He Waited Two Years, But He Finally Got His Revenge


The Perfect Time

The smart groom waited patiently for the perfect time to act out his revenge. He thought his wedding day was ideal; after learning what his soulmate had done to him, he had no choice but to take control of the matter.

He looked over at all of his friends and family. He was looking for an opportunity to execute his revenge. The attendees at the event couldn’t take their gaze away from the calamity unfolding right in front of their eyes.



He had known his soon-to-be wife since their high school days. They dated for many years, and all of their friends thought that they were meant for each other. Even family members commented on how great they were together.

It appeared to be any girl’s dream wedding. The bride looked stunning, the groom looked handsome, and everything was falling into place. But, before the confetti was tossed for wishing the new couple a long and happy life, the guests were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime surprise.

A Common Saying


Almost everyone in the United States knows this well-known line regarding weddings. “Say now, or eternally hold your silence” is a common command used by priests and pastors to visitors. It might raise a few eyebrows and bring a few smiles, but nothing more.

What would happen if someone took a step forward and said something? What if someone stood up and claimed to know something negative about the bride or groom? What if it wasn’t a crowd member who spoke up but the groom himself?

Waiting Patiently

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The guests were unaware that the groom had a fake smile on that day, that his vows were a facade and that a secret was about to be exposed to them all. The groom had learned something horrible just before the wedding, but he kept it a secret while he devised a revenge plan against his new bride.

He finally mustered up the strength to speak up, but it was not the right moment yet. He waited patiently. Things were about to get incredibly uncomfortable for the guests as well as the bride.

Devestating News


Moments before his big day, the groom discovered something shocking that his wife had been keeping from him for months. His findings were confirmed by numerous sources. They provided him with evidence clearing stating that his soon-to-be wife was not as she appeared.

To add insult to injury, some of those nearest and dearest to him were also involved. His heart was broken, he could not believe that something like this would happen to him.

She Was Everything To Him


He was moments away from marrying a woman who he had thought was his soulmate. Emotions overwhelmed him as he tried to consider his options. His blood was boiling, but he knew he had to remain calm in order to effectively execute his plan.

The only thing on his mind was revenge, and he would do everything in his power to get his way. She deserved what was coming her way. Despite how he felt on the inside, he remained composed.

Cool, Calm And Collected

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He could barely look her in the eye. All he could think about was how she hurt him. However, he needed to play his role perfectly if he wanted his plan to work. He needed to pretend that he was perfectly fine.

While his friends and family were listening to their vows, the groom devised a brilliant scheme to reveal all of the bride’s dark secrets at the same time. He wanted to observe his new wife’s reaction when he revealed her true nature.

Where They Were Seated


The groom needed to know where the men who participated in his wife’s nefarious activities were seated in order for his plan to function. He slipped away to the dining hall before the wedding to check where they would be.

It was important for him to make sure that they were exposed for who they really were during the time he married.

A Red Sticker


After locating the men who had wronged him, the groom placed a red sticker beneath their seat cushions. The groom, on the other hand, realized that if his plan was to succeed, he needed to maintain a neutral expression throughout the ceremony.

It was about to be the most meaningful moment in their lives, a revelation that would be broadcast to everyone.

The Beginning

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When the pastor asked if anyone had anything negative to say about the pair as the ceremony began and the guests took their seats, the groom raised his hand. As the gathering began to calm, the groom said that he had something to say.

His guests were asked to check under their cushions to see if their seats had a little red label before he started. Those with the sticker were asked to rise. His perplexing request was followed by all the guests.

The Announcement

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The groom stated, with tears in his eyes and a crooked smile on his face, that every one of the guys standing had an affair with his wife. As the men’s faces became white, the crowd gasped in awe. He had proof in the form of texts, which he read aloud in front of everyone.

Despite his obvious anguish, the groom relished every moment of exposing them. Despite the anguish, the groom carried out his plan just as he had intended. As the groom continued, everyone was taken aback. The whole incident created quite a stir.

The Bride’s Reaction

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The groom went on to say that he couldn’t get married anymore. He couldn’t be with a cheater. The fact that the groom went through the ceremony simply to see the looks on his new wife’s face and those she slept with was enough for him. It was time to put an end to it.

The bride began bawling hysterically along with her parents. And as the groom turned to his mortified new wife, he took a last look at her and left without saying another word.

General Silence


Shamed in front of all her friends and family, there weren’t any words that would console the bride. She was beyond devastated. She knew what she had done, and everyone’s eyes were on her.

Guests tried their best to shake off the awkwardness of the groom’s announcement. All the life of the party went away as he exited the building. People would certainly not forget the wedding anytime soon.

Crazy Or Genius?

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The way the entire thing played out makes one wonder if it was a display of creativity or simply a spark of insanity. What is clear is that a heartbroken man can do crazy things. Especially when given enough time to execute his plan.

He managed to turn his pain into something unforgettable that allowed him to expose his wife and destroy her completely in front of her loved ones.

More Than One


The wife didn’t just sleep with one man, but several. And with at least one of them, she did it right before her wedding day. It was all in the texts he had. To make it worse, the men she slept with were all the groom’s closest friends.

The bride from the story got what she deserved in the most stunning way possible. Not only was the bride called out for her actions, but the men she slept with too. All exposed in one moment of sweet revenge for the groom.