This 3-Question Quiz Could Secure Your Small Business Thousands of Dollars

“I got a PPP loan, so I was shocked when I found out I also qualified for ERC. I assumed you only got one bite at the apple!”

This 3-Question Quiz Could Secure Your Small Business Thousands of Dollars

Small businesses all over America are discovering that securing your piece of the federal government’s $250 billion Employee Retention Credit pool is a no-brainer. How can an accounting firm help, and just how easy is that quiz?

Cal’s business had thrived through adversity before. “I run a fluid & air business in a state where the weather’s about as unpredictable as it gets. Draughts, ice storms, floods…No earthquakes, but otherwise, you name it, we got it, and we always come out on top.”

COVID was no different. Cal’s company figured out a way to stay the course without laying off employees – success he thought would make him ineligible for an ERC grant. “And I was fine with that,” he says. “I still have a business. My people still have jobs. What else could you ask for? But my wife did a little digging and convinced me to talk to someone.”

Cal answered a few quick questions online and immediately got on the phone with a well-informed rep from an established financial firm that specializes in getting government refunds for thousands of clients. He realized that despite coming out of COVID okay – and despite receiving PPP money – he could still qualify for ERC. “The advisor at the firm I ended up working with put it this way: ‘You did a good thing. Why shouldn’t that be rewarded?’ There are times when you’re glad you don’t have an answer. That was one of them.”


So what’s the story here? Can a 3-question quiz really set you on a course for a financial windfall? And can you really avoid the risks and complications some people associate with the ERC credit?

We spoke to some of the best financial firms out there. All of them have 10 or more years experience in getting small businesses money from the government, and all of them are currently working tirelessly to get those same businesses a grant from the massive ERC pool. Here’s what they had to say:

“How fast did I finish that quiz? I can honestly say I’ve taken more time to eat a chicken nugget.” – Carrie, office supply entrepreneur

Yes, taking the quiz really is that easy

It’s not just that it’s only three questions. It’s that the questions are all no-brainers. The question that’ll take the longest? The one that lays out around 15 setbacks you might have experienced, from a change in job roles to a change in business hours. But here’s the thing: if you experienced even one of them, you prequalify – and if you were in business in 2020-2021, you definitely experienced at least one of them.

“I paid nothing on the front end, and got more than I could have possibly expected on the back end, in terms of both service and payout. Man, I’m glad I did it.” – Lawrence, property maintenance services


There’s no risk

A legitimate firm (and again, we only talked to legitimate firms) won’t charge you unless they get you money from the government. If they’re successful, they’ll take a reasonable commission, which, after you learn everything they do for you, will sound more than fair.

“Have you ever not been nervous when you’re dealing with an amended tax return? Well, my firm made me not nervous at all. That was definitely a first.” – Ralph, retail store owner

They will make sure your filing is airtight

Hand them your documentation, and they will pour over it, ensuring that not only do you get the most money possible, you’re also filing the most accurate claim possible, so in the event you ever get audited, you’ll have all your ducks in a row as well as an experienced team fully at your back.

“Come at me.” – Claudia, creative studio founder

If you are audited, they’ve got you covered

How do you know a firm is good at what it does? If it prepares you a 25-35 page Audit Protection Package, rigorously researched to make sure your claim is 100% defensible if anyone questions it.

“I wasn’t planning on getting anything at first. Then I thought, okay, April would be a miracle. The funds arrived in February.” – Terrence, digital COO

They’ll get you your money fast

These firms have been dealing with the IRS since at least 2013, which at this point feels like a century ago. The standard of perfection they apply to your claim smooths out the process, and their battle-tested compliance departments can get status updates quickly and regularly, freeing you up to figure out what you’ll do with your money. Which, by the way, is a grant, not a loan – meaning it’s yours to use as you see fit.

Already have some ideas on how that money could help make your business even stronger? Take the 3-question quiz now.