Man, Flies Drone To Film Friend’s Wedding, Ends Up Opening Missing Person Case


Didn’t Sign Up For This

The group treaded through the leaves and dried brush. “Can you see anything?” one man asked, tired from the walk already. They were all scared.

“Can you imagine walking through the woods in an evening dress and stilettos?” the blonde bridesmaid laughed nervously.

They were all fish out of water, heading deeper into a land of the unknown. The dead leaves crunched under their apprehensive footsteps.

A Wedding Day


In the heart of the picturesque countryside, beneath the canopy of ancient trees and amidst the delicate melodies of nature, a momentous occasion was unfolding.

Jacob Du Pont, renowned for his mastery of drone camera techniques, found himself at the rustic wedding of his dear friends

The picturesque wedding unfolded at a quaint holiday resort, enveloped by the enchanting embrace of nature. The avid photographer prepared himself for the event of the season.

Behind The Scenes


42-year-old Jacob, a renowned wedding photographer in Sacramento, California, was known for his exceptional drone camera techniques. He had been invited to capture the magic of his friends Sam and Diana’s special day.

The couple had specifically sought Jacob for his prowess with drones, hoping to immortalize their love against the backdrop of the stunning woods and forest.

Their love story had blossomed like wildflowers in the fields surrounding the quaint village church, and Jacob was entrusted with immortalizing their union through his lens.

All’s Well So Far


The day had been a symphony of joy, laughter, and heartfelt vows, culminating in a reception that seemed to dance with the very essence of happiness.

The sun, casting its golden hues across the sprawling landscape, lent an ethereal glow to the festivities.

The woods, swathed in the verdant embrace of summer, stood as silent witnesses to the love that had united two souls. The couple’s festivities would soon be interrupted.

The Best At His Work


Jacob ensured to capture the day which was a splendid tapestry of joy and celebration, weaving together laughter, music, and heartfelt moments.

The sky glowed with hues of orange and gold as the ceremony melted into a lively reception.

Amidst the clinking glasses and joyous cheers, Jacob remained focused on his craft, determined to encapsulate every fleeting emotion in his lens.

All About The Angle


As the evening sun began its descent towards the horizon, casting long shadows that stretched like fingers of time, the wedding party congregated for a grand group photograph.

Jacob, equipped with his state-of-the-art drone camera, aimed to capture this moment of togetherness from a perspective that would encapsulate the magic of the day.

He aimed to impress all his clients.

High In The Sky


With a gentle hum, the drone took flight, its mechanical wings slicing through the air with a grace that mirrored the occasion it documented. He had to take a course on how to fly a drone.

Jacob’s skilled hands manipulated the controls, maneuvering the drone to capture candid smiles and affectionate glances.

Each frame painted a vivid portrait of the joy that enveloped the celebration.

All Together Now


As the festivities culminated, Jacob’s attention shifted toward the final group picture.

He readied his drone camera, hoping to capture the unity of the wedding party before the sun dipped beneath the horizon.

With practiced expertise, he maneuvered the drone, capturing candid smiles and genuine embraces from above. Would he be able to get the perfect shot?

What Is That Behind You


Jacob’s eyes were focused on his subject. But then, as if beckoned by some enigmatic force, Jacob’s gaze was drawn beyond the jubilant gathering, past the woods that had been an unwitting backdrop to the festivities.

There, hidden amongst the foliage, was a small clearing, a path that wound its way through the trees.

And what caught his attention was a flash of red—a vivid contrast against the muted greens and browns of the forest.

Need To Know


Curiosity tugged at Jacob’s heartstrings, an irresistible call that demanded to be answered.

His fingers manipulated the controls, directing the drone toward the mysterious object.

The red anomaly grew clearer as the drone drew closer, revealing itself to be a tattered and weathered child’s jacket, suspended in time like a relic of forgotten memories.



His heart raced, a dissonant tempo against the tranquil backdrop.

Questions swirled in his mind like leaves caught in a tempest—how had such a relic come to rest in this remote corner of the woods? What stories did it hold, and what secrets did it guard?

The juxtaposition of celebration and mystery seemed to dance in the air, a haunting melody that stirred Jacob’s senses. What had his drone come across?

What Are The Chances


A desire for the perfect shot drove Jacob to ascend the drone higher, his eyes glued to the screen on his lap, meticulously adjusting angles.

However, as the drone glided over the verdant expanse, a peculiar sight in the woods below caught his attention.

He had a curious eye for detail, and he had to find out what it was.

Wedding Day Distraction


The wedding party thought that Jacob was still taking pictures of them. They were happily laughing and posing. But Jacob wasn’t even facing the camera at them.

A small clearing, veiled by the curtain of trees, beckoned to him, and his curiosity got the better of him.

He spotted the object but couldn’t make out what it was exactly. What did he find?

That Doesn’t Belong There


The drone descended over the clearing, and his heart quickened as he glimpsed a flash of red amidst the foliage. It was an old and tattered child’s jacket, discarded and forlorn.

The gravity of the discovery struck him, a shiver coursing through his spine.

With trembling hands, he maneuvered the drone closer, revealing not just the jacket but also a girl’s shoe lying nearby.

Out Of Place


Jacob was in shock, realizing that there must be a greater story to the discarded clothes. And he wanted to find out what it was.

Gathering his wits, Jacob steered the drone back to the wedding party, his mind a maelstrom of emotions.

Should he tell the bride and groom? How were the guests going to take it?

They Saw It


Stunned by the eerie scene, Jacob’s thoughts raced. “Did something terrible happen here?” he muttered aloud, drawing the attention of a few guests who had gathered around him.

As he landed the drone, he approached Sam and Diana, his words laden with an unsettling mix of intrigue and apprehension.

The atmosphere shifted; the once carefree ambiance was now colored by a sense of unease.

Out In The Open


Jacob couldn’t hide his find any longer. “What’s going on, Jacob?” a concerned voice broke through the silence. It was Sam, the 38-year-old groom.

The bride was walking towards them now. Jacob’s voice trembled as he replied, “I found something strange in the woods. A child’s jacket and a shoe, both old and worn.”

The man stared at him with wide eyes, thinking about the possible scenarios. But the truth was far more sinister than any of them imagined.

Playing Tricks On Him


Jacob rubbed a shaking hand across his glistening forehead. The image of the strange items was burned into his mind.

Something felt off about the entire situation, and it sent shivers down his spine. He couldn’t help but wonder if his eyes were playing tricks on him. He sure hoped they were.

But it was clear that someone, seemingly a girl, had lost her effects in the forest. The least Jacob could do was investigate. If only he knew how deep this rabbit hole went.

Are You Sure?


“Are you sure that’s what you saw?” Sam asked quietly. He was caught off guard by the awful news.

Jacob only nodded as the bride finally reached their side. As soon as she reached them, she could tell that something was horribly wrong.

At first, she assumed that it had something to do with their wedding photos, but she’d soon learn the disconcerting truth, which would terrify her to the core.

What’s Going On?


Jacob took a deep breath, “Yes, I’m sure of what I saw,” he sighed aloud. Part of him wanted to go and investigate the area, but a much bigger part was absolutely terrified of what else he could find on the scene. 

“Wait, what’s going on?” The bride finally asked, after listening in for a few seconds. She seemed more concerned by the horror on Jacob and Sam’s faces.

The worry on her face was enough to attract the attention of the guests.

Something Awful


Jacob glanced at the faces now surrounding him. They all wanted to know what was going on. He felt bad for the bride and groom.

This was their special day, and he had just found something awful not too far from where they were all celebrating. 

Recently, there had been many missing children cases in the area, and he feared that he had just stumbled across incriminating evidence. If only he knew he was right to be concerned.

Not A Hero


Jacob thought about how, in movies, the protagonist would have sprinted to the scene of the crime without a second thought.

But he wrestled with his thoughts. He wasn’t a hero.

But if someone needed his help, could he really ignore it? He didn’t want to ruin the wedding, but he had to do something. He had to make a choice and fast. Time was running out.

Springing Into Action


Jacob couldn’t believe what he had seen. He needed a second to internalize what it meant.

He recalled his drone and sat down for a breather. He didn’t want the wedding couple to think he was slacking off, but he knew he had to investigate further.

He decided that he had to get closer to the scene of the crime. He sprang into action, but he wasn’t ready for the truth.

Breaking Away


Jacob broke away from the wedding party to try and investigate what he had seen.

He had only seen the horrific scene through the drone’s camera – maybe seeing it for himself would help him understand the truth.

He crept through the bushes, trying his best not to get his clothing dirty. He knew the approximate location of where his drone had seen the horrific sight. It wouldn’t be long before he reached the designated spot.



Eventually, Jacob managed to push through the overgrown bushes to where he could see the contrast of color.

He saw red on the green. It was definitely what he had seen in the drone footage. But although he wanted to get closer, something inside him kept warning him not to.

It was a crippling chill that had settled along the length of his spine. This should have been his sign to run while he still had a chance.



But before Jacob moved anywhere, his imagination ran wild with explanations of what was going on.

He tried rationalizing it. Maybe it was just a discarded piece of fabric? Then he shook his head. That didn’t make much sense.

The chances of fabric finding its way this deep into the woods were very low. But the other explanation made the dread within him double.

Not Far Away


To think that a happy couple was celebrating their special day with dozens of guests not even a hundred feet away from this terrifying spectacle.

It made Jacob’s stomach turn as he had to fight the urge to vomit. It disgusted him, made him clutch his knees as he fought off the urge to hurl.

He felt like he was dreaming. But then something else happened that made him regret ever going off on his own.

A Sound


Jacob squinted and managed to see a set of footprints in the mud by the jacket.

He wasn’t especially close, but he wanted to keep his distance for now. That’s when the least expected thing happened.

He heard the sickening crack of a twig in the distance. It echoed towards him. Was somebody there? Even worse, was someone watching him?

Someone Dangerous


The photographer had no idea where the sound came from because of the echo.

It deeply unsettled him as he thought that someone dangerous might have been lurking nearby.

This place didn’t exactly have a lot of foot traffic, and there was no security. Anyone could have been waiting in hiding for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Examining More Details


Jacob looked over at more of the scene in front of him as he tried to assess the situation.

He wanted more than anything for this to be some kind of mistake. Perhaps this was some sick prank?

But the isolated nature of the location made him feel like this was far too authentic. Whatever had happened here was most likely a tragic scene. He’d get to the root of it if it were the last thing he did.



Just as Jacob calmed himself down, he heard it again. The crunch of twigs underneath a shoe echoed again and again.

Someone was walking nearby, and he could hear their footsteps. The hair on his arm rose as he felt himself rooted into place.

His body refused to move. He was frozen with fear. The footsteps were getting closer until they were right behind him.

Behind Him


Jacob couldn’t believe it. He saw a silhouette behind the thick bushes. He couldn’t make out the figure, but he didn’t want to investigate any further.

He prayed with everything in him that whoever they were, they hadn’t noticed him.

But just as he thought that he was off the hook, the figure pushed the leaves to the side, and their eyes locked.



Jacob breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that it was the husband. “Hey, we’ve been looking for you. Come back, won’t you?” He said.

But before Jacob could explain himself or try to show him what he had found, he left. Again, Jacob found himself at a crossroads.

Would he return to the wedding and take photos as planned, or could he stay here and continue his investigation? Which was more important?

Going Back


As much as it pained him to go back when someone might have needed his help, Jacob was a very “by the book” kind of guy.

He wanted to do things properly. Otherwise, others could get hurt.

He made his way back to the wedding party, where he saw the bride and groom looking around for him. He apologized but now was the time to tell them the truth.

A Twist Of Fate


“You can’t just leave for a smoke break without telling us! Why did you go so far away anyway?” Diana asked in a cold voice.

But the look on Jacob’s face made her second-guess her decision to lecture him.

“Are you okay?” She added with a concerned tone in her voice. It was apparent that Jacob had seen something terrifying.



All Jacob could muster up was a “no” in a small voice. He walked past the couple towards the party. He had to inform everyone of what he found. The couple followed after him.

He stood in front of the crowd and got ready to drop the unfortunate truth of what they were partying right next to.

It would soon be a crime scene.

It Doesn’t Look Good


He cleared his throat and took a step back. He had to tell everyone what was going on, but he hoped that it wouldn’t take away from the special day.

Despite his discovery, he was still a professional.

“I found something in a clearing in the woods, and I’m afraid it doesn’t look good,” he announced, his hands clammy and trembling.

What I Know


Jacob recounted his discovery to the couple and the gathered guests, his voice hushed as if fearful of disturbing some unseen equilibrium.

The wedding party exchanged concerned glances; the enchantment of the day was now punctuated by a chilling uncertainty.

No one said it, but they were all fearing the same truth.

No Denying


“Are you-” Diana spoke, her voice cracking before she tried again, “Are you sure that it belonged to a child?” She was praying that it wasn’t true.
But Jacob nodded. Based on the size, there was no denying that the items belonged to a kid. What had been a celebration of love had now veered into the realm of the inexplicable.

How would they handle the find?

Curiosity Killed The Cat


Gasps rippled through the small crowd, mingling with whispers of disbelief and concern. People were getting uneasy and wanted to leave.

Diana’s eyes widened as she exchanged a worried glance with her new husband.

“We need to see this,” she asserted, determination etching her features. Her wedding had turned into a mystery.

A Good Idea?


Jacob and Sam were caught off guard. They thought Diana would be devastated to deal with something like this on her wedding day, but they were wrong.

Some guests wanted to leave, while others wanted to investigate Jacob’s findings. Diana was one of them.

Jacob couldn’t help but wonder if it was a good idea.

A Bad Idea


He took a deep breath and glanced at the faces around him. “I don’t think this is a good idea. I think we should call the authorities and let them deal with it,” he tried to convince the crowd, but they didn’t seem to agree.

“But what if we’re wrong? I think we should go and see it for ourselves before we get the police involved,” one man commented.

Jacob didn’t want to argue, so he agreed instead.

A Wedding Detour


Jacob and Sam decided to check out the scene on foot. With the coordinates from the drone’s footage, Jacob and a group of curious guests ventured into the woods, following the path that had caught his attention.

The suspense hung heavy in the air, punctuated by nervous laughter and whispered speculations.

Would they reach the location before dark?

The Land Of The Unknown


They walked slowly and carefully through leaves and dried brush. “Can you see anything?” one man spoke, already out of breath. They were all scared of what they might find.

“Can you imagine walking through the woods in an evening dress and stilettos?” one bridesmaid laughed nervously. They were unsure of themselves as they headed deeper into a land of the unknown.

The dead leaves crunched under their apprehensive footsteps.

The Wedding Party Excursion


It was getting darker as the guests crunched through the dry thicket. “Jacob, are you sure about this?” a guest named Emily questioned, her eyes darting around the looming trees.

“I wouldn’t have said anything if I wasn’t,” he replied, his voice steady despite the unsettling discovery.

He knew what he saw, but he hoped he was wrong about why.

Approaching The Clearing


Jacob’s eyes scanned the familiar path, and in the distance, he could see the clearing. He pointed it out to the group as an eerie silence surrounded them.

They were all curious; that’s why they decided to come in the first place, but now that they were getting closer to the truth, they were terrified.

How could they have known how awful it truly was?

Found It


As the group reached the clearing, a collective gasp echoed through the forest. It looked like they had reached the point. They all saw it.

There lay the tattered jacket, an emblem of a past tragedy.

And beside it, a small, solitary shoe, a poignant reminder of a life interrupted. Jacob was right all along.



No one said a word as the minutes ticked by. They were all staring at the small pile on the floor. The clothes had clearly been there for a very long time. But who did it belong to?

They were careful not to touch or move anything. For all they knew, they had stumbled across a crime scene.

Jacob had a bad gut feeling about his findings, and he knew what he had to do.

Something Sinister


Apprehension turned to dread as Jacob’s suspicions took root. He knew he had to involve the authorities. He called the police and reported the find with the wedding guests as his witnesses.

Now, all they could do was wait. The small group took a seat on a massive log nearby, no one had said anything, but it was clear that they all felt the same dread.

They hoped the police would show up before it was too dark.

The Police


“I really hope this isn’t as bad as it seems,” The bride finally spoke as she let out a deep sigh. The bottom of her white dress had turned brown, but that didn’t matter right now.

Eventually, the police arrived; their arrival was marked by the flashing lights of their vehicles. They carefully bagged the evidence, treating the scene with the gravity it deserved.

Would they take it seriously this time?

The Final Results


Days passed, each one heavy with anticipation as Jacob awaited news from the investigation. Then, a revelation emerged that sent shockwaves through the community.

The clothes, it turned out, belonged to a girl named Maddy McFarlane who had vanished without a trace eight years ago.

Her disappearance had remained an open wound, a mystery that defied closure. What happened to her?

A Lost Girl


Maddy was kidnapped from the lake when she was 7 years old, by calculation she would be fifteen today. Her parents searched for her for months but she disappeared without a trace.

Search efforts continued for years, but there was nothing. No CCTV footage, no fingerprints, no suspects, nothing.

Eventually, the case went cold, and her parents had to accept that they would probably never find her.



With the newfound evidence, the police reopened the case, piecing together the past with renewed determination. When Jacob first found the jacket, he didn’t expect it to lead to something so big.

Suddenly, there was newfound hope in her case. They finally had something. But would they be able to find the lost girl?

Was she still alive?



The authorities contacted Maddy’s parents with news of the find. Lola, Maddy’s mother, thanked Jacob for his honesty. He was happy to help.

It was a tragic situation that haunted Jacob. He thought about it every single day. The clothes had clearly been there since the little girl had gone missing.

But what did this mean for the girl?

The Blink Of An Eye


Maddy’s parents, who had clung to a glimmer of hope for years, found themselves grappling with a blend of grief and uncertainty. The discovery opened new wounds, but they were still grateful to have some answers.

Years earlier, they had accepted that they would never know the truth. But that all changed in the blink of an eye.

Could their daughter still be around after all this time?

Searching The Area


Following Jacob’s discovery, the police did a thorough search of the area where they had found the items. Since they knew that the girl had been there, they expected to find more information in the area.

The search continued for a few days. They had over twenty officers search the area with police dogs, but ultimately, they found nothing.

But they weren’t going to stop there.

Could It Be


The media caught wind of the story, and soon, headlines blared about Jacob’s haunting discovery, reigniting interest in Maddy’s case.

There was a reward offered to anybody who had information about Maddy’s disappearance.

A virtual artist generated an AI photograph of what Maddy might look like today. The community held its breath, united in a mixture of apprehension and yearning for answers. Was it possible that she survived?

Better Technology Today


Forensic scientists and detectives went back to the scene of the found jacket and took DNA samples.

They were looking for any leads that could tell them what happened to the girl.

The woods that had once been a tranquil retreat now bore witness to an investigation that sought to unveil the truth behind a long-buried secret. They had uncovered a lost secret.

A Leading Man


In the midst of this suspenseful turn of events, Jacob found himself at the epicenter of a whirlwind, his role transitioning from photographer to inadvertent catalyst for justice.

He was present as the forensic team photographed the area and took soil samples.

His once ordinary photography job had turned into an important case in the field.

All For A Reason


As the investigation deepened, as old wounds reopened and new leads emerged, Jacob Du Pont’s name became synonymous with the pursuit of truth.

They were following a hot lead just outside the state.

His keen eye reminded everyone that even in the most serene settings, mysteries could lurk beneath the surface, waiting to be unraveled. Would they ever find Maddy again?