Man Claims Girlfriend Has Body Of 8-Year-Old Until Officer Figures Out The Real Situation


The Girl He Had Been Waiting For

Daniel Jacobs had been single for three years and was waiting for the perfect girl to come his way.

When he finally met Shayna on a blind date, he knew that he had hit the jackpot.

But not everybody thought so. It seemed like Daniel’s life only became more difficult since meeting Shayna. He could hear the whispers and gossip about them. He had had enough.

The Ladies Man

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Daniel didn’t have trouble getting a girl. His friends considered him a bit of a ladies’ man.

But when Daniel announced that he was taking a break from dating, his friends became worried.

He just needed a bit of time for himself. Besides, he had been dating someone on and off for four years and needed some space. But one night, everything would change for him in an instant.

The Set Up

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Daniel was a handsome guy with brown curly hair and dark blue eyes.

So when his friends heard about his dating hiatus, they quickly set a plan in motion.

They had set up a blind date with a gorgeous woman. At first, Daniel wasn’t convinced by the plan. He couldn’t believe that they had gone behind his back to set him up. He was not happy.

 A Bad Break Up

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He wanted to stay single for as long as he could after he came out of a bad breakup.

He just wanted to do something for himself for a change.

Had his friends not done this setup, he would’ve been well on his way to achieving just that. But, being the nice guy that he was, he was going to go on the date because, after all, it wasn’t his date’s fault.

Getting Ready

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He got a haircut and shaved his beard. He wanted to make a great first impression.

Even if things wouldn’t work out, he would at least try and have a good time.

He made his way to the restaurant where he would be meeting his mystery date. He felt a pang of nervousness hit him.

Love at First Sight

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As soon as Daniel saw Shayna, he was mesmerized.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, with her long flowing hair and bright smile. He couldn’t believe his luck. It was love at first sight for him.

Shayna greeted him warmly, and they started talking effortlessly. Daniel found himself captivated by her charm and wit. It felt like they had known each other for ages, and he couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

Shared Interests

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As they continued to talk, Daniel realized that he and Shayna had so much in common.

They both loved hiking, traveling, and trying new foods. They laughed at the same jokes and enjoyed each other’s company immensely.

Daniel couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found someone who shared his interests and made him feel so comfortable. 

Upfront and Honest

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From the very beginning, Shayna was honest about her appearance.

She explained everything to Daniel, and even though she presented him with the consequences thereof, she could see that he was still interested.

It made her very happy to know that he was still willing to spend time with her despite the challenges she faced.

Ignoring the Gossip

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He was thrilled to have met Shayna, and he knew he wanted to see her again. Despite his happiness, Daniel couldn’t ignore the whispers and gossip around him. 

He noticed people staring at him and Shayna when they were out together. Some even made rude comments about their relationship.

Daniel could see how uncomfortable Shayna had become, and he couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel.


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Daniel was hurt and frustrated, and he couldn’t imagine how she felt.

He couldn’t understand why people were being so judgmental. He knew that Shayna was special. 

But he couldn’t help but feel the pressure of societal norms and expectations. He had a lot to think about. Was he doing the right thing by dating Shayna? Only time would tell.

Overcoming the Judgments

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Daniel tried to ignore the judgments and focused on building his relationship with Shayna.

They continued to go on dates, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

Shayna, too, was happy spending more time with him despite people’s cruelty towards them. But they decided to put it behind them and move on. After all, she was used to it.


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Shayna had been hurt by people’s comments all her life.

But she was impressed by Daniel’s unwavering support and acceptance of her as she was. 

She admired his courage to stand up against societal norms and be with her despite the gossip. She was starting to think she had found someone really unique and special.

Falling in Love

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As time went on, Daniel and Shayna fell deeply in love with each other.

They shared their dreams, fears, and hopes. They built a beautiful connection that went beyond physical appearances.

Daniel couldn’t imagine his life without Shayna. She had become his confidante, his best friend, and his rock. He knew that he had found someone truly special, and he was determined to make their relationship work, no matter what.

A Stamp Of Approval

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His friends were equally impressed with his relationship. They didn’t think he would fall for someone like Shayna.

They could see he was head over heels in love with her. So, of course, they gave them their stamp of approval.

Daniel couldn’t have been happier. But then, trouble reared its ugly head again.

Very Happy Together

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They defended their relationship and shut down any negative comments.

They knew how happy Daniel was with Shayna and supported his decision wholeheartedly.

Although it became very difficult at times, Daniel and Shayna stuck through it and endured all the criticism that was hurled at them. They weren’t going to let people ruin their happiness.

Planning for the Future

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Daniel and Shayna started making plans for their future together.

They talked about traveling the world, building a home, and starting a family. They were excited about their life together and the adventures that lay ahead.

Daniel was overjoyed to have found someone who brought so much happiness into his life. But he was also experiencing so much hate from people that he felt like he wanted to move to an isolated part of the world.

Having Doubts

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He knew that Shayna was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and he was determined to make her his forever, but he also had his doubts.

Most of the hate was directed at him, and he just couldn’t understand how people could be so narrow-minded.

Was Shayna really worth all the hate he was receiving?

Meeting Shayna’s Family

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One day, Shayna invited Daniel to meet her family. He was nervous but excited to finally meet the people who had raised the woman he loved.

But he couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable. 

After all, he looked back at the looks he always got when out with her. But he had no idea what consequences there were going to be.



When he arrived at Shayna’s home, he was greeted with warmth and love. He could see where Shayna got her kind-hearted nature from.

However, he still had lingering doubts at the back of his mind. He knew exactly what he was doing wrong dating a girl like that.

She deserved as much love as the next person, but he was going to be the one paying for it in the end.

Was He Doing The Right Thing?

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He couldn’t help but wonder if he was doing the right thing.

He loved her but knew that they would be facing all these challenges all through their lives.

He wished he could have shaken the doubt from his mind. But he couldn’t give anyone else an excuse, he knew exactly what he was doing with a girl like this and if he got caught it would spell trouble for him.

Never Got Over The Stares


As much as Daniel tried ignoring them, he never got over the stares that everyone gave him.

But not many people had the same context that he did.

They would give him vile looks like no one had ever done before. It wasn’t something he was used to, but he’d try to ignore them. But he had no idea that it wouldn’t be the best idea when he was caught.

Thinking About The Repercussions


Daniel decided to sit down and have a chat with Shayna. He wanted her to be absolutely sure she was aware of what was going on.

He didn’t want anyone to think he was taking advantage of anyone.

“Our relationship is a unique one; you know that, right, honey?” He said as he leaned down on one knee to meet her eye level. 



Shayna nodded and told him that it didn’t matter. She told Daniel that she wanted to be with him over anyone else.

He appreciated the honesty, but that didn’t make it any less sketchy.

He knew that if the police were ever called, then she would be completely fine. But things wouldn’t be so simple for Daniel; he would end up with more than just a warning.

Serious Repercussions


The repercussions would be a lot more serious than anything that Daniel had ever gotten caught for.

He was well aware of the risks he was taking dating a girl like Shayna.

But he genuinely did love her. Why was that not enough in the eyes of society and perhaps the law? He’d soon learn more about the risks he was taking when the cops came knocking on his door one day.

Unique Couple


Would people ever get used to the fact that they were different from other couples? Daniel looked at his girlfriend.

How could anyone have tried to disparage him for being with her?

He nearly got lost in her eyes as he stared at her and wondered about why things were so complicated. Was he the only one in the world that thought she was amazing?



She was beautiful to him, but other people looked at them like they were circus freaks.

The looks were specifically directed towards Daniel, and he knew exactly why. 

He was just glad no one had called the cops yet. He didn’t need to think too hard about what would happen if someone did. For now, the gossip and stares were tolerable. But he had no idea what one woman would do.

Rising Above the Gossip

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Despite the challenges they faced, Daniel and Shayna refused to let the gossip and judgments of others affect their relationship.

If either of them faltered even a little bit, then the public opinion would win.

That meant that they’d have let all of the ridicule get to them in the end. But Daniel wasn’t going to let that happen.

Rising Above It


They learned to rise above the negativity and focus on their love for each other.

But the inevitable was going to finally happen, and Daniel knew it. 

He just tried to get away with what he was doing for as long as he could. He would have to be taken away from Shayna kicking and screaming. But that’s exactly what would happen.

Good Intentions


Daniel had good intentions being with Shayna. But he understood the implications of what he was doing. Her family was alright with it, but society was definitely against it. 

He had no idea that things were about to end in an explosive confrontation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be the last time.

Things would end with Daniel being forced into handcuffs.



They continued to go on dates, travel together, and make memories.

They didn’t let other people’s opinions dictate their happiness. It was good for a while when other people weren’t involved.

They hadn’t heard the harsh judgment from society for a while. But they knew sooner or later, there would come a time when someone had something to say.

Peace Was Over


Their days of peace were about to come to an end.

Daniel wouldn’t be ready for what he was about to face one day in the not-so-far future.

It wasn’t long before Daniel faced a serious confrontation. He knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. Society was especially insensitive about what he was doing. But he didn’t blame him.

The Grocery Store Incident

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As Daniel and Shayna left a grocery store one day, a man and woman hurled insults at them. They taunted them all the way to their car, and Shayna became upset. 

They were calling Daniel the worst names imaginable. He didn’t care, they weren’t true anyway. But they bothered his girlfriend.

Shayna hated it when people judged him based on her looks.



He tried ignoring them and quickly getting out of there before someone called the police.

But then the woman shouted, “Honey, is that your dad?” 

That question hit Daniel like a ton of bricks. He felt a shiver go down his spine as she ignored the woman. He could already tell that Shayna wasn’t going to give this woman any ammunition.

Protecting Her


Daniel tried his best not to entertain the couple, but as soon as he saw the tears running down Shayna’s face, he knew he had to step in and protect her.

He wasn’t going to let anyone make his girlfriend cry.

They didn’t understand their unique position and would do anything to tear them apart. But things would escalate far beyond what Daniel thought.



When Shayna ignored the woman, things only escalated further.

She started approaching them, telling Daniel to stay away from her. 

This really made his blood boil. She was publicly accusing him of being some kind of monster in front of his own girlfriend. But he knew things could get ugly in an instant if he said the wrong thing. 

Make Things Right


He knew now he had to try and make things right. But in a world where he could easily be framed as a criminal, he had to be careful.

He didn’t want to escalate things unless they were absolutely necessary.

But he didn’t know that the woman would escalate things for him. 

The Insults Continue

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They kept shouting at them and saying the most unimaginable things.

Daniel knew that they were mostly directed toward him. 

He just had to have the insults roll off his back so that he could get back to his life. But things wouldn’t be as he had planned. After all of his efforts, things would boil over anyway.



He thought about the consequences of things getting nasty. A confrontation could spell the worst thing possible.

But he had no idea what they were about to do.

The woman’s patience was being equally tested and she thought that what she was doing was the right thing. This meant that both of them were going to butt heads until it spelt trouble for Daniel.

Couldn’t Believe What He Was Hearing


“What’s wrong with you, man? How can you date someone like that? You must be one of those creeps.” Daniel couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 

He was hurt but mostly angry. He wanted to make them pay for what they were saying.

But he couldn’t let them get him into trouble, that would be the worst thing imaginable.

Sizing Them Up


Daniel stood his ground and stared at the couple.

He had to think of a way to get them to understand before anything else happened. 

But just as he thought that, he saw the woman pulling out her phone. This was the last thing that he needed in his life. The first thought was of her dialing the dreaded three-digit number that he was afraid of.\



Panic overwhelmed him. This was something he feared more than anything else.

If she called the police, he would be done. He knew that if society didn’t like his union, then the cops wouldn’t like it either.

She smiled sadistically as she could tell that she had all of the power now. But just as he thought his life was over, he realized something crucial.

A Photo


Then he realized that the woman wasn’t calling anyone, but it was almost as bad.

He begged her to stop, but she had an evil grin on her face as she pointed the back of her phone toward him.

He stood frozen like a deer in headlights. He thought that her calling the police was bad, but this was the second worst thing.



His fears were confirmed when he saw a flash of light blind his eyes.

The woman was taking a photo of him with Shayna. This wasn’t good; he had to try and resolve the conflict.

But he didn’t know the first thing to do to try and get on her good side. Did he even want to grovel to someone like her? He had no idea what his next move was.

“Delete It”


“Please, you don’t understand what’s going on. Please delete it.” He pleaded with the woman, but she didn’t seem to understand the situation.

He knew he’d have to explain the truth once and for all. It was a secret that not many people knew about.

Normally it didn’t concern them, but he had no choice now.



After getting the couple to calm down, Daniel spent a long time explaining the situation to them. Shayna hated people knowing about her circumstances, but there was no choice now. 

He explained her special condition to the couple and everything that went along with it.

But even after all of that, it didn’t seem like they were willing to budge on their decision.

Nothing They Could Do

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“Mind your own business,” was all Daniel could muster, and he hastily got into the car and drove off.

He could see how the couple laughed at them through the rearview mirror.

He wondered if he had handled that confrontation the right way. He couldn’t really think of any else he could have said to rectify the situation. She wasn’t going to back down and delete the photo.



He felt paranoia flood his system as they drove home.

What else was he supposed to do now that she had a photo of him? 

It angered him that they didn’t understand even after telling them the truth. She held all the cards, but it wasn’t worth thinking about. He just had to try and forget about it. But he had no idea it would come back to haunt him.

Like All The Rest


How much more of this would they have to endure? Shayna could see how embarrassed and hurt Daniel was. She knew this relationship would probably end up like all the rest.

She had always found it very difficult to maintain relationships because of her special condition. Daniel was the only one willing to stay with her. But that also marked him for a lot of trouble.

Time To Say Goodbye

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Shayna had come to the conclusion that it was time to let Daniel go.

She couldn’t let him suffer because of what she looked like, it wasn’t fair on him. 

She felt bad for him and thought about unbearable things. She really did love him but that also meant that she wanted the best for him. She considered something that would break her heart.

Calling It Quits


Through the tears, she had hoped that she had actually found her one true love, but things weren’t faring too well, and she thought it would be better to just call it quits.

Then Daniel could find someone normal and wouldn’t be ridiculed by the general public. But she hadn’t considered the fact that maybe he liked her.

Would he accept her offer or stay by her side?

Not Leaving

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Daniel was taken aback by Shayna’s request.

He loved her, and he didn’t want to give up on their relationship because of people’s narrow-mindedness and insults. 

But it really did strain their relationship when people like that existed. He wondered if they would be able to stay together forever when people like that would always exist.

A Promise


He promised her that they would get through it, and he wanted to give their relationship a chance.

He wasn’t prepared to give up just yet. Shayna’s eyes lit up. 

She felt lucky to have Daniel in her life. She was reassured that the love of her life would always be there for her. But Daniel was putting himself in danger every day just by being with her.

Staying At Home

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But things didn’t get any easier for Daniel and Shayna.

In fact, it got worse on some days, which led them to stay indoors most of the time.

Daniel just wanted to protect Shayna as best he could, but nothing would prepare them for what was coming. As they settled down to watch a movie, they heard a loud knock at the door.

An Unexpected Visit

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Shayna’s eyes grew wide. Who on earth was at their door at this time of the night?

They weren’t expecting anyone. Daniel got up to look, and he was confused by what he saw.

They became even more worried when they could see blue and red lights flashing outside. It looked like it was the police, and they were banging impatiently on the door.

Open The Door!

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“Open up, it’s the police, we need to talk to you!” Shayna’s heart was racing so fast she thought it would fall out of her chest. Daniel already knew exactly what was going on. 

It had been a good run with Shayna, but the secret was finally out. He thought back to the couple who photographed him.

She probably reported what he was doing to the police.

Calming Her Down


Daniel calmed her down and quickly made his way to the door. When he opened the door, a police officer was pointing a gun at him. 

He instinctively lifted his hands. “You’re under arrest for dating a minor.” Daniel’s world came crashing down.

He couldn’t blame anyone but himself. He was ready to be fully cooperative, but Shayna had other plans.

An Unexpected Revelation

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“No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong!” Shayna shouted as she ran to the door. “Little girl, please step away. This is for your own good.” 

But Shayna pushed her way through, she needed to stop them before it was too late.

But would her explanation of her strange case be enough to get the police to let go of her boyfriend? Or would end up locked up for good.

Not A Little Girl


“You don’t understand what’s going on!” She screamed, “I’m not a little girl. I’m 24 years old, and I have pituitary dwarfism, aka growth hormone deficiency. He’s not dating a minor, I’m an adult. Now, please let him go.”

The cops stared at her with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

But would they listen to her when she looked just like an 8-year-old girl?

Things Would Never Be Normal

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The officers uncuffed Daniel and apologized for the arrest. They apparently were tipped off by a couple who thought Shayna was in danger.

Shayna and Daniel were relieved that nothing serious had happened. They knew their lives would never be normal, but Daniel was willing to take a chance to be with the love of his life.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

Cleared Up


The one good thing about the altercation with the police was now that his local department knew about their unique case.

Daniel wouldn’t have to worry about being arrested in his own town.

But that didn’t mean society still didn’t look at him weirdly. They would still pass judgment on him no matter how hard he tried to spread the truth. But he would get used to it for Shayna.