Man Notices Missing Child Report, Realizes Who It Is


His Origins

A lump was forming in his throat as he stared at the familiar picture before him. He was certain it was him, just 32 years younger than now. But why on earth was he on a missing child’s database? He was beyond confused. His foster parents refused to speak to him about his origins. Could this be why?

He frowned, it said that he was last seen with his mother on the 21st of June, 1977. The reports were saying that he had been taken away, was he? What had his foster parents been hiding from him for all this time? He deserved some answers.

Happy Life


In his adult years, he lived a completely ordinary life. He had overcome so much in his childhood years, at least, that’s what his foster parents had always told him. He could barely remember anything from his childhood.

There were some secrets from his childhood that he couldn’t remember very well. He never really thought too hard about it, it didn’t matter that much to him. He always preferred to try and look ahead. Ever since his adoption, his life had been great.

Stanley Peterson

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33-year-old Stanley Peterson was an ordinary man living in Portsmouth, Virginia. His foster parents had always been open and honest with him, he knew he was adopted from a very young age. They told him everything, at least, that’s what he thought.

They never really told him much more about his childhood, in fact, he barely knew anything about his life before the adoption. Whenever he asked about his birth parents, his foster parents would always shoot each other uncomfortable glances. But little did he know just how deep the truth was buried.



Although he knew close to nothing about that time of his life, he never wanted to seem ungrateful. His foster parents did everything they could to give him a good life and he was grateful for that. He never had anything to complain about. He had a roof over his head and everything he would ever need to live a good life.

He knew that he could never think of his foster parents in a bad light. That’s why he was so ignorant of the truth. But one day, he would find out exactly what secrets they were keeping from him.

Fond Remembrance


Stanley remembered his adolescence fondly. He remembered his first kiss at 16, and his first car from his foster parents at 18 like it had happened yesterday. He even remembered being chaperoned by them to his prom.

He had everything a teenager could ever have wished for, but despite this, he felt a small void start to open up as he grew older. He had no idea where his origins were, but the truth would change his life forever.

Moving Out


His foster parents had even paid for his tertiary education. At 23 years old, he got a teaching degree and managed to find a job at a local school before moving out of his parent’s home.

He was sad to leave his home, but he had to leave the nest eventually. After living on his own for ten years, he finally drew some conclusions that didn’t quite add up. Where was he from? He thought about it every single day.

Looking Through The Records


He decided to do some research on his own because his foster parents were never comfortable with him asking about his biological parents. He knew his only option was to do independent research on his own.

He spent months looking through the records of numerous orphanages in the city, but he couldn’t find anything relating to him. It was odd, but one day he got a call from an anonymous source. He had no idea what he was about to hear.

Anonymous Call


After he had asked a few orphanages around the city and even looked through a few of their records, it appeared that his research hadn’t gone unnoticed. One evening, he received an anonymous call.

They didn’t say much, but they did inform him that if he wanted to know more about his past, he could visit a specific website. They told him that that was all he would need, and then they hung up. He had no idea what dark secrets he would uncover.

Morbid Curiosity


He was shaken by the conversation, he was worried, but he didn’t quite know why. Who had been watching him? His morbid curiosity got the better of him and before he knew it, he was in too deep to back out now.

He fired up his laptop, not knowing what to expect, but based on what the caller had said, it was pretty worrying. He was about to open a web page that had a database of missing people. How on Earth would he get answers there?

On The Website


When he clicked on the website, he was met by pictures of hundreds of missing children. He scrolled through them, not knowing what to expect. But luckily, the stranger had given him another clue.

They told him to look up the date. June 1977. He found a few entries for that month and year, but then he found what he was supposed to. . He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

A Familiar Face

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He felt a lump in his throat form as he stared at the familiar picture. It was definitely him, just 32 years younger. But why was he on a missing child’s database? His foster parents always refused to talk to him about his origins. Was this why?

The report said he was last seen with his mother on June 21ist, 1977. Reports say he was taken away, was he really? What were his foster parents hiding from him? He knew he deserved answers.

Blood Boiled


His blood boiled. He trusted them his entire life just to end up on a missing child’s database. He decided he could only do one thing – confront them with the evidence that he had. He knew it could destroy his relationship with them, but what choice did he have?

Thankfully he didn’t live too far from his foster parents. He drove for 40 minutes before arriving at their home. They were now retired and would be home. He even used their spare remote and keys they had given him.



Stanley confronted his parents in the living room. He interrupted their BBC nature show they were watching on their laptops. He showed them his missing person’s report and begged them for answers. But his foster mother would break down crying.

She tried explaining through sobs. It was hard to understand what she was trying to say, but then his foster father stepped in. He laid out everything that they had kept from him.

The Truth

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They sat down and spoke for hours, explaining everything. They explained how they had found him in a stroller abandoned at Daniel K. Inouye Airport while they were on vacation. They tried to find his mother, but it was no use.

With no one claiming him and there already being a problem with orphans in Hawaii, they decided to take him back home. They got all of the proper papers and adopted him. The reason why he couldn’t find his records was that they weren’t in any local orphanage he checked. Now it made sense.

Why Missing?

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It seems that Stanley’s original surname was Barnes. He still couldn’t understand why he was reported missing. It must have been his mother that filed the report, and somehow no one ever figured out that he was adopted under a different name.

With the truth now in his hands, Stanley forgave his foster parents. They were the people who raised him, after all. But now, he had information that could finally fill the void in his heart. He would be able to track down his mother.