Secret Civilization Of Mole People Found Under Las Vegas


No Way To Contact Anybody

He had been running in circles in the freezing Las Vegas for hours now. He did not have his phone or wallet with him, so he could not even contact his friends or family.

He took a sharp turn down a flight of stairs, lost in the underside of the Las Vegas strip and certain that the group of men was still pursuing him. A chasm of a tunnel awaited his arrival. He dashed inside, fearful for his life. He had no idea what would be waiting for him.

A Good Man

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Adrian thought of himself as a kind-hearted and loyal man. He was a 26-year-old who had recently graduated, and he was already in line for a work promotion.

He could not believe how the tides had changed when he found himself trapped in Las Vegas with a group of men chasing after him.

Normal Life


Adrian was content with his simple life. Every day was more or less the same, and he always knew what was expected of him. He did not enjoy spontaneity at all.

However, when his closest friend told him that he should join them for a trip to Las Vegas, he knew he had to tag along. Work had been stressful, and he needed to relax. He had no idea what lay ahead of him.

They Had Rules

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Adrian was excited about the trip and packed everything necessary hours before he needed to. They arrived at the airport, and within three hours, they landed in Vegas. They wouldn’t go to any big hotels or casinos because it was one of the numerous rules they’d made for themselves.

The men took a tour of the Strip and planned to spend their time in a pub. Adrian had no idea that the worst night of his life was about to commence.

A Blissful Day

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They had a blast that afternoon, and it was over within the blink of an eye. When evening rolled around, they had done everything they had planned for the day.

They had an excellent start to the night, with new events apparently popping out of nowhere. This was a day to cherish, as Adrian’s pals had foretold. However, when night fell, problems began to brew.

The Beginning

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A fight broke out at the table next to Adrian and his friends. One of Adrian’s pals, intrigued by the excitement, made an apparently innocuous remark to the table.

The stare directed at the guys was not kind. The men at the table leaped to their feet, and one of Adrian’s buddies said something which roused them into action.

Inappriopriate Behavior

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Adrian’s buddy, who’d spent the day downing drink after drink, mumbled, “Sore losers.” Following the chase, Adrian found himself alone on the Strip’s underside.

He couldn’t recall where he’d put his cellphone or which place they’d stayed at before going to the pub. Then he watched the men, their black suits wrapped over their bodies and their eyes flaming with rage, go down the street.

All Alone


“That’s one of them,” someone yelled, and they began chasing Adrian. As he broke into a run, adrenaline rushed through his bloodstream. Adrian took any and all turns that came his way, and he soon found himself in one of Las Vegas’ desolate yards.

It was after midnight, and Adrian feared if he rested, the men would find him and harm him. When he saw the tunnel, he realized he had exhausted all options.


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Adrian ran down the tunnel, only to be swallowed whole by the blackness. His steps echoed along the tunnel, his pulse blurring in his ears.

He was deep into the dark tunnels when his foot hooked on something and threw him to the hard floor below. He shrieked, his foot throbbing with pain. He gasped as he recognized what had wrapped itself around his arm.

Frozen By Fear


Adrian’s heart sank as he stared at the hand curled around his wrist, a mixture of terror and anguish washed over him. He scurried back after a spark lit in the darkness.

“Relax,” whispered an older voice, the matchlight gleaming on a kind face staring down Adrian. The man got down on one knee as if examining Adrian’s foot. Adrian’s brows furrowed as the man continued speaking.

A Light In The Dark

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“You’re hurt,” the man observed. “I have a first aid kit.” He struck another match and hovered it over a lamp before offering a hand to Adrian.

“The others won’t be as kind,” he said, beckoning with his fingers. “I’m sure the ones chasing after you won’t be either.” Adrian’s eyes darted from where he’d come from to this man. Could he trust him?

A Helping Hand

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Adrian took the man’s hand, limping into what looked like a camp. His jaw slackened when he realized hundreds of eyes were trained on him.

Tents and furniture dotted the extensive tunnel, with the residents sleeping or chatting with each other. Adrian froze with awareness. How could so many people be here so late at night? Then he realized something.

A Civilization


The people living down here weren’t a handful but an entire civilization. Would anyone believe Adrian when he shared his story?

Adrian was still pondering the implications of his discovery when the man came above him. A first aid kit gleamed in his hand, and a smile spread across his face. What he would share would break Adrian’s heart.

Getting To Know Him Better


“I know what you’re thinking,” the man began as he dressed Adrian’s foot. “How could there be so many people under an entire city?” He chuckled, ”Life can be funny sometimes.”

“Some of us had jobs, homes, and families. But all that changed. Life is fickle.” He wrapped Adrian’s leg, adding, “These parts aren’t safe even for us. There are criminals and poisonous insects everywhere. Be careful where you venture.”

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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Adrian spent the night in the camp before reuniting with his friends in the morning. He had the wildest story to tell, having listened to the man throughout the night.

He learned that for many of the people living in those tunnels, the battles of life landed them where they were. But they were doing everything they could to rise again. For Adrian, that was enough. He’d do anything in his power to help.