Man Annoys Neighbors By Painting His Entire Home Pink



Upon moving to the area, he had been treated in a way many of his neighbors said he deserved.

He made immediate changes when moving in by painting his entire house pink. This set him apart from the rest, as many of the neighborhood were displeased.

New Resident

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Texas man Emilio Rodriquez had found a home that suited him best. He needed a house that would benefit his needs as a disabled man.

None of the neighbors gave it much thought when he moved in, but that would soon change.

What He Planned


Rodriguez looked for a house that would allow him to make interior and exterior alterations. He managed to do that by moving into a neighborhood without any Homeowner Associations to stop his project.

When finding what he was looking for, he bought the house. No one could stop his plans now.



Emilio was put into a wheelchair after a dreadful accident when he was a teen. He needed regular medical care, often in his home.

He wished for his home to be as comfortable as possible, so it only made sense for him to do just as he wanted with his new house.

Favorite Color

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Emilio knew his neighbors were old-fashioned, so it was not an easy decision for him. His plans were most definitely going to bring attention.

His favorite color was an unusual choice to paint his home, and he was unsure how his neighbors would react.

Starting Small

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Emilio started with the back of his house first and started receiving startled looks when people passed by and saw he’d painted it pink.

There was soon worry amongst the neighbors and what they were to do about this attention-seeking color.


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It wasn’t long before the rest of Emilio’s house, every sing inch, was painted pink. His dream house was becoming a reality.

As excited as he was, his neighbors were getting upset and discussing what they could do about the situation. What could they do?


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Many were unbelieving that he had painted his whole house pink.

Many witnessed this peculiar house simply out of curiosity, but others had strong opinions and planned to do something about it while Emilio was unaware.


Enraged pensioner – a real grumpy old man

Eventually, Emilio started receiving threats and was told that he was “ruining” the neighborhood by an old neighbor in particular.

The young man worried for his safety, considering he lived alone, but art was part of his lifestyle, and he was used to people being upset with him.  However, he never thought that a pink house would be that upsetting.

Neighborhood Planning

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Eventually, there was a gathering in front of his house, and Emilio could hear them talking about his home. What was going to happen?

He made his way out to meet them in his wheelchair and overheard their planning to somehow deal with his pink house. He grew worried.


Tropical Weather

Some neighbors were really upset with the young artist. They even tried to call the police one time making up this weird fake reason about something that was going on inside his house. All to pressure him to paint his house a “normal” color. 

When Emilio saw the cops show up at his door, he thought they came to deal with the harassment he faced because he painted his house that way. He couldn’t be more wrong. They said someone called them about suspicious activity inside the pink house. The cops obviously didn’t find anything. 

Favorite Color

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When Emilio Rodriguez moved into the house, it sported a beige exterior that made it similar to the other homes in the neighborhood. 

However, now the house was much more unusual. It was not the light, creamy shade that you might expect. It was a very loud and intense Pesto-Bismol pink. This was the young artist’s favorite color, and it brought comfort to him. 

Going Even Further


Emilio became even more stubborn after his experience with his neighbors. His plans were very ambitious. 

Emilio was planning to paint even more areas of the property pink. He wanted to paint the driveways pink. And would get all the grass removed to install pink tile blocks. He would have pink spotlights on the trees and a pink car. He decided that he would even paint his wheelchair pink.


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His conflict with the neighbors and his decision to paint his entire house pink brought Emilio some local attention from the media. 

In an interview with KEYE, Emilio stated that his favorite color is pink, so he specifically looked for a house in a neighborhood without a Homeowner Association so that he could paint it that way. He said, “I love this house. I don’t know why people don’t like it,” Emilio told KEYE.


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Regarding the reaction of the neighbors to the nausea-inducing color, Emilio still didn’t seem to comprehend why anyone would object to it. 

In the end, he saw it as part of a cultural movement to “Keep Austin Weird.” Despite the neighbor’s finding the color disturbing, the young artist believed the paint had a soothing effect on him.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.