Man Takes Hiking Photos, Realizes He’s Not Alone


Something Sinister In The Picture

The two gentlemen stared at their phone screens, stunned at what they saw in the background of their hiking pictures. How could they have overlooked it?

What started out as a normal outing for the lads suddenly devolved into a horror scenario. That day, the men got a lot, far more than fresh air and sunshine when they went hiking.

Weekly Hikes

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John and his best friend Lucas loved going hiking at the reserve nearby. They used this time to catch up with each other while getting in some exercise.

Their hikes quickly turned into a weekly occurrence. But their most recent hike was unquestionably one for the record books. It prompted them to consider relocating their upcoming hikes carefully.

Best Friends

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Lucas had always been the most adventurous friend. He would always try to convince his friend group to try new things with him or to go explore unknown places.

That morning, Lucas suggested that they try out a new route. John felt apprehensive at first but realized that it couldn’t hurt to try out something new. However, he could not help but feel as if they were making a big mistake. Animal sightings in the area have recently dominated the news. However, no one had cautioned them about what they would encounter while hiking that morning.

The Road Less Travelled

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They both adored adventure. Their new path would lead them to a stunning waterfall that several people had hoped to see, but only a few had gotten that far. It was a 45-minute ascent with multiple risks along the route.

They felt they were equipped for anything, but it was quickly revealed that they had made a mistake in choosing that route.

Taking Pictures

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The men loved recording their adventures. They would take many pictures of their hikes to show their friends and family everything they were getting up to.

Their hike was not going as smoothly. The sun was scorching hot, they were almost out of the water, and the route was much longer than what they expected. John became concerned and even resented Lucas for choosing such a long trail. He desired to return, even if it meant leaving Lucas there.

Talking Things Over


Lucas eventually caved in and decided to pause and reassess their circumstances as a pair. They had made good progress on their hike, even if they were seasoned hikers, it was much more difficult than anticipated.

John was furious. He wasn’t familiar with this forest area and was scared that if they remained there any longer, something bad would happen to them.

Something In The Background


Lucas tried his best to reassure John and grabbed his phone to see their location. He promised John that they weren’t that far in and they would go back as soon as their break was over. Lucas scrolled through his phone and went through their pictures together. The pictures were beautiful.

John stopped Lucas and said, “Stop! Give me the phone! Look.” He zoomed in on one of the photographs and noticed something in the background. It was in most of their pictures. Was it chasing them down? They couldn’t have overlooked it, could they? What on earth could it be?

Putting A Stop To It

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John was terrified. He desperately wanted to go home and even considered taking a different route, but Lucas shared that it was their safest option. He was also intrigued by the object in the photograph.

Lucas wanted to investigate and lay their concerns to rest. Nothing, however, could have equipped them for what they would encounter on the journey back.


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Every noise startled John. He was terrified that something would just jump out of the bushes. What if the thing lurking in their pictures was a dangerous creature?

Lucas soothed him by placing his hand on his shoulder. “We’re two adult men in the middle of the day, so relax. What could possibly go wrong?”

Getting Closer


They tracked their steps back to the location where they assumed the terrifying images were shot. They knew they were getting closer when they began hearing strange noises from the bushes.

For a little period, their hearts slowed. This was the final straw. They took modest, careful steps toward the location. It was too late to flee at this point. They were about to take on the most difficult undertaking of their lives.

Incredible Find


John didn’t have to look far before he noticed something in the bushes. As they came closer, they understood they were dealing with a woman who required their assistance.

She had gone hiking the day before, was injured, and was now unable to move. They offered her some of their things and requested help. However, the clock was ticking.

Help Arrived


Eventually, help arrived. They placed the young woman on a carrier, and a helicopter lifted her and took her to a hospital. She was a young 22-year-old woman who loved hiking as well.

She went on the dangerous trail the day before. She made the terrible mistake of going hiking in the evening, and it got dark before she could return safely.

Another Hiker


She wasn’t alone, though. She went hiking with a friend as well. They both fell, but he only had an injured arm, so he got up and went looking for help, leaving her behind.

He never made it back, and no one knew anything about him. Did he get lost as well, or did something worse happen?



The young woman’s friend was discovered a few yards further from her, trying to make his way to help. He was covered in mud and he wasn’t moving.

Sadly he lost his life because of his injuries and couldn’t be saved anymore. The woman was fortunate that John and Lucas decided to try a new hiking route that day.


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She waited 22 hours before she was found, but now she was safe in the hospital. The doctors said she would make a full recovery.

When learning about the story, people gathered funds to pay for her medical bills in record time and expressed their support for her and the two families affected by this terrible event.