These 5 Makeup Artists Can Transform Themselves into Anything

Good makeup transformations can be mind-blowing. From going from drab to glam in no time or going from no sleep to a full 8 hours in a matter of minutes, or even mastering the “no-makeup-makeup” look, makeup transformation videos are truly exhilarating to watch. Whether you’re into simply enhancing your features or into super glam contouring looks, YouTube and Instagram are home to plenty of exciting videos that cater to whatever style of makeup you’re looking for.

Aside from the conventional style of makeup, there are some makeup artists that take their expertise a few steps further. Dramatic makeup transformations that convert you into another person or thing is no easy feat and there are some talented artists out there who are known for mastering this unique form of art. From celebrities to fictional movie characters to shocking body art, there are some creative people out there who truly put the art in makeup artist. Check out these five impressive makeup artists who can transform themselves into just about anything.

5.) NikkieTutorials

There’s no shame in throwing on a fun Snapchat filter and taking a selfie. It’s good fun and we’ve all done it. YouTube makeup artist NikkieTutorials takes that fun to the next level by posting fun makeup tutorialsrecreating some of our favorite snapchat filters to give you all of the makeup inspiration.

NikkieTutorials is a versatile MUA; she has videos ranging from the classic full-face glam looks to reviewing some of the most popular beauty brands and cool makeup transformations that you wouldn’t even think of. Think cartoon eyeliner videos and tons of music-video-inspired looks. She has an impressive army of over 9 million followers and rubs shoulders with plenty of other YouTube MUAs.