Man Demands Teen Let Him Into Building. He Doesn’t Last 5 Seconds


Her Stalker

She dashed down the block as swiftly as she could, hoping to elude her stalker in one of the nearby alleys. It had stormed that, and water spilled on the slick sidewalk as she sped past.

She could hear the footsteps get louder and she could almost feel the man’s breath on her neck. She knew she would not be able to lose him in some alley, so she decided to take a sharp turn, bursting into the first door she spotted.

New Girl In Town

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Regin lived in Chicago while pursuing her engineering degree. She originally came from New York and she had only been in the Windy City once before.

Regin was not familiar with Chigaco and she felt quite overwhelmed. However, the only thing she did know about Chigaco was that it wasn’t the safest city to live in. Until that tragic day, she didn’t believe this assertion was real.

A Hard Worker

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Regin’s life consisted of attending her classes and working. She’d conduct basic errands for specific clients around the city after lessons, such as picking up dry cleaning, watching their children, and buying their groceries.

Regin spent a large portion of her day in her classes and spent her evenings busy with work. She would return home, exhausted by everything she had done that day. However, things were about to change for Regin.

A Cold Evening

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Regin’s life would be forever changed on that terrible night, which began like any other evening. She’d been busy with classes all day, and by nightfall, she was busy with errands in West Town.

As night fell, a cold drizzle rained down on the city, and despite the fact that Regin didn’t have an umbrella, she pressed through the rain to complete her responsibilities on time. But what was supposed to be a relaxing evening turned out to be the complete opposite.


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Regin had completed the majority of her errands when it began to rain. It was after 7 pm, and the rain had not stopped. Regin called her employer to let her know what was going on.

Regin’s boss felt sorry for her. She agreed to postpone the last few jobs until the next day. Regin, on the other hand, received a surprising text while relaxing on the bus returning to her apartment.

The Beginning

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The message said, “Are you still in West Town?” Regin’s roommate went ahead and asked whether Regin could stop by a specific pharmacist in that area of town for medication.

Regin agreed, jumping from the bus at the first station to return to West Town because the night was still young. But as the bus vanished into the urban landscape in front of her, she realized she’d made a grave error.

A Risky Situation

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Regin got off in one of the more dangerous parts of town. As she waited for the next bus, dark skyscrapers glared down at her, pools of water glittering on the street.

Her eyes raced around the room, recognizing that she was in one of the city’s most unsafe places. What’s the worst that might happen?

She Had To Leave

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Regin had seen enough films about America’s most deadly streets. These establishments more often than not lived up to their horrible reputation.

She knew she should have stayed and waited for the next bus, but she felt compelled to go out and find a taxi. The faster she could get out of here, the better.

Regretting Her Choices

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Regin took hesitant steps towards the foreboding street that lay ahead of her. Despite the fact that it was not many hours after dusk, the whole street was deserted. It was almost eerie how empty the area was.

She began to doubt her choice as she ventured farther into the area. She pushed forth, realizing it was too late to go back. Then, out of nowhere, a large hand grabbed hers.

He Was Following Her

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Regin launched into a jog as terror and alertness rushed through her. She was on the run from whoever had taken her, and she understood she couldn’t let him catch up to her.

Regin’s ear vibrated with the sound of the man’s footsteps as she raced. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Regin did the unimaginable as her stalker was closing in on her.

She’s Fast

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Regin took the first corner that came into her shaky view. A glass door materialized before her eyes, and she shot for it.

Regin fell on the door with her shoulder, pushing it open. She held the door’s handle from the inside, her eyes landing on her pursuer. She swallowed when he walked into her view, a sick smile on his face. And then it happened.

The Unexpected Happens

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“Open this door,” the pursuer demanded as he ran a hand across his lips. He spat on the tarmac and repeated his statement.

“Or what?” another voice answered, and Regin spun around to find a man dressed in a gi. “Don’t open it,” the man said calmly, placing a hand on Regin’s shoulder. But what the pursuer did next made them step back.

Two Forces Collide

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The pursuer lunged forward, throwing the glass door open. But in the space of a second, the man next to Regin pushed her behind him.
He met the pursuer head-on, their collision shaking the entire room. “Go inside,” the man grated to Regin, his hands holding the pursuer in place. What was happening?

It’s Safe Here

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Regin sprinted deeper into the building. Her heart thundered within her chest, and adrenaline chocked her veins. The sound of the scuffle faded behind her as she surged into a brightly lit room.

Regin braked, her palms falling on her knees. She struggled to breathe as her sight took in several Japanese paintings hung on the wall. She looked around wide-eyed, finally realizing where she was.

No Words Are Enough

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As luck would have it, the first turn Regin took landed her in a karate studio. She’d been even luckier that the studio’s instructor had been around when she needed help. He effortlessly dealt with Regin’s pursuer and called the police.

After a few questions, the police drove Regin home. Although she thanked the instructor for saving her life, she knew no words could ever convey how grateful she was for his help.