Man Buys Drone, Uses It To Follow His Wife


A Familiar Stalker

He was watching her from afar. She was unaware that he was following her moves. Even though they had been married for 18 years, there was still that element of surprise between them.

He stared at every movement of hers. He watched as she took her ponytail out. She was running her hands through her hair. “She had beautiful hair,” he thought. His admiration immediately turned to anger.

John And Donna


John and his wife, Donna lived together in a nice house in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. They have been married for 18 years and never experienced any marital problems. 

John and Donna had two beautiful kids, polite and well-behaved. The household was a loving one and for John, everything seemed perfect. As if it was too good to be true, and it was. 

The Perfect Couple

Despite having the odd fight and arguments, John and his wife were a match made in heaven. They seemed like the perfect couple. He loved his wife dearly and thought the feeling was mutual. But then he started noticing something wasn’t quite right with Donna. 

It all started when he noticed a change in her work life.

Keeping Up Appearances


As a photographer, John mostly worked from home, and Donna worked at the local pharmacy. She walked to and back from work everyday. But when she started arriving home late from work a lot, that’s when things got weird. 

She started to wear make-up again and dressed better.  

Acting Strange

John hadn’t seen Donna wear makeup in years. Once they got married and moved in together, Donna got comfortable without it. 

It didn’t bother John in the slightest but now seeing her dressed to impress once more made him a little envious. When John questioned her about it, she answered strangely. 

Brushing Him Off

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She was surprised he noticed and said she wasn’t wearing much. She just wanted to feel nice again at work. Her rebuffed answer made him curious. He asked why she was coming home later and later. 

“No reason, work is just very busy”, she replied. He tried to forget about it but he couldn’t shake feeling suspicious. 


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John couldn’t let it go, he needed to find out what she was up to. But how could he do that without her knowing? 

If John asked her about it again or interrogated her, there’s no doubt it would’ve turned into a big fight. Afterall, trust is the foundation of any relationship and if he was questioning that, that was a big deal. 

Drone Solution

John was a photographer so he naturally turned to his equipment and their observation skills for help. 

He decided that his best option to secretly find out what she got up to was to follow her on her commute to work with his drone, flying it secretly overhead behind her. It was a decision he’d live to regret. 

Plan Into Action


The next day, he put his plan into action. He felt bad about deceiving her but he couldn’t help but feel suspicious of her. He didn’t know what else to do so he followed through with his calculated plan. 

His heart pounded as he kissed her goodbye and watched her leave. Now, it was game time.

Take Off

He knew she wasn’t being honest with him and he had to find out why. He raced to his room, took the drone that was already set up and ready to go on his desk and went outside. 

He waited until she turned the corner to turn it on and take flight. He held the remote control firmly within his hands and began to follow her. 

Wrong Direction


Anxiously, he waited outside, keeping his eyes fixated on the handheld device to control and look at what the drone was capturing.

At first, everything was fine but then she took an expected turn in the opposite direction of her pharmacy. She was going in the wrong direction. John’s heart sank. Where was she going? 

Delicate Operation

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John was careful not to fly the drone too close to her. He needed to fly it far enough away to conceal the humming noise and keep her from looking around, but close enough to see exactly what she was up to. 

Little did he know that he was in for a rude awakening.

Feeling Sick

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John’s blood ran cold as he watched her walk towards an unfamiliar location. She eventually arrived at a car lot where a strange car was waiting for her. She took her hair down from her ponytail and began brushing it through with her fingers. 

John’s heart pounded. He felt sick to his stomach. His breath became heavy with fury. 

Horror And Despair

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He watched in horror as his wife bent down to the driver’s seat window and kissed the person on the side of the cheek, then she walked around to the passenger seat and got in.

John couldn’t keep watching. He had seen enough. He didn’t get a good look at the person inside the car but he didn’t even care to. He was seeing red. 

Sinking In

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He raced back home and landed the drone in his front yard. He grabbed the device in a panic and took it inside with him.

What did he just witness? His world was caving. How could she do this to him? More importantly, what was he going to do about it?

Complete Shock

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Waiting for her to return from work that day felt like the longest 8 hours he had ever spent. He went back and forth on how best to deal with the situation. 

Maybe it was all just a big misunderstanding or maybe his wife really was betraying him. He wondered if he should find more proof before confronting her. But he had all the proof he needed.


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He decided to confront her immediately when she got home. He waited anxiously for her to return home. When she finally came home, he just stood there shaking. 

With his heart pounding, and eyes tearing, he spoke to her through clenched teeth. He told her what he had seen and asked her what she had been doing. 

Emotional State

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Donna was shocked to see John in such an emotional state. When she asked him what was going on he explained everything. Donna was speechless.

“What has gotten into you?”, she spat. “Do you really want to know what I was doing? Do you really want to know what caused you to SPY on me?”. Donna reached for her bag.

Work Contract

Donna grabbed out an A4 piece of paper from her bag and shoved it into John’s hands. Confused, he looked down. His eyes scoured over the print. He felt his stomach drop. 

“Surprise!”, Donna said sarcastically. It was a contract. A work contract. She had just been hired as a pharmacist technician. But it didn’t make sense. 


“What about the car? What about all the late nights and the makeup and dresses?” John splurted. Donna sighed. 

“I was trying to surprise you. I’ve been studying for months to get this promotion. The position was in a new pharmacy in the next town over”. She continued…  



Donna was asked to help out at a pharmacy in the next town over. She put on makeup and dressed better to make a good impression because she knew they needed a permanent pharmacist. 

She hoped helping out there for a while would put her in a better position when the interview opened up.

Selective Memory


She walked to the car park everyday where her co-worker and friend, Marissa, picked her up and drove to work together. 

She told him about this so many times before, but he forgot. When he asked again the last time, she was so annoyed about it that she answered vaguely because she knew he wouldn’t remember. 

Relief And Guilt

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A wave of relief and guilt washed over John. Suddenly, he remembered. Somewhere in the very dark corners of his mind, he remembered that she said she was helping out at another pharmacy before.

He couldn’t believe he got it so wrong. What must she think of him? Especially now, knowing that he followed her, even spied on her, to find out something that he actually knew all along. How did she react?


Of course, she was angry with him. She was in shock that he’d go to such lengths to try to catch her out in a lie. She asked him to learn from this and to not do it again. An argument ensued but they eventually worked it out. 

Still, she made sure he listened better from now on and he eventually made up for his untrusting behavior. And now? 

All’s Well That Ends Well!

Since then, their relationship has gotten stronger. Mostly because John pays better attention now. But what do you think? 

If your partner did that to you, would you be understanding? Do you think Donna was too understanding with John? Either way, He hasn’t done anything like that since, so we guess all’s well that ends well!

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental