Man Spots Lump On Tree, Gut Tells Him To Dig


A Foreign Object

Rupert eyed the thick lump. It was huge and covered most of the bark. He wanted to touch it but he knew better.

He moved closer, squinting his eyes to get a better look. The lump was moist and glistening in the sun. It seemed to be growing bigger. It looked like it was moving.

A Man of The Earth


Rupert McKillan had dedicated his life to the logging business. At 68 years old, he had weathered countless challenges and witnessed the beauty of nature intermingled with the harsh realities of his profession.

With three children in college, he worked tirelessly to ensure their education was supported. The logging business had provided for his family over the years, but it was a demanding occupation that required constant vigilance.

Years On The Belt


As a seasoned logger , Rupert had spent the majority of his life immersed in the forestry business. His wife was a skilled baker in the main town, but they always needed more money.

He relied on the income generated from his logging endeavors to support their education. They still had a few years left in college.

Not A Normal Day


One sunny morning, while inspecting his vast forest, Rupert noticed a peculiar lump on the trunk of a towering 35-year-old tree. Concern creased his weathered face as he examined it closely.

It seemed out of place, a stark contrast to the tree’s robust and healthy appearance. An uneasiness settled in his heart as he considered the possibility of an infection.

What Is That


Rupert noticed an unusual lump protruding from the bark of one of them. His experienced eye quickly recognized it as a potential sign of infection, a cause for concern among the logging community.

Rupert wasted no time and immediately called his crew to examine the tree closely and determine the nature of the lump.

It Could Be Worse


Realizing the potential dangers such an infection could pose to his forest, Rupert knew immediate action was necessary. He gathered his team of skilled loggers, explaining the situation to them with a grave tone.

They all understood the importance of maintaining the health and balance of the forest, for it was not only their livelihood but also a source of natural beauty and sustenance.

Infection Control


Knowing the risks that an infected tree posed to the surrounding forest, Rupert decided to check for the cause of the problem. He instructed his crew to chop down the tree entirely, ensuring that the infection wouldn’t spread to other healthy trees.

Though it was a difficult decision, Rupert understood the importance of safeguarding the ecosystem he had spent a lifetime working in.

Hard Labor


Together, they embarked on the arduous task of cutting down the massive tree. With their axes, saws, and heavy machinery, they meticulously carved their way through layers of thick bark and wood.

Hours passed as sweat poured down their brows and muscles strained against the weight of their tools. Despite their years of experience, the tree seemed determined to make their job as difficult as possible.

It Must Be Done


With axes and chainsaws in hand, Rupert’s workers surrounded the tree, their curiosity piqued. Hours passed as they carefully cut through the thick layers of wood.

Finally, the massive tree succumbed to the determined efforts of the loggers, revealing a shocking sight within. The infection inside the tree was indeed significant, far more severe than anyone had anticipated.

In The Tree


After what felt like an eternity, the colossal tree surrendered to the relentless efforts of the loggers. A resounding crack echoed through the forest as it toppled to the ground, sending ripples of awe through Rupert and his team.

As they approached the fallen tree, their eyes widened in disbelief. They stood there looking at the broken tree.

A Sick Sight


Inside the felled tree, the presence of a massive infection became evident. The wood around the lump was decayed and discolored, a testament to the danger it posed to the surrounding trees.

Rupert’s worries had been justified, but there was something more to be discovered. What was the source of the infection?

That’s Not Good


The interior of the tree was a sight that none of them could have anticipated. A vast network of decay spread throughout the heartwood, eating away at the life-giving fibers that had sustained the tree for decades.

The old logger was worried and suspected foul play. The logging business was a dirty game and competitors would go to any lengths to secure their stock.

How Can This Happen


Rupert yelled at his workers, “None of you saw this? You walk here every day.” His workers were quiet.

The infection had taken hold, seeping into the very essence of its existence. Rupert and his loggers were taken aback by the sheer magnitude of the devastation that lay hidden beneath the tree’s sturdy exterior.

Why Me


Rupert’s heart sank as he realized the implications. The infection could have spread to neighboring trees, putting the entire forest at risk. His mind raced with thoughts of how to contain and combat the threat.

With urgency in his voice, he called upon his team to gather samples of the infected wood, their minds already envisioning the possibility of identifying the culprit and finding a solution.

Doing The Work


Days turned into weeks as they diligently worked to analyze the samples, consulting with experts and scientists to determine the nature of the infection.

It was a formidable challenge, but Rupert’s unwavering determination and the expertise of his team were unwavering. It was going to take time to get the lab results back and Rupert had a lot of work to do.

Results Are In


After a few more weeks, they received word from the lab. It was more serious than they had thought.

The experts identified the infection as a highly aggressive and rare fungus that had somehow found its way into their forest. Armed with this knowledge, they mobilized an extensive effort to eradicate the fungus and prevent further spread.

Look Out For It


The lab experts advised Rupert of the chemicals found in the plant’s roots. It was possible that the fertilizer had caused a reaction, but they thought it something else.

With meticulous care, they developed a plan that involved removing infected trees, treating the surrounding soil, and implementing preventive measures to protect the remaining healthy ones.

My Life Now


As Rupert went through the recovery plan with his staff, his heart stopped. He realized the gravity of the situation.

He was asking a lot from his staff, and they would have to put in over time just to get the work done in time. Would they be able to save the uninfected trees in time for harvest?

Saving The Trees


Rupert’s once thriving forest underwent a dramatic transformation as they worked tirelessly, battling against the relentless infection. The forest echoed with the sound of chainsaws and heavy machinery as the infected trees were felled one by one.

Rupert thought that he could find one or two healthy trees, but all of them were even slightly infected. It was all a waste.

A Good Plan


The clever logger advised his workers to save the best wood. The ones that were not badly infected could be treated and used. He tried to salvage every bit of his crop to his dismay.

But amidst the destruction, there was hope. New saplings were planted, and measures were taken to restore balance and ensure the forest’s vitality.

Making A Difference


Months turned into years, and the battle against the fungus continued. It was a long and arduous process, but Rupert and his team persevered.

The infection slowly receded. It had cost him a lot of extra money. He now had to pay back a loan of $10 000 for the tree treatment and wood care.

Not Enough Cash


He was on the brink of bankruptcy. His whole family was helping to try and pay off the loan to save the business. Sometimes Rupert just felt like selling it all and retiring.

What had become of his logging business? It was not what he thought he would be doing in his golden years at all.

More Professionals


Rupert had to hire a Geological surveyor to assess his land. Every three months he would come in and take samples of the soil and tree bark.

His name was Samuel Smith, and he was very good at his job. Rupert often described him as plant because he was silent and always caught him by surprise.

He Knows His Stuff


Samuel stooped down low and scooped up samples of soil. He placed them into his vile. “Considering the results from last from, there has been a considerable increase in the chlorine content,” he said peering into a vile.

Rupert looked at him confused. “It’s the chemical, Mr. McKillan, the chemicals have infiltrated the soil,” he looked at him sharply.

What’s In The Water


Rupert listened to Samuel explain the scientific theory he had; he didn’t understand much of it. “We need to assess the water Mr. McKillan, how you water the trees, do you understand?”

Rupert nodded at him. “Yes, I understand, you can see I have the best irrigation system, my trees are very luscious.” “Yes, I don’t doubt that, but what is in the water sir?”

A Thorough Check


Samuel suggested that they look at the irrigation system. Rupert showed him the system and the tanks. Everything was kept in great condition.

Rupert was a strict man when it came to cleanliness. “Well, this all seems to be order, everything is hygienic,” he said as he assessed the storage facility.

Rupert was losing his patience, it seemed as though the investigation was never going to end.

Running Clean


It was almost the end of day and Rupert had a few more errands to run. He excused himself from Samuels company and walked outside for a breath of fresh air.

He stood at the top of the parking lot and looked down at the rows of trees in front of him. Soon they would all be gone, and he would just be left with a barren land.

A Final Look


His eyes grazed over the horizon as the sun started to set. It was a beautiful piece of country and he knew he was fortunate that he got to grow up there as a child.

Lost in his thoughts, suddenly Rupert noticed something bizarre that he hadn’t seen in those parts before. “That’s strange,” he muttered to himself and stepped forward to have a better view.

Something New


Rupert looked across the valley and saw something new. It was a huge factory. He wondered how he never saw it before. “It must have been hidden by the fog,” he said to himself.

The factory chimneys were spewing thick black smoke into the sky. Rupert watched the black clouds envelop his valley like the smoke of death.

An Evil Cloud


It only took a few minutes for the smoke to reach his hilltop. Rupert stood there, waiting, watching it move closer to him. He started coughing and ran back inside his office.

He wanted to tell Samuel what he saw, he was sure this information could help. But he was too late. He watched Samuel, peering over his steering wheel, drive out the complex in his little blue buggy.

Just Too Late


Rupert went to his factory early the next day. He had some important investigations of his own to do. He wanted to walk out in the trees today.

As he walked through the forest, he remembered how lush and rich it used to be. The infection had destroyed his best trees. There were only a few like them left.

His Own Place


He touched the tall trees. They were his oldest trees that he never cut. He said that keeping them there brought him good luck. They were the first trees that he planted with his father when he took over the business.

Rupert watched as the loggers came to cut down the last of the trees. Every single tree had to be uprooted and the soil had to be treated. It was going to take time.

A Novice Spy


Rupert advised his men on how to go about their work. He had something else to do. While his men were busy, Rupert took a walk to the boundary line.

It was a far walk, almost 3kms to reach the tree farms boundary fence. When Rupert reached the fence, he was shocked at what he saw.

Something Strange


He peered through the fence over to the other side. His tree farm shared a boundary with the other chemical factory he saw the night before.

It wasn’t visible because of the layout of the land. There was a small river separating the two properties. Rupert gasped in disbelief; how could he have been so stupid?

Out Of Place


Rupert was watching a group of men in hazmat suits; they were doing something. Why so early in the morning? Rupert thought. A branch under his foot broke, and one of the men looked up.

Rupert quickly hid behind the tree. He tapped his pants for his phone, ad found it in his back pocket.

Illegal Chemicals


Rupert couldn’t take a picture because they would see the flash. He tried to record but there was too much foliage in the way.

The novice spy managed to get a few good clips of them dumping some liquid from blue barrels in the river. What was that? Chemicals? Poison? He needed a better look.

Smile, You’re On Camera


Rupert stayed and watched until the men went away. He recorded 5 minutes of it. They were fast and definitely didn’t want to be seen.

After they dumped the last barrel, they raced back to the factory leaving behind a trail of dust. Rupert watched them drive up just to make sure. He had an important call to make. And he had to make sure before assuming anything.

In The Nick Of Time


Rupert ran back to the work site as fast as he could. He was out of breath. He tried to call Samuel, but there was no signal out there.

His workers noticed his state and asked him if he was okay. “I’m fine, just carry on with your work,” he said, struggling to catch his breath.

Long Lost Connection


The anxious farm owner was getting worried. He tried calling Samuel again, but there was no answer. The signal was poor and the line kept disconnecting.

He left a message, “Sam, I need to show you something, I know whos-” his phone battery died. He would have to try Sam again later, hopefully he wouldn’t be too late.

More Work


Rupert tried to focus on the task at hand. He had to wait until his loggers finished this set of trees before they could walk back up to the main factory.

He felt sorry for his men having to toil away, they had been supportive staff. They knew that all their lives depended on the farm.

Get In There


Rupert watched them hack and chop. It was grueling physical labor and took its toll on a person’s body.

As the loggers uprooted the felled tree, they noticed something peculiar caught amidst the gnarled roots. Rupert’s weathered hands gingerly untangled the muddy mess to reveal an unexpected treasure.

Another Discovery


The loggers prepared to chop the tree into manageable sections, they noticed something peculiar caught within the exposed roots. Curiosity piqued, Rupert kneeled down and carefully began to untangle the muddy mess.

To his surprise, he found an ancient object trapped among the gnarled roots. The rusted metal and weathered casing suggested it dated back to the previous decades.

An Old Object


The rusted artifact hinted at a rich history, possibly dating back to the 1700s. Rupert’s heart swelled with excitement as he recognized the significance of his relic find.

He always had an interest in ancient items and couldn’t believe his luck. He turned the object over in his hand, examining its composition. He had never seen anything like it.

A Rare Item


Filled with a mixture of awe and curiosity, Rupert carefully secured the ancient object and made his way back home. He told his staff not to speak of it.

Rupert felt as though he hit the jackpot. He needed a win. Recognizing the potential value of the discovery, he decided to take it to a professional.

Hidden Treasure


Rupert’s heart skipped a beat. He was chuffed, elated at the unexpected treasure he had stumbled upon. The discovery felt like a glimpse into the secrets hidden within the forest he had come to know so well.

Realizing the potential value of the ancient compass, Rupert decided to have it appraised in the local town.

Worth Something More


The appraiser’s eyes widened with surprise as he examined the compass’s intricate engravings and craftsmanship. It was a memory of a time long ago.

After a thorough evaluation, the appraiser revealed that Rupert’s discovery was worth a staggering $5,000. The desperate logger couldn’t believe his ears.

A Wealth Of Knowledge


The appraiser was a knowledgeable and experienced individual. He examined the relic with a keen eye.

He said that the compass was indeed from the 18th century and had historical significance. To Rupert’s astonishment, he could sell the artifact for even more if he wanted.

Finders Keepers


A mix of emotions swirled within Rupert. He felt a sense of awe at the unexpected journey this ancient compass had taken, hidden within the life of a 35-year-old tree.

The relic not only held monetary worth but also carried with it a connection to the past, to a time long gone. While Rupert was relishing his newfound discovery, he received a phone call.

Calling Back


It was Samuel, “I’m just returning your call Mr. McKillan, what is it you found?” Rupert was struggling to find his words. So much had happened in the last twenty-four hours.

Rupert spoke, “Samuel, I found the source, I’m sure of it, you have to come back to the farm as soon as possible,” he begged. Samuel agreed and the two made plans to meet later that evening.

Two Together


Rupert made his way back the farm and awaited Samuel’s arrival. They had a plan to spy on the factory and see what they could find.

Samuel arrived at the farm a few hours later, lab kit in hand. “I’m here for business Mr. McKillan, let’s see whats infecting your trees.” Rupert grinned and led the way.

Back-Up Plan


The walk was less tedious in the evening. There was a cool breeze over the valley which made the summer heat bearable.

“Is it much farther?” Samuel asked, his face glistening with perspiration. “Just over that hill,” Robert said, “Then you should be able to see the river.” Samuel huffed along muttering how he doesn’t get pad enough for his job.

They Have A Name


They arrived at the boundary line just in time for another drop off. His cellphone fully charged; Rupert recorded the series of events.

This time the truck was parked in the opposite direction so he was able to see the company Logo, ‘Parkin’s Petrochemicals.’ “Gotcha!” Rupert said with a sneaky smile.

Get To Bottom Of This


Samuel was shocked to see the illegal dumping. He promised Rupert that he would get to the bottom of it.

“It’s highly likely that the river water is seeping into the ground on your side of the land.” Rupert nodded in agreement. “If we can prove that, then we can sue them for destroying your crops.”

On A Lighter Note


While Rupert waited for Samuel to hand in the evidence, he became somewhat of a local celebrity. News of the ancient compass quickly spread throughout the community, attracting the attention of local historians and collectors.

They were captivated by the story behind the compass and its potential historical significance. Offers poured in from various interested parties, each eager to acquire the unique artifact for themselves.

Happier Times Ahead


With the newfound value of the compass, Rupert carefully safeguarded his unexpected windfall. He continued his work in the logging business, using the earnings to support his children’s education and secure their future.

The ancient compass became a symbol of his dedication and love for the forest, a reminder that even in the most routine of tasks, remarkable discoveries could be made.

All’s Well


However, Rupert’s love for history and appreciation for the natural world prompted him to consider an alternative path. Rather than selling the compass to the highest bidder, he decided to donate it to a local museum.

He believed that the compass belonged in a place where it could be appreciated by others and contribute to the community’s collective knowledge.

A Good Man


Rupert’s selfless act garnered praise from the community and museum staff. They acknowledged his generosity and displayed the ancient compass prominently, alongside a plaque recognizing his contribution.

Visitors to the museum marveled at the relic’s intricate details and imagined the incredible journeys it may have guided in centuries past. Rupert had found new purpose in his hobby, but he was still waiting for the decision from the environmental lawyers about his case.

Final Verdict


Over the next few days, Rupert was asked to appear in court. With hard evidence on his side, it was impossible for his opponents to argue.

Rupert won his case; the factory was shut down and investigated. Rupert knew that he had made enemies, but he had no choice.

Second Chances


Rupert returned to his logging business with renewed vigor, invigorated by the unexpected turn of events. The experience taught him that even in the seemingly mundane world of logging, extraordinary discoveries could be found, reminding him to appreciate the wonders of the natural world that he had dedicated his life to.

As the years passed, Rupert’s logging business thrived, and his children graduated from college, embarking on their own paths in life. The ancient compass remained a cherished memento, a testament to the resilience of the forest and the interconnectedness of nature’s history.

A Green Ending


Rupert’s legacy would not be measured solely by his success in the logging business, but also by the lessons he imparted to his children and the appreciation he instilled in them for the wonders of the natural world.

And whenever they gazed upon the ancient compass, they were reminded of their father’s dedication, the hidden stories within the forest, and the importance of cherishing both the past and the future.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.