Man Follows Adamant Dog But Finds Something That Has Him Calling For Backup


A Morning Drive

There was no escaping the weather that morning. The sun was hidden behind a cloudy sky despite it being past eight in the morning, and as he drove through, he noticed how thick the snow had become.

He was nearing the end of the neighbourhood, but he slowed his car when he spotted a black dog further up the street. It was pacing back and forth, and he couldn’t help wanting to investigate. So he drove closer but had no idea he would be calling for backup soon.

A Man Of The Law

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Levi Whitman worked in New York City and loved everything about being a police officer. He had been a man of the law for over 20 years.

He had spent half of that time serving in New York, allowing him to see what the city had to offer. He had seen and experienced many things, but he had never experienced what he was about to encounter that morning.

He Wanted To Help

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He had always wanted to serve and protect and didn’t hesitate to enroll to become a policeman. He spent ten years working in Chicago before he changed stations, and his love for his job grew with each year that passed.

He always wanted to help the people of New York, which meant he couldn’t resist the urge he felt to investigate. Why was that black dog wandering around in the cold, especially in snow like this?

A Love For Dogs

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Levi had a soft spot for dogs and had one of his own at home. He held his five-year-old German Shepherd close to his heart.

He didn’t hesitate the approach the dog. He couldn’t tell if it was a stray or if it had been enjoying the walk after a long day cooped up indoors. He only cared about getting the dog somewhere warm, but he had no idea what would follow.

Arriving At The Station

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The morning had started like any other when Levi got up and ready for work. Everything was running smoothly, and he was headed to work at seven. Once he got to the station, he went through the daily objectives before he set out on patrol for the morning.

It had been snowing the night before, so Levi was surprised to find the station was almost full when he arrived. He considered holding off on patroling so the sanitation department could deal with the snow, but he decided he needed to be out there.

Snowy Roads

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Whenever the snow got slightly out of hand, the sanitation department took care of it. Levi and the rest of the police department would hold off on patrolling until they knew the streets were safe enough to pass.

But something was different about today, and Levi felt compelled to go outside. He knew it was cold out, especially because the sun hadn’t come out yet, but he struggled to resist the urge.

Out For Patrol 

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It was half past eight when Levi relented and went to find his cruiser. He always believed there was a reason behind gut feelings, and he was not about to ignore it this time around.

He sat in the driver seat and gulped down the hot coffee he had brought before he readied himself for patrol. He knew the sanitation department still had a long way to go and that he had to be careful with his speed. He was surrounded by white because of the snow, so it wasn’t difficult to spot a black speck in the distance.

Not A Garbage Bag

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Levi wondered if he was looking at a garbage bag, but he dismissed the idea when it started moving. He soon realized that the object pacing up and down was a dog.

The officer wasn’t too surprised at seeing the dog and knew how often New York dog owners let their dogs out for some fresh air. But as Levi drew closer, he noticed something strange.

A Slow Approach

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Having a dog of his own, Levi knew the signs of a dog in distress. This pup showcased them all – panting, whining, barking, and pacing.

Levi didn’t want to frighten the dog away, so he decided to park his cruiser on the side of the street before he climbed out. Never mind the snow – something else was waiting for him that would make him feel cold to the bone.

On High Alert

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Levi was cautious as he got closer and lowered himself to the ground before he called the dog. The dog didn’t draw any closer, so he continued with his cautious approach.

As he stepped forward, he saw the dog’s ears perk up, and its body grow stiff. It was on high alert. Levi wasn’t afraid when it bared its teeth and continued making his way forward, but if only he knew what he was getting himself into.

A Tussle Of Wills

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The dog stopped barking, seemingly realizing Levi was not stopping. It whined and returned to pacing, barking louder as if telling him to hurry. 

When Levi increased his steps, the dog tore off. Levi stopped, dumbfounded at what was happening. But then the dog appeared again and barked at him, disappearing past the snow again.

Follow Him 

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It dawned on Levi that the dog wanted him to follow. Where was it leading him? Levi wasted no time. He dashed forward, disappearing behind the mounds of snow.

What he ran into made him slide to a stop. Before him stood the black dog, whining next to a woman who was out cold on her porch chair. What was happening?

Jumping Into Action

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The dog barked at Levi, and he jumped into action. The first thing he did was check the woman’s pulse. He couldn’t feel any, but instead of panicking, he took off his coat, covered her, and sprinted back to his cruiser to call for backup. 

Luckily enough, there was another officer nearby who came to help Levi. Together, they called the neighborhood’s trauma team center as they helped the woman into the house. But it didn’t stop there. 

Taking It A Step Further

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Levi and his fellow police were able to locate the woman’s name and call her next of kin. They found her daughter, a student at the local college, and informed her of her mom’s condition and their dog’s heroic deed. 

They informed the daughter a team would be coming to take her mom to the emergency room, giving her the location. As the paramedics arrived to take the woman to the hospital, Levi realized his job was far from done. 

A Very Good Boy

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Seeing that the woman’s dog would be left alone at home, Levi took him into his cruiser and trailed the ambulance to the hospital. After a few hours, the woman regained consciousness. 

Her doctor revealed her heart condition had caused the incident. Everyone thanked Levi for what he’d done. But he said all praise should go to the dog, Bruce, whose cleverness spurred him into action.   

Visiting Her


Levi now felt as if he had a responsibility to see the elderly woman. The next day he decided that he would do something unexpected when he got a break from his shift. He woke up the next morning and started his work for the day.

When he finally had a break, he stopped by a florist and got a bouquet of flowers. Then he stopped by the hospital.

She Was Awake

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Levi was told that the old woman’s name was Catherine, but her friends called her Cathy. He asked the nurse to direct him to her room and walked down the sterile corridor. Levi hated going to the hospital. He saw enough injury and death on the streets.

But it would be worth it to check up on the woman. But he had no idea what she would ask of him when he got there.

A Strange Request


Levi was happy to see Cathy awake. She was looking great now that the doctors had managed to get her what she needed for her heart. The feeling was mutual, and Cathy was happy to see her savior. Levi put her flowers on the table by her bed.

But the next thing she said caught him off guard. She had a peculiar request for the officer.

Taking Care Of Bruce


Cathy asked Levi to do something for her. She asked if he could look after Bruce while she was in the hospital. Her daughter would spend a lot of her time by her side and be allergic to dogs. So the responsibility fell to him.

He wouldn’t normally get so involved in people’s personal lives. But Cathy was different. If he didn’t help her, no one would. But he had no idea what would happen.

Taking Bruce Home


Levi agreed to look after her until she was out of the hospital. She’d be monitored for the week before she’d be discharged. It would only be a week that he’d have to take care of Bruce. And Levi knew the dog so it wouldn’t be so bad.

But Levi was kidding himself when he thought that the week would go smoothly. Things would change drastically in the blink of an eye.

Getting Supplies

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Levi drove to her house and picked Bruce and his dog’s food up. He picked up a cheap blanket that the dog could sleep on while he was in his care. He drove both of them to his residence and set everything up.

He didn’t mind having the pooch around for a week. He might even enjoy the company, and his wife would look after the pooch while he was at work. But if he knew what was going to happen, he would never have left him alone with her.

One Day At Work


After looking after the dog for two days, everything seemed to be going well. Bruce had adjusted well, and Cathy was improving every day. But on the third day, Levi left for his shift. It would be a long one, but he was sure everything would be fine.

He kissed his wife goodbye and left. But he was dead wrong if he thought nothing would happen.

An Ordinary Shift


Levi continued working the day shift while his wife worked from home. It was a boring, ordinary day of patrolling city centers and shady streets. He had no idea that what he should have been worrying about was the dog he had left behind.

Just as he ended his shift, he got a call from his wife. But instead of her usual sweet voice, she sounded different. He had to rush home to find out the truth.

The Phone Call


“Levi, you have to come home now. It’s the dog. Just get here, please.” His wife said in a high tone. Levi was on his way already and had to make it home before anything bad happened.

All sorts of scenarios flooded his mind as he drove like a maniac. Was she in danger? Was the dog in danger? Something wasn’t right, and he had to get to the bottom of it.

Getting Home


After driving like a maniac for 10 minutes, he finally made it to his street. He mounted the curb and stopped in front of his house. He got out of his cruiser and sprinted into the house, not knowing what to expect.

He opened his front door and looked for his wife. But what he saw he almost couldn’t believe.



Levi found his wife in the kitchen with Bruce on the tiled floor. He looked around for the danger. Why had she called him with desperation in her voice? He needed answers, but he wouldn’t be prepared for them once he asked.

His wife stared directly into his eyes and told him the truth. But once he understood the situation, there was no going back.

The Truth

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“He’s been staring at the wall all day, and it’s been unsettling me. Please check it out. I have a funny feeling about it.” His wife begged him. As the man of the house, it was his responsibility to check it out.

He walked up to the drywall and put an ear to it. He immediately heard a scratching sound. He needed to take action.

Opening It Up

The Mirror

Levi didn’t hesitate. If it was an infestation, he had to take care of it personally. He started opening the drywall and pointed a flashlight inside. But he didn’t expect to hear the sounds of meowing.

He looked inside and reached a hand into the wall. He felt something furry and pulled it out. He couldn’t believe it. There was a cat inside his wall!


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Levi couldn’t believe that there was a cat stuck inside his wall. He recognized it as his neighbor’s cat. But what caught him by surprise was what else was in the wall. He took another look and saw a litter of kittens!

He immediately called his neighbor, who arranged to come to pick up the cats and her litter. Levi was just relieved that there wasn’t anything wrong.

Everything Goes Back To Normal


With the cat problem sorted out, Levi just had to look after Bruce for the rest of the week before Cathy was out of the hospital. The rest of the time flew by, and in no time, Cathy came by to pick the pooch up.

With Cathy making a full recovery, he missed seeing Bruce. But a lifelong friendship had been made.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.