Woman Covers Man’s Bill, Realizes He’s A Star


Ruth Reed

Ruth Reed lived a comfortable and quiet life as a retired teacher. She was happy living out the rest of her life with her husband.

Since neither had to work anymore they loved focusing their attention on greater causes. They tried to help people out wherever they could.


Ruth was doing her weekly dose of shopping, getting all the essentials that she and her husband needed.

But when she got to the counter she noticed that the man in front of her was having problems trying to make his payment. She knew that this sometimes even happened to her and she decided that she’d help him out.

Keith Urban

Public Domain

It turns out that the struggling stranger was non-other than Keith Urban! Legendary country music singer.

She made sure it wasn’t just a lookalike but she was convinced after seeing his bodyguards. Imagine having Keith Urban owe you a debt of gratitude, it must be amazing.