This Low-Carb Ramen Is The Tastiest Way To Lose Weight

Posted 1 year ago

“I’ve literally had dreams about getting my protein intake from healthy food I really love. Who would have thought that food would turn out to be a packet of instant ramen?”

immi instant ramen is an instant sensation. So why are fitness fans flocking to join this growing community of loyalists?

This Low-Carb Ramen Is The Tastiest Way To Lose Weight

If you were asked to predict what form the next wave of quick, fitness-friendly meals would come in, you would have probably never guessed instant ramen.

If you grew up with it, you love it, but you know by now it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. If you discovered it in college…well, nothing you did in college was healthy, and instant ramen isn’t any different.


Except this instant ramen is different. It’s still just as delicious as the instant ramen you remember, but it’s actually healthy, filling, and ready to fuel an active lifestyle.


Not to be melodramatic, but Amanda was kind of losing her mind. “I’m an active woman. I’m a busy woman. I’m a woman who loves great food. I’m not saying I’m special – I think a lot of women are like me. But I could not for the life of me find a quick, dependable meal that helped me with my workouts and that I actually wanted to eat.”

Then a friend from work introduced her to immi. “I’ll never forget: it was Black Garlic Chicken. She was eating it on a Zoom call. I was like, okay, you’re a grown woman eating instant ramen. What’s up with that?

“She told me exactly what was up with that: how she’d found out about immi from Instagram, how she was shocked to find out how low-carb it was, how she kind of had a crush on one of the founders…

“Okay, this was a pretty informal work meeting. Don’t tell my boss. But the point is, I was intrigued. Then I tried it. It tasted great. It actually gave me energy. It was easy to make, which obviously is the whole point, but still, how could something this good be this easy? I was hooked for life.”

So what’s the story here? How is it that an instant ramen won over a workout warrior like Amanda – and thousands of other people just like her?

“I’m impressed with the nutrition. This is the highest protein and highest fiber ramen I could find!” – Jessica H.

It’s higher in protein than you ever thought an instant ramen could be

22 grams of protein is not what you find in your typical instant ramen. But that is what you’ll find in a serving of immi, whose protein value leaves other brands (and their 6-grams of protein) in the dust. Pre-workout, post-workout – either way, this is your new move.

It’s lower in calories than you could possibly hope for

At just 300 calories, it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to manage their body weight without sacrificing an ounce of taste. Because what’s the point of working out if your reward tastes like protein powder (because it is protein powder)?

It’s low-carb. Yes. This instant ramen is low-carb.

At just 5 grams of carbs per serving, immi is 85% lower than other instant ramens. Other instants help you keep living like you’re back in college. This keto-friendly ramen helps keep you lean.

“The seasoning is a perfect blend, and is not overly spicy or salty like the cheaper bargain brand competitors. If there was ever such a thing as perfect instant ramen noodles, it’s immi.” – Eric T.

It tastes freaking amazing

immi’s founders spent two years perfecting their product, fearlessly testing different versions on friends and family until they arrived at a perfect formulation featuring pumpkin seeds, wheat gluten, sustainable palm oil, and other all-vegan ingredients. Coming in Black Garlic “Chicken,” Tom Yum “Shrimp,” and Spicy “Beef,” you can think of immi as comfort food that makes your clothes fit more comfortably.

“I got the variety pack and was immediately blown away by the quality of the noodles and broth! This is definitely not your normal instant ramen.” – Jason M.

It really is instant

immi only takes seven minutes to make. That convenience is a lifesaver for anyone trying to balance an active, healthy lifestyle with work, play, family, and occasionally getting at least a little bit of sleep – because hey, you’re not 18 anymore, even though this instant ramen will make you feel like maybe you are.

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