Man Forced To Let ‘Guest’ Stay In Airbnb For 2 Years Strikes Back


Home Invasion

The man was scared to enter. He stood downstairs and watched the shadows moving in the bedroom. There were two strangers in his house at night.

He didn’t have anything to use as a weapon. What if they were dangerous?

He wanted to call the cops, but then he heard something coming from inside the house.

A New Path


Jacob Bowman, a genial man with white hair and an affinity for the quaint, and his wife Molly decided to turn his double-story home into a cozy bed and breakfast after his children moved out.

The spacious house had become too much for just him, and the idea of hosting travelers intrigued him.

It wouldn’t hurt to make some residual income on the side either.

Hobby Turned Side Income


Jacob, a middle-aged man with a penchant for adventure, had always dreamt of running a bed and breakfast. His dream took flight when he decided to turn his charming double-story home into an Airbnb in the heart of a quiet town in Minnesota.

With zeal, he renovated the property, maintaining its old-world charm while infusing modern amenities.

There was a new mall that opened up nearby and he knew the property rates would pick up.

Some New Work


With some help from his friends and family “American Airbnb” was born.

With a fresh coat of paint, new furnishings, and a welcoming ambiance, Jacob opened his doors to the world.

60-year-old Jacob Bowman stood at the threshold of his meticulously renovated double-story home, contemplating the decision he made to turn half of it into a Bed and Breakfast.

The First Online Customer


The first tenant to occupy one half of the house was Lisa Jennings, a seemingly pleasant woman with a child. She called Jacob one afternoon desperate to rent the property.

He agreed and decided to rent out the unused portion, and the tenant, Lisa Jennings, seemed like a nice lady at first—a single mother with a child.

But only time would tell the truth about his first tenant.

No Harm Done


The handyman father knew that he didn’t need the entirety of the space, which is why he opted to rent out half of his newly revamped haven.

40-year-old Lisa, a seemingly pleasant single mother with a child, became his tenant.

The arrangement started off harmoniously, and Jacob found himself content with his decision.

Several Dates


Initially, Jacob and Lisa coexisted harmoniously. She paid rent on time, and her presence added a lively energy to the house. Her daughter, 8-year-old Candice, was a quiet child and didn’t make any noise.

Although Lisa was a good tenant, there was one thing strange about her. She had an affiliation with dating random men.

Jacob didn’t know how he could control her various dates every week.

Strange Men


Life at the bed and breakfast flowed smoothly until Lisa started dating several different men. They would come in and out and Jacob told her not to bring anybody else into the property.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, she decided to move out to stay with one of her boyfriends.

The sudden departure left Jacob a bit bewildered but not overly concerned.

Questioning His Choice


In the beginning, there were no problems. Lisa was a quiet and considerate tenant.

However, things took an unexpected turn when she moved out to stay with one of her boyfriends.

However, life has a way of weaving unexpected threads. Lisa, in pursuit of her own desires, decided to move out to stay with one of her boyfriends. He took it as a prayer answered.

A Prayer Answered


The departure left Jacob’s once-vibrant home eerily quiet. As life would have it, Jacob needed to go to Texas for a few months to visit his children.

He decided to keep the Airbnb open and packed his bags to go on a long-awaited holiday.

He was excited to get away from the city and knew that his business would make some money on the side while he took a break.

A Well-Deserved Break


Jacob was enjoying his holiday with his children and things had been quiet with the Airbnb. He didn’t get any further bookings.

One day, he decided to give his neighbor a friendly call. The neighbor welcomed Jacob back to the neighborhood, but he was puzzled.

He hadn’t returned for weeks. What was his neighbor referring to?

A Friendly Chat


Months later, while Jacob was chatting with a neighbor, his neighbor said that he noticed some lights on at his place. Jacob was worried, he suspected that somebody may have broken in.

Should he go back to his old house to check? Who was in his house?

Curiosity led him to his old house, and shock struck him at what he discovered.

Double Checking


Jacob’s curiosity piqued; he went back to his old house only to discover an unsettling truth. Someone was inside his house. Lisa had moved back in, settling into the space she had once vacated.

He learned that Lisa had vacated her boyfriend’s place and returned to the neighborhood.

Bewilderment etched across his face, Jacob confronted her, demanding an explanation.

Finding Out


Puzzled, Jacob walked into his old house only to discover that Lisa had moved back in. She was happily making dinner as though the kitchen belonged to her.

Jacob watched her for a few minutes, he could hear that there was someone else in the house as well.

Bewildered, he confronted her about this unexpected return. What would her excuse be?

Standing Up To Her


Jacob knocked on the door. The busy mother was startled and dropped the spoon she was holding.

Jacob was furious and yelled at her, “You can’t just waltz back in here,” he exclaimed.

Lisa, however, remained unfazed. “You allowed me to stay, remember? I’m just taking what’s rightfully mine,” she retorted, a smug smile playing on her lips.

Your Lease Is Over


Jacob was disgusted at her. “What are you doing here, Lisa?” Jacob inquired, his eyes narrowing with suspicion. Lisa, with an air of nonchalance, responded, “I’m living here. You said I could stay.”

Jacob, taken aback, argued, “I never said you could move back in. You left, and I rented the space to someone else.”

Lisa shrugged, dismissing his concerns. “Well, I’m here now. You can’t kick me out.”

Claiming His Rights


Dumbfounded by her audacity, Jacob warned her, “This isn’t right, Lisa. You can’t just come and go as you please.” He marched around the living room claiming his space.

To his surprise, she retorted, “You never said I couldn’t. It’s your problem, not mine.” Jacob, feeling a mixture of anger and helplessness, warned her to leave.

Yet, she clung to the space, exploiting the situation.

Taking A Chance


Despite Jacob’s threats, Lisa didn’t move. He had no choice but to take her on legally for her abuse of the property.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Lisa, the unwelcome tenant, persisted in occupying the property for an entire year.

Did she have big connections? Who was helping her to always escape the law?

Still No Luck


Over the next year, Jacob struggled with the situation. Lisa had not only taken advantage of his initial kindness but had also manipulated the situation to her advantage.

Frustration and helplessness gnawed at Jacob as he tried to figure out how to reclaim his property.

He had to think out of the box to get the vagrant lady out of his property.

Bending The Rules


As Jacob stared at the house that was once his sanctuary, he grappled with a myriad of emotions.

He felt bad that Lisa had a daughter, but he had been kind enough, she was using him.

Frustration, betrayal, and confusion swirled within him. Lisa had taken advantage of his initial generosity, turning his dream into a twisted nightmare. How could he deal with her?

Taking Up The Space


Frustrated and feeling betrayed, Jacob watched helplessly as Lisa continued to inhabit his property for a year. The once-charming bed and breakfast now harbored tension and discomfort.

Jacob found himself caught in a legal quagmire, unable to easily evict Lisa due to ambiguous agreements and her exploitation of loopholes.

He regretted his decision to turn his home into an Airbnb.

Thinking Of A Plan


As he stood outside his own home, now occupied by someone who had taken advantage of his goodwill, Jacob wondered how he had allowed things to reach this point.

The uncertainty of what to do gnawed at him, creating a suspenseful atmosphere that hung over the bed and breakfast like an impending storm.

Jacob pondered his next move, grappling with a dilemma that seemed to have no easy resolution.

Other Options


Days passed with Jacob standing outside his own home, gazing at the windows that once radiated warmth and hospitality.

He was now losing money; it was costing him to keep her.

The future loomed uncertain, and suspense hung in the air like a heavy fog. Jacob was left pondering the daunting question: What on earth was he going to do now?

Doing Research


After reading some current homeowner articles. Jacob had an idea. Determined to fight back, Jacob decided to bring in a housing inspector to assess the property.

He noticed that Lisa had done some minor renovations on the property and she probably didn’t get the required building regulations passed.

It was a long shot, but anything against her could help.

Calling For Help


The inspector, a stern-looking man named Mr. Thompson, arrived on a chilly afternoon. They walked through the house, examining every nook and cranny.

“This is quite a lovely place you’ve got here,” Mr. Thompson remarked, glancing around. “But there seems to be an issue with the new shower installation in the unit Lisa occupies.” Jacob seized the opportunity, explaining the entire ordeal.

Mr. Thompson’s expression turned serious as they inspected the unpermitted shower.

Authority Agrees


The inspector was filling in his report. “You’re right, Mr. Bowman. This is a clear violation. She should have obtained the necessary permits,” Mr. Thompson said, making notes on his clipboard.

The inspector drawled on about the water system and galvanized pipes. With a newfound sense of hope, Jacob stood taller.

“What can be done about this?”

Take Her On


The inspector was annoyed that Jacob interrupted his explanation and frowned at him.

“Well, we’ll have to issue a citation and fine. If she doesn’t comply, legal action might be necessary. But this should get her attention.”

Jacob agreed and filled in the necessary paperwork. He hoped and prayed that everything would work out and that he could get his house back.

On His Side


After a few days, Jacob saw the postage delivery man come to his house. He delivered a brown envelope to both him and Lisa.

The citation and fine were delivered to Lisa, who was horrified at the prospect of facing legal consequences.

She was given a reasonable timeframe to pay the fine and rectify the permit situation. Would the woman finally obey the law?

Moving On


As the weight of the law bore down on Lisa, she had no choice but to comply. Jacob even helped her pack her boxes and told her daughter Candice to take care of her mother.

The wheels of justice began to turn, and for the first time in a year, Jacob saw a glimmer of victory.

However, Lisa, cunning and resourceful, wasn’t one to back down easily.

Battle Won For Now


Jacob was pondering his next move, wondering how Lisa might retaliate and what challenges lay ahead in the battle for his home. He was getting old now and paranoid.

The suspense hung in the air as the confrontation entered a new, unpredictable phase.

Would he be able to reopen his Airbnb or would Lisa continue to make life difficult for him?