Man Gets Off Plane, Hides When He Sees Wife’s Welcome Sign


Feeling Nervous

He’d been in the air for eight hours. He could see the airport approaching through the window. He should have been overjoyed at the prospect of seeing his wife again.

But just thinking about it made him nervous. When he imagined her out there waiting for her, his insides withered. He was confident that something terrible was going to happen to him.

Holding Grudges

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But this wasn’t the first time Allan McGregor’s stomach grumbled after a long flight home owing to anxiousness that came with encountering his wife.

Anita was not like most women. When someone upset her, Anita held a grudge towards them for years. And, as Allan was gradually learning, a long time for Anita could easily equate to eternity.

The Beginning

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Anita and Allan met through mutual friends at a college party. The pair instantly connected and became best friends.

However, they soon started to develop feelings for each other, and Allan asked her on a date. Allan had no idea that this action would set off a chain of events that would lead to his airport woes.

Having Some Fun

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The problems began when Anita had to fly to Los Angeles to meet with a client. It was a long flight as the pair lived in New York City.

Allan drove his wife to the airport nearly an hour in advance for her flight. He was upset to see her go, but he was excited to see what mayhem he could create in their home while she was gone. This was where things went wrong.

Canceled Trip

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Anita’s trip was supposed to be a few days longer, and she contacted Allan three hours later that her meetings were canceled.

Allan was taken aback by the news. Instead of wreaking chaos all over the house as he’d planned, he’d slept the entire morning away. “Would you be able to pick me up? My stomach hurts, and I could use some Imodium,” Anita said. “Sure,” Allan said with a grin. This was going to be a memorable day.


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Allan needed to get to the airport before Anita’s plane landed. With a smirk and a large sign in his hand, he jumped out of his automobile. He was ecstatic to see his wife.

As he walked by, people laughed, and he realized his strategy was working. Anita appeared from the multitude of people, running toward him. When Allan waved his sign at her, she came to a halt, her mouth gaping.

He Made A Mistake

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The message on Allan’s sign was as follows: “Hey Anita, I have your Imodium!” As she got closer, Anita’s face flushed bright red. Allan burst out laughing, but he knew he’d made a mistake.

Allan was bitten by the can of worms he had opened instantly. He flew out the following week to meet with some business associates. His brows furrowed as he arrived at the airport.

Revenge Is Sweet

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Anita waited eagerly in the arrivals area. She wasn’t, however, alone. Her cousin Lucinda, who lived a few homes down the block from Allan and Anita, accompanied her. Lucinda was holding a blown-up photograph of Allan’s face. Despite the fact that the picture was among Allan’s worst, Lucinda gleefully swung it in the air.

Anita used such an awful picture wasn’t even the worst of it, though. “We might be first cousins, but will you stay with me?” Anita’s large sign said.

Her Sign

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“First cousins?” Allan asked his wife, embarrassed by the sign. Anita couldn’t contain her laughter when she said, “I had to keep up with the theme.” A family walked past the pair, and Anita yelled, “Cousins!”

Allan was under the impression that his wife got her revenge now and that she would stop. Boy, was he wrong!

She Did Not Stop

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Allan walked into the airport and spotted his wife wearing an… Oompa Loompa costume? She waved a sign around that read, “Chocolate and mint Anita.” Allan could not believe his wife! She knew that Oompa Loompa’s terrified him.

It’s no wonder that Allan was nervous on this final flight as soon as the pilot said they’d arrived in New York. What would Anita’s next move be?

The Long Flight

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Anita called to confirm Allan’s arrival time before he left London, England. “And don’t dare lie to me,” she said in her sweet voice over the phone.

“Please, nothing over the top,” Allan pleaded. “I am sorry about the Imodium sign. I am, honey.” “Sure, buddy,” Anita cut the call, and Allan knew he was in trouble.

The Flight Is Short

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The flight from London to New York took eight hours. To Allan, these hours seemingly compressed into a single minute. He remembered getting on the plane, and now he was pulling his luggage toward the dreaded arrivals area.

His stomach constricted, his palms drenched in sweat. He scanned the bubbling crowd before him, dropping his bag when his eyes landed on Anita.

The Final Straw

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Anita held up a sign, her eyes streaming with tears. Allan’s heart twisted when he read the letters on the sign. He couldn’t believe it.

“I’m holding a sign,” the first part of the large pink paper read. “Also, we’re having a baby!” A flash of heat burned through Allan. Even he didn’t expect what he did next.

Your Move

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Allan turned on his heels, storming back to the boarding gate. Then he braked, turning to find Anita’s gleaming eyes broadened. He broke a smile at the puzzled look on her face, then rushed to hug her.

“You thought I was returning to London,” he laughed as he squeezed her tight. “Don’t do that again,” Anita cried against his chest. She looked up at him, her face beautiful in the airport’s light. Allan realized something.

Let The Game Continue

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“I’m gonna pay for running away like that, aren’t I?” he asked, and Anita nodded. She lay her head on his chest again, and Allan wrapped his arms tighter around her.

“We’re gonna be parents,” he said disbelievingly and kissed Anita’s forehead. “We are,” she said, snuggling into him. “Our kid and I are going to ruin your arrival each time you land from a flight.”