Find The Best Madrid Cafe For You Among These Freshly Brewed Picks

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a city constantly buzzing with life, where you can find a variety of bar and restaurant options on every corner. Spain was recently revealed to be the second-most visited country last year, attracting people from all around the world with its charm and effortless beauty. In the vibrant capital, Madrid offers everything under the sun: from museums, delicious tapas, tours, outdoor terraces, and premier art galleries. Home to a mix of modern and historic culture, it’s no surprise that tourists continue to flock here year after year. Certainly, the quintessential Madrid cafe adds to the city’s charms.

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Besides being known for its authentic Spanish cuisine and endless flow of Spanish wines, the specialty coffee scene has been popping up in every neighborhood: where both local and visiting coffee enthusiasts are gathering for a tasty and authentic Madrid cafe experience.

Surprisingly, this new wave of roasting goodness is only a recent trend stemming from the once-traditional cafes that dominated the Madrid scene. The coffee concept in Spain was a bit simple – a typical cafe con leche or cafe solo is perfect for socializing or a quick morning boost. But now, if you are one in search of a coffee lover’s dream, then look no further. The Madrid cafe scene has all that and more. Coffee enthusiasts have sought out and devoted themselves tocreating a dynamic takeover of the coffee concept in Madrid.

The combination of cozy atmosphere and the bold scent of freshly brewed richness you receive as soon as you enter the door make these following contenders the top 5 cafes that coffee lovers in Madrid absolutely must seek out!

5.) Toma Cafe

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A small but impressive spot located in the trendy neighborhood of Malasana, Toma Cafe’s slogan “Warriors Love Coffee” is known throughout the Madrid community.  It’s no secret that these guys have their coffee knowledge down pat. Having received recognition for their seasonal coffees and laid-back ambiance, this urban-style cafe never seems to disappoint. Popular among both locals and visitors, here you can enjoy an afternoon caffeine break while exploring the city.

In addition, Toma offers customers training workshops that range from learning the basics of a barista to mastering illusion and latte art. Recently, Toma opened a new location in Plaza Olavide, meaning more of the unique Toma experience for everyone while it continues to serve up those tasty hot and cold brews for fellow coffee lovers.

Address: 49, Calle de la Palma, 28004