Man Finds “Snake” In His Toilet; Authorities Tell Him It’s Not A Snake


No Idea Where It Came From

Paul scratched his head when the officers started asking him difficult questions that he couldn’t answer. It felt as if their questions were implicating him more than anything else.

He told them that the “snake” was just there one morning when he went into the bathroom.

But the officers gave each other a glance before telling him to put his hands behind his back. What had he discovered?

Not A Snake


He pleaded with the officers to let him go; why would they be arresting him over finding an animal in his toilet? But the officers weren’t messing around; the accusations were serious.

“Sorry, sir. This is for your own good until we can figure this out.” One of the officers matter of factly said.

Paul’s head was spinning; had he found something he wasn’t supposed to?

Family In Danger


Paul was arrested for stepping in and trying to protect his family. It was a morning like any other when he heard his darling daughter screaming.

He rushed up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

He got to the top and tried opening the bathroom door where his daughter’s screams were coming from.

Charging In


Nothing would stand in the way of protecting his daughter, not even a solid door. After finding out that it was locked, he summoned reserves of strength he never knew he even had.

Adrenaline pumped up his muscles as he took one step back before shoulder-charging the door.

With a loud impact, the door was knocked clean off its hinges and onto the floor.

Something In There With Her


Paul saw his daughter huddled in a ball on the floor and something coming out of the toilet towards her. In his adrenaline-fueled state, he didn’t question it.

He grabbed the creature and flung it away from his daughter before picking her up and rushing down the stairs.

From there, he called animal control and explained the situation to them. But it was the police who came knocking on his door.

Paul Harrison


Paul Harrison loved his life. He had given up his military jacket to become a super dad to his one and only daughter.

After two tours in Iraq, he got the news from his wife, Cheryl, that she was pregnant.

That’s when he knew he’d have to find a safer job so that his daughter could grow up with a dad by her side. But things wouldn’t always be so simple.



After leaving the U.S. Military with an honorable discharge, Paul decided to find a field of work that still let him use his hands.

He wasn’t the kind of guy to enjoy sitting in an office all day in a suit.

Thankfully, he quickly found a job in carpeting. The hands-on work really made him feel like he was doing something good.

A Good Home


After Lily was born, everything changed. The tough ex-soldier cried when he held his girl in his arms for the first time.

Even if he had a steel will, his daughter was his weakness.

He and Cheryl took Lily back to their home. It was a good one that was ready to take care of all Lily’s needs. But one day, everything would change for seemingly no reason.

Good Times


The next few years flew by as Paul and Cheryl watched their daughter grow at a rapid pace. She went through her terrible twos and was now a curious seven-year-old.

She took every opportunity to dismantle whatever she was given to see how it worked.

It reminded Paul of her mother and one of the reasons why he married her. But her life was about to be put in grave danger.

An Ordinary Day


Early one morning, Paul woke up to the sound of thunder; it seemed it was going to rain.

He didn’t let that bother him; he’d still drive his daughter to preschool and then head to work afterward.

He woke up Lily and told her to take a shower before heading downstairs to see what his lovely wife had made for breakfast – she made the breakfast while he cooked dinner.

A Scream


Paul sat back in his chair and wolfed down three eggs, two strips of bacon, and a large coffee.

His wife knew how to cook, and it was something he could never get tired of.

But as Paul finished drinking the last of his coffee and pondered having another cup, he heard a terrifying scream. It was coming from upstairs, and it was definitely Lily’s.

Racing Up There


Paul’s muscles all tensed up at the sound of his one and only child in peril.

He got up so fast that the chair tipped backward onto the hard-tiled floor and splintered.

He didn’t care about the chair; he cared about what was happening to his precious daughter. He needed to get to her before whatever was causing her distress hurt her or worse.



Paul’s military training kicked in as he turned to the stairs and raced towards them. He remembered the army teaching him a few things.

His two years of training were suddenly fresh in his mind, even if it had been over seven years ago.

All of his experience in dealing with dangerous situations would be put to the test.

Getting Her Out Of Harm’s Way


He remembered the most important steps when dealing with something like this.

It was to find the threat, evaluate it if he could, and then take it out at all costs.

He wasn’t even a human as he took the stairs two steps at a time. He was a well-oiled machine with only one directive – get his child out of harm’s way as soon as possible.

Finding Out Where She Was


Paul got to the top of the stairs and looked around. He had to find out where Lily – and the threat – was so that he could get rid of it and get Lily out of there. He looked down the hall.

He heard the screams from the bathroom where she was supposed to be showering just ten minutes ago.

What had gone so horribly wrong that she was screaming like this?

No Time


There was no time to think about what could have happened. Paul’s body was bursting with adrenaline he hadn’t felt since Iraq as he stormed down the hallway.

He felt just like he did when he stormed dusty buildings in the Middle East.

But then he got to his next barrier. It was the bathroom door – and it was locked.

Bathroom Door


The bathroom door stood between him and his daughter. He remembered the realtor telling them all the doors in the house were solid oak and would take a wrecking ball to break open.

He still couldn’t afford to hesitate and decided to ram his body with all of his strength into the obstacle in front of him.

After all, if he didn’t try, what would happen to his daughter?

Breaking Through


Without a second thought, Paul charged into the door with a breaching technique he had learned from another soldier.

He didn’t have any equipment, but it was worth a shot.

The strength he summoned to hit the door felt like he was slamming into concrete, but the door was the one that gave in first. It blew straight off of its hinges.

Looking Around


The door clattered onto the tiled floor of the bathroom with a boom, and dust flew into the air.

The ex-soldier checked his corners as he raced into the room. Where was Lily?

He saw the sobbing and screaming coming from the bathroom floor. He looked over and saw something that made his heart race more than it ever had before.

Scary Thoughts


Paul ran up to his daughter and was about to ask her if she was okay. Dozens of thoughts raced through his mind.

As a parent, he worried about her hitting her head on something.

Terrible explanations like a seizure or even worse blackened his mind as he opened his mouth to speak. But he should have checked for a threat before doing anything else.

Something Behind Her


He was kneeling by her side when he saw something in the corner of his eye. He whipped around to meet his aggressor and saw something that he would never have believed possible.

He saw a jet-black creature making its way toward him. But the most bizarre part of it all was where it came from.

He was almost too frozen to move.

The Toilet


The slithering snake was uncoiling its body from the toilet and onto the floor.

Inch-by-inch, more and more kept coming, and it seemed like the length of the snake was infinite as it got closer.

The snake was making its way towards Paul, but also his daughter. That’s when his parental rage broke through.

Tossing It


He grabbed the creature before it could pounce and threw it with one slick motion into the corner.

The creature landed in the bathtub as Paul grabbed Lily and rushed out of the danger zone and down the stairs.

Now they were safe in the kitchen. But Paul wouldn’t be safe after making his phone call.

A Phone Call


Cheryl was hysterical, demanding to know what was going on. Paul summarized what had happened before telling her to check their daughter for any bite marks.

A moment later, Paul was calling animal control to get the creature away from his family.

But after explaining the situation, they told him it wasn’t a snake. They were sending someone urgently.

Checking Lily


In the meantime, Paul and Cheryl checked Lily for any physical trauma but didn’t manage to find a scratch on her.

Cheryl was convinced that she was still in shock from the traumatic event.

But things were far from over. He thought that the hardest part was over. But he had no idea what trouble he would be in when he called Animal Control.

They Would Handle It, Wouldn’t They?


Paul looked back at Lily. He didn’t blame her for being so scared.

Seeing a huge snake climb out of the toilet would have been the stuff of nightmares for any poor seven-year-old girl. 

He honestly thought that she was safe now. Animal Control would handle it from here. But if he had known what men would arrive instead of the ones who he called, he would never have picked up the phone.

Not Pest Control


Ten minutes later, Paul heard a vehicle pull up in front of his house.

He expected it to be the animal control service he had called. He was surprised at how diligent and quick they were.

But the validation he was giving them was too good to be true. The people outside of his house were men he didn’t expect to ever encounter. They would have his daughter crying.

Different People


Paul’s living room had a window facing the driveway.

It was a habit to check who was there through the curtains. But was the very reason his blood pressure would spike.

As he looked out of the window, he didn’t see boilersuits or the typical animal control van. What he saw made his skin crawl – it was the county sheriff’s department.

Mind Racing


Paul’s mind started racing. Why were the police waiting outside of his driveway? Surely they had found the wrong address? 

He didn’t have any kind of criminal history and had always been a model citizen.

He was even an ex-soldier, what could they have wanted in an individual like him? He’d know when he answered the door.

Confronting The Officers


Paul came out of the house to confront the officers. He expected a peaceful resolution but was taken by surprise when the police officers didn’t seem in the mood to talk about things.

The officer’s seemed overly aggressive, something that he wasn’t expecting.

But he had no idea how much worse he was about to make things.

A Mistake


“I’ve served my country and I’ve never done any time, so why are you guys here?” He asked after they started throwing the weight of their badges around. But he made a huge mistake.

Their demeanor changed instantly when they heard that he was an ex-soldier.

He thought that maybe they’d be a little more understanding knowing he had served his county. But they did the opposite.



The officers told him that he’d have to put his hands behind his back. Paul was taken by surprise and could only put his hands up and obey. He all too well what could happen if he didn’t comply.

Why on earth were they doing this to a man who served his country and always obeyed the law?

He was about to find out.

Threatening Demeanor


After being in handcuffs, the officers told Paul that one of the reasons they cuffed him was because he was coming out of the house in a threatening manner. 

The accusation was laughable. He felt something strange building up inside of him.

Something wasn’t right with these officers. Were they new recruits from the precinct? He was about to find out the hard way.

Last Thing He Wanted


Paul shook his head; the last thing he wanted was to have a threatening demeanor. He explained that it was the adrenaline rush from protecting his daughter. 

But then he remembered something that the officer had just said.

They told him that there were two reasons that they were arresting him. So what was the other reason?

Endangering A Threatened Species


“What’s the other reason?” He asked the officers as they stood around the patrol car.

The officers stared at him for a moment before answering him.

“Well, sir, we were called to make sure that you wouldn’t threaten that endangered species, and it sounds like you did when you threw it.” They said matter of factly. He didn’t understand the allegations.

More Confused Than Ever


Paul was more confused than ever. What did they mean about endangered species?

But he didn’t know that this was only the beginning. They weren’t the only people that would show up at his house.

The people he had originally called arrived moments later. Animal Control went into his house and came back with the snake. They loaded it into their van and left.

Not Any Snake


Animal control went into the house and came back moments later with the black creature in their care.

They put it away and had the decency to explain things to Paul.

“That snake you put in danger is an Eastern Indigo snake. They’re a critically endangered species, and there might be more.”



Paul couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But when he learned about the allegations against him and what the plumber that arrived was about to do, he’d be fuming.

He watched helplessly as the plumber started walking towards his house with a toolbox in his hand.

He thought about his family, who still had no idea what was going on. He had to act fast.



“Stop! My family are in there and have no idea what’s going on!” Paul shouted to the plumber and officers.

But as soon as he did, he saw something that broke his heart into a thousand pieces.

He looked towards the house where the plumber was heading, but he saw something unexpected. 



He saw a figure standing in the open doorway to the house.

There were tears rolling down her cheeks as she watched helplessly as her father was handcuffed.

This was something that he never wanted to happen. Ironically, he was only in handfuls because of trying to protect his family. He never wanted his daughter to see him like this.



Anger flooded his system as he started barking at the officers and the plumber.

“Get away from my daughter!” He shouted. An officer approached her, but Cheryl stepped in front of her.

An officer started explaining the situation to his wife, but he could already see the disgust forming on her face. She wasn’t happy at all.

Going Inside


But after five minutes of heated talking, it seemed that Cheryl’s expression turned from anger to defeat.

She took their daughter and moved aside to let the plumber and officer into their house.

What were they going to do there in his house? His wife had context, but he didn’t. It must have been important if she let them in without a fight.

What’s Going On?


“What’s going on?” He pleaded with the officer left behind to watch him.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon, and then we’ll talk about what your sentence will be.

Paul’s heart dropped at the notion that he might be facing time behind bars for what he had done. The animal had come into his house and threatened his family. Why was he going to suffer?



While Paul was detained outside by the police car, Cheryl was helplessly watching as the plumber and his police escort walked up the stairs of their home towards the bathroom.

They hadn’t given her a lot of information about what they were doing.

She followed them and saw that the police officer was blocking her path into the bathroom. The reason stunned her.

Couldn’t Get Close


“Stop, ma’am. I’m afraid I can’t let you get too close.” The officer told her matter of factly.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing; her husband had been handcuffed outside. 

What was this all about? “Why won’t you let me go into my own bathroom? And what is that plumber doing in my house? I need to know now!” She shouted at the officer.



“I’m afraid it’s just too dangerous. The plumber knows what he’s doing, and I’m here to make sure nothing happens to him, got it?” 

She hated what she was hearing, but what else was she supposed to do but comply?

He had a badge and gun, after all. She just had to do as she was told.

Hated His Tone Of Voice


Cheryl hated his tone, but her heart sped up a little bit when she heard the word “Dangerous.”

What did he mean by dangerous? Was her daughter in any danger?

They were hiding something from her, but she had no clue what it could have been. The truth was something she never expected.

Sounds Of Plumbing


Back on the street, all Paul could hear was the sound of heavy plumbing coming from his home.

His patience was starting to wear thin as he wondered what they were really doing.

The more he stood with the officer on the street, the more suspicious he felt. After all, he never called the cops; he called animal control. Were these guys really who they said they were?



“What’s your badge number?” Paul said, cutting through the awkward silence he and the officer were having. “What? Um, I don’t have time to give you that.”

“I’m a rookie and haven’t memorized it yet. My partner’s almost done inside anyway.” The officer replied.

It was clear he wasn’t expecting Paul to have half a brain and start asking questions.

Slip Up


In Paul’s mind, that was the only slip-up that was needed. His suspicion felt more justified now.

He had to be quick thinking and fabricate a plan on the fly. 

If he could assure himself that his hunch was correct, then he would be able to solve the crisis he was in. But in order to find out the truth, he needed the perfect scheme.

More Questions


Then it dawned on Paul what he should do. He decided to quiz the officer on more than just his badge number. 

“So, how did you guys even find out about what was going on?” He asked without giving away his plan.

The officer shifted his feet and looked back at Paul with a frustrated look on his face. His plan was working.



“Animal Control called us and said that you had an endangered animal on your property. So now we’re getting it out and taking it away.” The officer said after a moment of hesitation.

Paul leaned back against the cruiser and smiled.

He had everything he needed to know, but what was his next move while he was still in cuffs?



Phase two of Paul’s plan hadn’t been thought out yet, but it would have to be airtight in order to work.

Then he thought about all of his favorite detective shows. He didn’t need brute force to get anything done.

He’d have to rely on his intellect and poker face for this to work. He just hoped that the officer would buy it.

A Great Bluff


Paul mustered up all of his courage before looking at the officer and enacting his plan. “Look, I know what’s really going on here. There’s no need to lie any longer.”


His heart started beating like an Olympic runner going for gold. He knew that one slip-up would just make the man in front of him angry. But back in the house, Cheryl was seeing the hard truth as well.



Inside the house, Cheryl was still arguing with the police officer when the plumber shouted, “I’ve got them! Let’s get out of here!”


Cheryl watched in horror as the plumber came out of the room, handling more of the snakes. He must have found more of them hiding inside their pipes. But they were small; they were babies!

Skin Crawl


Cheryl’s skin crawled as they loaded them all into cages and started walking down the stairs toward the front door. But she hadn’t learned what her husband had. 

She had no idea who these men really were and just how dangerous they could be if backed into a corner.

But Paul would learn that all too soon outside from his perspective.

Moment Of Truth


Paul’s heart was close to beating out of his chest while he waited for the officer to reply to his accusation. 

“You know the truth? And what’s that exactly? He asked in a low tone, as if not wanting anyone else to hear.

Paul had to muster all of his willpower to keep calm and collected when he replied.



“I don’t think you’re real officers, and even if you are, you’re dirty ones.” You’re cutting a deal to take these endangered animals and sell them somewhere shady.” 

Paul had told them what he thought in a confident tone.

Even if inside, he had to fight back all of his anxiety, 

A Clean Getaway


The man was clearly taken aback by what Paul had said. But just then, he watched as the other “police officer” and “plumber” came out of the house carrying the snakes.

“Well, it looks like my partners are finished. You have a good day, sir.” The “officer” said to Paul.

His panicked demeanor changed when he saw that they would have a clean getaway.

Left In A Hurry


The three men got into their vehicles and drove away. They left in a hurry and didn’t even uncuff Paul. Cheryl ran out to see if he was okay and was only confused when he told her the truth.

“Call the police, the real ones. These men think they got away, but I know something that they don’t.” He said with a smile. He was going to make these poachers regret ever messing with him.

A Real Police Report


The police arrived shortly and uncuffed Paul. He explained everything to them, including all the details they thought he had missed.

He knew that they wouldn’t be on the street for long after telling the police their secret. That’s what they got for underestimating an ex-soldier who still had some fight left in him.

In My Space


Paul was angry that his home had been invaded like that. He felt stupid that he let complete strangers into his home.

He replayed the moment in his mind and thought that he shouldn’t have trusted them. He was confused between the fact there could possibly be more snakes and that he needed to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Fooled By An Outsider


He knew that the men who had come to his house weren’t real animal control officers. They were imposters, and they were up to no good.

Cheryl called the police, but by the time they arrived, the men were long gone. They had left no trace behind, and it seemed like they well on their way.

I Think I’m Right


Paul’s suspicions were confirmed when the men left, and he realized that they had stolen something from his home.

Cheryl immediately called the cops and reported the theft but she didn’t know how to describe it over the phone, “They stole snakes from our bathroom, no ma’am this is not a prank.” The operator didn’t believe her, she was getting frustrated.

What World Is This


As Paul tried to make sense of what had happened, he started to piece together a theory. He realized that one of the men who had come to his house was actually a dirty employee of animal control.

His name was Carlos, and he had been working with poachers to sell rare snakes on the black market. That’s why he let them in, he looked familiar.

The Hustle


The cops arrived and Paul showed them what happened. The cops took a statement of the vehicle and pursued them, but they couldn’t find them.

Paul knew that one of the men was actually working for animal control, but he was a dirty employee named Carlos. But he didn’t know if he should tell the police, they might think he was in on it.

Conveniently Left Out


Paul didn’t mention Carlos in the statement and the police promised to do everything they could to catch the imposters.

They searched the area for the men and their vehicle, but they came up empty-handed. It was as if they had vanished into thin air. They said they would keep looking, it gave Cheryl and the kids some peace.

It’s True


Paul was horrified by what he had discovered. He had always thought of animal control as a trustworthy organization, but now it seemed that they had been compromised by corruption.

He knew that he had to do something to stop them. Should he call animal control himself? Or should he take the matter into his own hands?

I Should Have Known


Paul felt silly. He was an animal lover and he should have known how rare it was to find creatures such as those.

Carlos had realized how much money they could make from the rare Eastern Indigo Snake and had called his poacher friends. Paul knew he had to do something about this before it was too late.

Let’s Do This


Paul felt that he had to do the right thing. He contacted the police again and gave them all the information he had about Carlos and his poacher friends.

They took his information seriously and immediately alerted animal control about the employee. They wanted his address and contact details so they could bring him in for questioning.

You Need To Know


Paul provided the police with all the information he had about Carlos, and they alerted the animal control about the employee. He told them that he had only just realized that one man had been there before.

They wanted his address and contact details, but when they searched his apartment, he wasn’t there. Of course, he wasn’t going to hang around waiting to be caught.

It Could Be Too Late


Paul was worried that Carlos and his poacher friends had already taken the rare snake and were on their way to sell it on the black market.

He knew a few people in the underground poaching world. He met them when he was breeding dogs. He decided to take matters into his own hands and went searching for Carlos.

Long Gone


The next day, animal control searched Carlos’s apartment again, but he wasn’t there. His boss said he never arrived to work the next day either. He was missing for 3 days now. They last saw him get into a black SUV after work.

They found evidence of his involvement in the poaching ring, including photos of rare snakes and text messages discussing their sale.

My Own Plan


While the police were trying to locate Carlos. Paul was taking a road off the beaten track. He knew a secret pathway that poachers used to get livestock over the border.

He combed the woods for hours until he finally stumbled upon Carlos and his friends. They had the rare snake with them and were about to leave the woods. His hunch was right!

Target Acquired


Paul couldn’t believe that he found Carlos, he knew he had to act fast, so he called the cops and reported their location. He knew that he had to keep them there until the cops arrived.

He kept low behind the bushes, following them. He didn’t let the out of his sight. He had to make sure they didn’t see him. He had a few close calls when a squirrel ran past him, “What was that noise?” Carlos asked, but Paul quickly ducked and they didn’t catch him.

Stealth Mode


Paul kept his phone on silent and switched his GPS location on. He sent his coordinates to the police every five minutes.

It was going to take some time for them to get there They had a far drive and along walk to go. Paul had to make sure he was hidden. He couldn’t let the poachers know he was following them.

Don’t Get Caught


Paul felt alive for the first time since leaving the Navy. His adrenaline was pumping as he stealthily followed the thieves through the night. It was thrilling not to get caught.

Although he was a trained military professional, he couldn’t risk his life any more. It was a covert operation and he needed back up just in case things went south.

Backup Is Coming


Paul received a message from the police that hey were on their way. Paul was relived. He didn’t have any firearm and he felt like time was running out.

He saw the men carrying a large crate. Paul suspected that the snakes must be inside that. Just then there was a loud snap, “Hey! Whose there?” one of the men shouted.

I’ve Been Spotted


One of the men had spotted him through the trees. ”Come out or well shoot!” Carlos shouted. He was a sitting duck. It was now or never. He had to make a break for it. He jumped out frightening the poachers.

Paul grabbed the rare snake and started running in the opposite direction, distracting Carlos and his friends. They started chasing him, but Paul was quick and agile, and he managed to evade them.

Life Or Death


Paul ran for his life. A bullet flew past his head. His heart felt like it was going to explode out of his chest.

As he ran, Paul noticed a nearby pond and decided to take a chance. He threw the rare snakes into the water, hoping that it would swim away to safety. Carlos and his friends saw what he had done and started cursing at him.

Quicker Than You


Paul ran for cover as one of the men continued shooting at him. Another one tried to recover the crate from the water but it was already going fast in the river current.

The cops arrived at that moment and Carlos and his friends ran away. Paul was hailed as a hero for saving the rare Eastern Indigo Snake and bringing the poachers to justice.

Fast Action


Paul knew that he had done the right thing. The real animal control eventually found the crate in the river and brough the baby snakes in.

Paul continued volunteering He at the Wildlife animal shelter, he was happy that he had been able to protect the wildlife in the woods.

But he made sure to keep an eye out for any more poachers who might try to harm the animals.
They were still on the run.

A Beautiful Symbol


The rare Eastern Indigo Snake became a symbol of hope for the local community, and people started coming from all over the world to see it.

Paul was proud that he had played a part in protecting such a beautiful creature. What was once a horror for him and his family, turned out to be a learning experience.

We Honor You


One day, Paul received a letter from animal control, thanking him for his bravery and dedication to protecting wildlife. They offered him a job as a wildlife conservationist, and he gladly accepted.

His terrible ordeal had come with a greater reward. His wife Cheryl and children were proud of him, mostly because they could always visit the zoo for free.

A Higher Calling


Paul spent the rest of his life working to protect the wildlife in the woods, and he became a beloved figure in the community. He played a key role in breeding the beautiful snakes.

The rare Eastern Indigo Snake continued to thrive in the woods, thanks to his efforts and those of the local wildlife conservationists.

Closing Cases


The police were still on the hunt for Carlos and his accomplices, but they were proving to be elusive. It seemed like they had gone underground, hiding from the authorities and waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

The search had gone across the border and a few suspects were apprehended but Carlos was never to be seen again.

It’s Not Over Yet


Paul was worried that they would come back for him. He knew too much, and he was afraid that he might be in danger. He couldn’t shake the feeling that they were watching him, waiting for the right moment to make their move.

They knew where he lived, they had met his wife and children. It would be easy for them to break into the house again.

Being Smart


As the days went by, Paul tried to keep a low profile. He stayed in his house as much as possible, avoiding contact with anyone he didn’t know. He was paranoid and anxious, constantly looking over his shoulder and checking the locks on his doors.

Cheryl tried to comfort him saying that the poachers wouldn’t bother coming back for him. But Paul had his own issues.

Still On The Run


Despite his fear, Paul knew that he had done the right thing by reporting the poaching ring to the authorities. He hoped that they would eventually catch the criminals and put an end to the fear.

There were a few more suspects that were caught, but none of them had nay affiliation to Carlos and his poaching gang. It seemed as though they were keeping a low profile.

Trauma Inside


The incident with Carlos and his friends was never forgotten, but it served as a reminder that you can’t trust everyone you know.

Paul tried to move on with his life. But he felt like he was always watching his back. The innocent man didn’t know that somebody evil was watching him and waiting to strike.

A Shocking Morning


The next day, the wildlife center was broken into. Carlos and his poacher friends had come back for their loot. The baby Snakes were gone.

Paul was shocked. He suspected Carlos and had no idea that he was back in town. He immediately contacted the police about the break in.

A Silly Mistake


The shelter hadn’t changed the locks and Carlos was able to still enter through the feeding quarters door. They had forgotten a huge detail which was going to cost them.

The police were working tirelessly to find the vehicle and apprehend the suspects. But they couldn’t find them anywhere. The trail had gone cold.

Back For More


Paul decided to do some investigating of his own. He started to look for information on Carlos and his associates.

He visited animal control and spoke to some of the employees. That’s when he found out that Carlos had been fired a few days ago for his suspicious behavior. He never returned to work and didn’t talk to anybody.

Thorough Research


Paul shared his findings with the police, who were able to track down Carlos. He had an alias of Benjamin. That’s why nobody really knew who he was. He never stayed in the same place and he was always moving.

He didn’t have any next of kin either. He clearly had connections, but nobody knew who he was.

Not Again


The police started to suspect that Carlos had fled the city. They sent out a criminal warning to other law enforcement agencies and alerted their contacts in the poaching business to be on the lookout for the rare snakes.

The animal shelter security was disappointed in themselves, especially since the incident had just happened. The snakes were kept in a high care facility.

Not Too Far


The next day they received a call from border control that they had stopped a suspicious chicken truck. They found the snakes, but Carlos and his men were not in the vehicle.

Paul felt a sense of relief. He had done his part to stop the illegal poaching of the Eastern Indigo Snakes. But he also knew that there was still work to be done.

Your Lucky Day


Paul welcomed his snakes back to the habitat. He made enquiries to install a high security camera. Exotic animals were becoming a wanted commodity.

He started to research more about the snakes and their habitat. He learned that they were becoming increasingly endangered due to poaching and habitat loss.

The More The Merrier


Paul decided to take action. He joined an international conservation group that was working to protect the snakes and their habitat. He wrote them an essay on the problems they had at their center.

He volunteered his time and resources to help raise awareness about the issue. He was surprised at how many people had a love for snakes, even girls!

We Care


The response was overwhelming. People from all over the world were contacting him. Donations were pouring in. Everyone wanted to know how they could ‘adopt a snake.’

As he got more involved, Paul realized that he had found a new passion. He felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment that he had never experienced before.

Snake Lovers


Paul and Cheryl were known as the ‘Snake Couple’. He continued to work with the conservation group and also started to share his story with others.

He wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of poaching and the importance of protecting endangered species. It was a family effort and they felt close when they bonded with the scaly creatures.

Over My Shoulder


Months went by, and Paul slowly started to forget about the incident with the snake in his toilet. But one day, as he was driving home from work, he saw something that made his heart skip a beat.

He saw a man that looked like Carlos. He was standing behind a trash can. Paul’s heart skipped a beat. He thought that he was seeing thing. When he looked back in his review mirror, nobody was there.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.