayonnaise sandwiches, cheddar crackers, and apple juice.

They would eat their snacks while looking out at the river. Sometimes the current got quite strong. That was why Tommy was never allowed in the water. But Jasper never would have guessed that he would be the one fighting against the freezing current.

Saturday Morning Fun

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During the week, Jasper and Tommy made plans to visit the river on Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, they got up, had breakfast, and packed their things.

They had a good day ahead of them, but then Tommy asked for one more thing. He wanted their dog, Hero, to join them. Hero loved going to the river with them. He would play in the tall grass and jump into the river when he needed to cool off. But bringing Hero along would change everything.

Picnic Time

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But Jasper didn’t know this, so he agreed to bring Hero along. The dog was as excited as they were. He jumped into the back seat and sat next to Tommy during their drive to the river. After 20 minutes, they finally got to their destination.

As soon as Jasper opened the door, Hero jumped out and sprinted through the grass. He loved having a large space to explore. Jasper got their blanket and snacks ready as Tommy did his best to help him. They had no idea what was coming their way.

Remember Forever

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The weather was nice. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot out. Around the river were plenty of trees to protect them from the harsh Australian sun. Tommy brought one of his favorite toys with them, a little yellow toy truck.

Jasper had a smile on his face as he watched his son play. He hoped that Tommy would remember times like these for the rest of his life. But Tommy would certainly remember this day for the rest of his life.

Couldn’t Believe His Eyes

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Their time at the river was coming to an end when Hero started barking. It wasn’t playful barking, he sounded panicked and concerned. Jasper quickly got up to see what was going on.

When Jasper finally got to the edge of the bank and found Hero, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was fighting for its life in the water, and Jasper knew he had to help. But Tommy would give him the push he needed.

He Cried

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Jasper was trying to wrap his head around everything when Tommy ran up to him. He grabbed Jasper as he cried, “Help him, Dad!” Tears were streaming down the little boy’s cheeks.

Jasper looked back at the water. The creature wouldn’t last long unless he helped. But Jasper was about to get some help from an unexpected friend.

Helping Hand

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Jasper knew he couldn’t waste any more time. He stopped hesitating and sprang into action. He didn’t even bother taking his shoes off as he jumped into the water and made his way to the distressed kangaroo. The current was strong. He knew he wouldn’t last long. He had to act fast.

He managed to get the joey to the opposite bank and scooped him out of the water. Then he headed back to the shore. The animal seemed to understand that he was trying to help it. But another animal wouldn’t see things that way.

A New Arrival

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Jasper felt the cold current freeze his legs and waist as he battled against the current. He grabbed the Joey and helped push it towards the bank. Every second counted as he got more tired as he struggled.

He finally managed to get the poor animal out onto the bank. Just as he caught his breath and thought it was over, he heard something over his shoulder. As he turned and looked at the newest arrival overshadow him, he felt a shiver run down his spine. There was no going back.

Concerned Mother

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Jasper recoiled in fear of the new animal in front of him. It was surely the baby kangaroo’s concerned mother. She looked like she was ready to do anything to protect her child, and she didn’t seem understanding like her child.

As an Australian, he knew just how dangerous kangaroos could be when they or their young felt threatened. But just as the angry kangaroo mother got ready to protect her baby, A familiar sound came from his behind him.

 A Real Hero

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Jasper heard a bark from behind him. It was Hero! Just as the kangaroo mother came to protect her baby, Hero came to protect his owner. The dog barked and growled at the kangaroo mom.

Jasper didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He feared for both his poor pooch and the kangaroo mother’s wellbeing. Neither of them understood what was going on. But then the kangaroo mom did something completely unexpected.

 Calming Down

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The kangaroo mother seemed to snap out of it when Hero started barking. She scooped the baby kangaroo off of the bank into her pouch and slowly backed off. The next thing Jasper knew, she turned and bounced away.

Jasper was still wet and shaken from the experience. He was still trying to process what had just happened to him. He looked down at his faithful canine and smiled. He stroked him before heading to a bridge to walk back to Tommy. He didn’t want to leave him for too long.

A Trip To Remember

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As Jasper got back to the picnic spot, Tommy ran up to him and tackled him in a hug. He smiled up at him and told him how proud he was of dad for saving the animal’s life. Jasper smiled and hugged him back.

When they got back, all Tommy would talk about was their big day. He told his mother, and that’s when Jasper knew that he really would look back on this day for years to come just like he wanted, even if they were because of events that he didn’t see coming.