Delivery Room Stumped After Welcoming Newborn, This Is Why


Challenging His Beliefs

He had always believed in superstitions. But he cherished and admired all of the world’s distinctions and individuality.

He would be left questioning everything he knew after seeing what he saw inside the delivery room.

Dream Girl

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It was his desire to start a family with Wamboi, the love of his life, that motivated Otieno to get down on one knee and propose to her.

He knew that Wamboi was the woman of his dreams, and after being together for years, the pair got married in a beautiful traditional East African wedding. After being married for a couple of months, the pair was ecstatic to learn that Wamboi was pregnant. What the cosmos had in store for them was completely unknown to them.

He Knew What He Wanted

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Otieno was known for his superstitions. Kenyan-born, he was brought up to adhere to the customs of his clan, like many African males.

Once he completed his master’s degree in engineering, he knew that he was ready to start a family. The road to that objective was less intimidating with Wamboi, his college girlfriend. If only he had known what lay ahead.


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Otieno had experienced several occurrences during his life that science was unable to explain. Among them was the infamous night runner of his region, who ran all over his village at all hours of the night without anyone knowing.

The metaphysical kind was also abundant in his life, including witches and sorcerers. He still saw the beauty in everything, embracing the differences that made everyone unique. It would be a test of his beliefs about what he saw in the delivery room.


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Five months had passed since Otieno and Wamboi got married. Wamboi was experiencing terrible morning sickness, and the couple knew that their prayers were finally answered.

They took two pregnancy tests just to confirm their suspicions, and after seeing the positive results, they rushed to the doctor. But the information they received was not what they had anticipated.

Amazing News

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“We were told by the doctor that we were carrying twins,” Otieno said playfully. “We were ecstatic because we had always discussed having a large family. This was the ideal beginning of that journey.”

Everything was going perfectly for the first few weeks. He did everything to ensure that Wamboi was taking care of herself. However, the worst was yet to come.

Tragedy Struck

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The first trimester was coming to an end when cramping woke Wamboi up in the early hours of the morning. Otieno seized their jackets and hurried them to the hospital after becoming concerned by his wife’s condition.

They received terrible news. One of their twins had been miscarried by Wamboi. The other baby, however, was healthy and normal, the doctor informed the parents. But he also revealed something more, which gave them shivers.

What Can They Do?

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“The fetal tissue can be absorbed by the mother, the placenta, or the other twin,” the doctor informed the young couple. The doctor also gave Wamboi a calendar of doctor’s appointments for the remainder of the year, along with a list of prescriptions.

The young couple suffered a terrible blow when they lost one of the twins, but they pushed through the suffering. Their child was prepared for the outside world a few months later.

Getting Everything Ready

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The delivery room was filled with Otieno and Wamboi’s sisters. A few weeks before his wedding, Wamboi’s father, Kamau, had passed away. The two decided to name their child after him.

With everything ready, the family members, midwife, doctor, and parents headed off on the arduous journey that would end with the birth of tiny Kamau. They were unaware of the surprise that was in store for them.

The Birth

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Everyone immediately noticed Kamau’s little head. Otieno was first ecstatic about finally seeing his son, the heir to his throne and the person who would carry on his dynasty.

It took him only a second to notice the boy’s skin tone and hair color. While holding back a shriek, he leaned in for a better view.

They See Him

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Everyone in the delivery room, including Wamboi, was left mouth agape as the midwife cut the baby’s umbilical cord. Kamau’s skin was the fairest they had ever seen. And that was not all.

His hair was a shade of blonde that they couldn’t explain. The midwife spanked him to charge his lungs, and Kamau let out his first cry. But with the opening of his mouth came the opening of his eyes, and with them, another surprise.

Name Him

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Kamau’s big eyes were shaped like his dad’s. But their color was anything but. His irises were as blue as the bluest sky in the dry season. Otieno stepped forward as the midwife made to hand him his son. He’d seen something in the baby that made him accept him.

Lifting him, he called out his name so the world could hear and kissed his forehead gently. “Kamau,” he said lovingly, “My first born and the apple of my eye.” But his son’s existence would result in one of the biggest debates in the world to date.

The Best Dad In The World

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As Otieno took his family home that evening, Wamboi asked why he’d accepted and named their son despite his physical appearance. Otieno answered that Kamau was his no matter the color of his skin. He assured her he’d be the best dad in the world.

The following weeks were long for his family. The country sent several genetics experts to try and explain what was happening. Of course, they’d ascertained that Kamau was Otieno and Wamboi’s child and that he didn’t have albinism. Only one thing could explain what was going on here.

A Recessive Gene

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The doctors explained that there had to have been a recessive gene in Otieno’s or Wamboi’s ancestries that caused their son to have such unique features.

Kamau was white in every way possible, and the scientists couldn’t explain the phenomenon, especially after they failed to trace any white genes in Otieno and Wamboi.
They had to bring the international community into the equation.

The Tests Continue

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Several scientists across the globe came to assess little Kamau. But even they couldn’t fully understand what was happening. They’re still running further tests on the little angel, but even so, the Otienos are living as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

The world has given them the best gift in their first son. He’s a beautiful, healthy baby boy and his parents are beyond proud to call them theirs.