Goodness Gracious, These Hollywood Male Actors Over 40 Have Aged Like Fine Wine

Hollywood is full of beauty and glamour. No one is too ordinary to glam up, become stylish or get a banging body with the help of an elite trainer. So, it should come as no surprise that, sometimes, the longer a celebrity stays in the limelight – or red carpet, so to speak – the better they age. You know, like a fine, fine wine. Getting yummier and yummier as time goes on. We’re talking about male actors over 40. The ones who are either frozen in time or the ones who pull off gray hair like no one else.

That’s right, ladies and gents. Top 5 is here to pay respects (i.e., do a TON of ogling) at the men of Hollywood who keep getting better and better with age. So keep scrolling to see which male actors over 40 made our top 25 list.

25.) Cillian Murphy

male actors over 40 Cillian Murphy

Peaky Blinders

Age: 41

Birthdate: 5/25/76

Height: 5’9″

If you can’t place name to face, don’t worry. That’s probably how this Irish actor prefers it. He isn’t big on his celebrity status; he would rather let his work speak for itself.

That doesn’t mean you haven’t awed over his beauty in one of his many beloved movies. He’s had many large roles in movies like The Dark Knight trilogies, Inception and Dunkirk.

Sorry, Cillian. You may be humble, but you’re too pretty to avoid our spotlight!

24.) Michael Fassbender

male actors over 40 Michael Fassbender


Age: 41

Birthdate: 4/2/77

Height: 6’

The German-born Irish actor exudes charm in every role. He’s played everything from X-men’s Magneto to a hot robot in Prometheus to a sex addict in Shame.

If you are into passionate, exhilarating men with accents, Fassy is your man. He’s also got a wicked smile.

23.) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

male actors over 40 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Hugh Stewart / C for Men

Age: 47

Birthdate: 7/27/70

Height: 6’2″

Sir Jaime Lannister … er, Nikolaj. Sorry, but the Danish Game of Thrones actor wears armor like none before. The image of Nikolaj ready for battle, on a horse and in all seriousness is all too embedded in the minds of many.

He is also a screenwriter, producer and humanitarian with a heart of gold. All the more reasons to love him.

22.) Harrison Ford

male actors over 40 Harrison Ford

Joe Pugliese / Men’s Journal

Age: 75

Birthdate: 7/13/42

Height: 6′ 1″

Can you believe Harrison is 75 years old?? Neither can we. That’s partly the reason he’s on our list of male actors over 40, but Harrison has and always will be a heartthrob. He has either chosen sexy roles (Indiana Jones or Han Solo) or, more likely, made every role attractive with his own charm.

The Chicago-born actor turns 76 in July. We love you, Han! Keep doing you!

21.) Denzel Washington

male actors over 40 Denzel Washington


Age: 63

Birthdate: 12/28/54

Height: 6’11”

Denzel Washington has made such a name for himself as a stud that his name is synonymous with stud. It looks like the years have been treating the American actor right.

He most recently starred in Fences which helped win him a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. Who doesn’t love a man committed to excellence?