Man Plants Camera On Maid, Caught Her In The Act



She would make sure to arrive every morning to see Daniel off just before he got to work. It became a friendly morning ritual, but for the maid, it was much, much more. 

In the beginning, he was pleased with her performance and thanked his lucky stars he’d found such a wonderful housekeeper to help. But it wasn’t long before things took a shocking turn.

He Had Done Everything Right

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Having a stranger in your home while you’re away is uncomfortable at best and risky at worst. It requires a lot of trust from an employer – and Daniel had read the horror stories.

He thought he’d done everything right. He had asked friends and family for recommendations  and had even called up her previous employers. There had been no warning signs… in the beginning.  


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32-year-old Daniel Evanson was an ambitious businessman. He was a workaholic who spent endless hours in his office refining business ideas for his company. 

Daniel’s growing business was supporting over 100 employees, so he really needed reliable help at home. When he found Sarah, he thought he had hit the jackpot.

Busy Man


Daniel’s life was largely spent in the office. He hadn’t quite mastered the whole work-life balance thing. He was a bachelor and struggled to keep on top of his housework.

Needless to say, he was an extremely busy man. When his friends suggested that he hired a housekeeper, he thought it would be a good idea to take their advice.

Glowing Reviews

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Daniel held a series of carefully-screened interviews, but immediately had a good feeling about Sarah. She had glowing reviews and years of experience in the field.

The job was simple: a half-day position cleaning his house every day. Daniel lived alone and was offering a generous salary for someone to just keep his house looking presentable. Of course, he had no idea what she was really planning.

Weeks Go By

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The first two weeks of having hired Sarah went perfectly. Daniel finally felt comfortable enough not to worry about what his housekeeper was doing while he was away. He loved coming home to an immaculate house and had no reason to worry. 

Sarah followed all his instructions to the letter and even went above and beyond to make sure she was doing everything right. But, as soon as he let his guard down, everything changed.

Letting His Guard Down

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Daniel had only just become comfortable with having a housekeeper in his home, but as soon as he let his guard down, things took a turn. 

At first, it was small things – like noticing that Sarah started acting differently when he greeted her in the morning. But that wasn’t all.

Something Was Off


Daniel’s home became progressively less tidy as that week wore on. Trying to be understanding, he let a few things slide. After all, he knew everybody had bad days. 

But what started as a couple of dishes left in the sink and a few items out of place escalated until he couldn’t ignore the warning signs any longer. He installed cameras and secretly watched her in horror as she used his house for her own personal affairs.

The Footage


Daniel watched the screen with his jaw unhinged. He couldn’t believe what she was doing. His heart raced as anger washed over him.

When Daniel had hired Sarah as his housekeeper, he had no idea that she was hiding ulterior motives. She was young, pretty, and seemed harmless, but now he knew that wasn’t the case.

Daily Ritual 

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Daniel was greeted every morning by Sarah, who would arrive at his house just before he set out for work every morning. 

She’d clean while he was away and was supposed to be gone by lunchtime, long before Daniel got home. Weeks passed with no problems. But soon, Daniel began to notice something strange.

Little Clues


Initially, her work was flawless, and he loved coming home to a clean house. She also left flowers in the house for him. It was a professional touch that he quickly got used to and loved seeing. 

Little did he know, the flowers were far more than a professional touch. And they served as a subtle warning sign of what was to come. 


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It seemed like the more time passed, the less clean the house had become. Often, it looked like the floor wasn’t even vacuumed. 

Daniel would find creases in his clothes and, one day, he noticed that the bed looked like it hadn’t been made with any care. But what really began to bother Daniel was the strange smell that began to linger.

The Electricity Bill

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Daniel also noticed that his electricity bill had increased dramatically since Sarah had started working for him – but surely having the vacuum running for twenty minutes a day wouldn’t have caused the bill to skyrocket? 

But that wasn’t all. The clues of what Sarah had really been doing while he was away were starting to pile up. 

Detective Work 

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Daniel decided the best way to understand exactly what his housekeeper was up to was to install hidden cameras in secret locations all around his house. 

After all, he was paying her very generously for her work and expected it to get done. But Daniel wasn’t at all prepared for what his camera would capture. 

Acting Normal

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After Daniel had placed the nanny cams strategically around the house, he pretended nothing was wrong and greeted Sarah in the morning as usual before heading off to work. 

Once he got to his office, he logged into the security camera system that he’d paired with his laptop and phone. For the first hour Sarah was there, everything seemed normal. 



After watching her like a hawk for an hour and 20 minutes, Daniel was forced to tear his eyes away, put his phone down, and tend to his work duties. 

When the workday was done, he logged into the security cameras again and was shocked to see Sarah only beginning to pack up her things and leave the house now.  



Daniel sat straight up and began to take notice – Sarah should have finished hours ago. He got up from his chair, rewound the recording back to the start of the day, and hit play. 

He fast-forwarded, watching as Sarah made her way around the house, picking up things and cleaning the countertops. Suddenly, she began to act completely abnormal. 

A Bizarre Sight


Daniel’s heart dropped as he took in the bizarre sight from the nanny cam. What his housekeeper was doing was completely outrageous! 

His emotions swung from curiosity and bewilderment to anger and complete disbelief. He hastily packed up his things and rushed out the door. If he hurried, he could still catch her and confront her in person.



Daniel was understandably fuming as he drove home. He couldn’t believe he had let someone like that into his house for that long. He felt violated. 

He almost tripped as he rushed to the door and slammed the key into the lock, but when he didn’t see her handbag on the kitchen counter he knew he had just missed her. 

Two Words


Daniel tried to contain his emotions as he shakily dialed Sarah’s number, but then he thought better of it and hung up before the phone started to ring. 

Too furious to even speak to the woman, he opened his emails, downloaded the nanny cam footage, and sent her the video with two simple words: ‘You’re fired.’ 

He Wanted Her Gone


Daniel had never dreamed of what Sarah was actually up to when he left her alone in his home for hours. It was obvious that work wasn’t getting done, but he’d caught he doing something even worse. 

In the end, Daniel decided not to pursue legal action, but anybody else might have. He just wanted her gone. So, what did he see? 

Walking Around In Her Underwear

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Daniel had caught his housekeeper taking off her clothes and throwing them into the washing machine on the hidden camera. 

Using his washing machine was one thing, but Daniel couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what she did next. She walked around the house in her underwear and made her way to his bedroom. 

Trying On His Clothes


Daniel had watched in shock as his housekeeper rifled through his cupboard and began to try on his clothes. 

She did a little dance around his room and stopped in front of the mirror to take picture of herself. Then, she sat on his bed and sprayed his cologne onto her neck. But that wasn’t all. 

Using The Shower


Daniel watched in horror as Sarah took a fresh towel out his closet and sauntered into the bathroom. The door stayed closed for a good 30 minutes, and when she finally emerged, the towel was the only thing she was wearing. 

She strolled past the camera carrying the clothes she had been wearing – his clothes. But things only got worse. 

Like She Owned The Place


Daniel watched Sarah put his fluffy gown on after her long shower, put her hair up in a towel, and saunter over to the kitchen.

She made herself a quick breakfast, then went to settle on the couch. She picked up a magazine, leaned back, and relaxed – as if she was in her own house! But that still wasn’t all.

Also A Thief


After her washing was done, she put Daniel’s clothes in the washer. Daniel watched as she snuck one of his t-shirts and stuffed it into her bag. 

Suddenly, he remembered that he thought he had misplaced two other items. There was no doubt in his mind that she took them. Daniel had already fired her, but he was still worried about one thing. 

What Else Had She Done?


Suddenly, the missing clothes, rumpled bed, and the level of untidiness all made sense. The woman spent most of her time using his house like she owned the place and spent very little time on actual housework! 

But what else had Sarah been doing before he had caught her out on camera? What else had she stolen or used of his? The whole thing only got creepier.



After thinking about the way Sarah had been wearing his clothes, using his shower, and spraying his cologne on herself, it suddenly became clear that this woman had an obsession with him! 

He wondered if she’d be back or end up stalking him. He kept his security cameras installed and added more outside. 

Would She Be Back?


Daniel could have sworn he saw Sarah on the street a few times but, after a few weeks of radio silence, he concluded that she must have understood not to push her limit. He left it at that. 

She was lucky he didn’t press legal charges to begin with. But not everybody agreed with his decision.

Divided Opinions


Daniel shared his story online. He shared parts of the footage and warned people to vet their housekeepers properly. People were in disbelief at the recording and urged him to press charges. 

“If you don’t pursue legal action, she could do this to someone else,” one user commented. But what do you think?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental