Is Your Showerhead The Key To Shinier, Healthier Hair?

“Jolie has been my saving grace. I’ve stopped buying expensive treatments and oils to remedy my dull hair, and it’s all thanks to this tiny little filter. I will never go back to regular water. Thank you.”

Is Your Showerhead The Key To Shinier, Healthier Hair?

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead has been racking up 5-star reviews like Serena Williams racks up Grand Slam titles. So why is Jolie changing peoples’ entire philosophy of haircare?

Maybe you’ve never considered your showerhead an integral part of your hair-care rituals. With its brilliant design and mesmerizing aesthetics, Jolie will quickly become “Step Zero” in your daily regimen.

So what does Jolie do? Put simply, it solves a problem you never knew you had – hair-assaulting chlorine and heavy metals in your shower water – and it does it better than any other product on the market.

“There’s truly nothing better than a product that actually delivers on its claims (insert clap emoji here).” – Pure Wow

Here’s all you need to know about this stylish game-changer.


Last winter, Pamela’s hair had been in a crisis. “My hair had been getting progressively more dry and brittle. It had been breaking off. I tried to combat it with quality, salon-grade damage repair shampoo & conditioner – and hair oil – and it still continued to break off. It was rough!”

Pamela needed another plan, but her options were limited. “I live in an apartment. I needed a water solution that would work without any major modifications. I researched many different options, and landed on Jolie.” At first, she was skeptical. “I fully expected to be disappointed. I thought I would want to return it. I was wrong.”

Pamela was won over by Jolie right away. “On the first day, I used about half as much conditioner as I’d been previously using. My hair felt entirely different, in the best way possible. I was shocked.” With her own hair already noticeably shinier and healthier, she felt compelled to spread the word. “I immediately began sharing Jolie with friends. I don’t often write product reviews, but I couldn’t wait to log on to share my positive experience with this one. So far, the best purchase of 2023.”

Pamela is not alone. There are thousands of Jolie converts out there who never imagined the difference one thoughtfully conceived upgrade could make. Here’s why.

Chlorine is a killer. Jolie neutralizes it.

Chlorine kills bacteria. We don’t want bacteria in our bathwater. So, thank you chlorine! But once chlorine’s done its job, we don’t want it in our bathwater either. Why? Because chlorine robs your hair of its natural oils, dulling your hair, changing its color, and making it more brittle and porous, making the shaft susceptible to the infiltration that causes even more dryness and frizziness, especially in curly hair. Install Jolie, and it will render that chlorine harmless.

“My hair feels so soft and healthy! Even my boyfriend told me his hair has never felt better!” – Amanda O.

In fact, Jolie filters out more chlorine than any product on the market

NSF177. That’s not a horribly named industrial dance music band. It’s the authority on water filtration, and it sets its benchmark standard for chlorine removal at 50%. Thanks to its best-in-class KDF-55 filter composed of high-purity copper and zinc shavings, Jolie removes 85% of the chlorine in your water. That’s enough to make you want to dance.

It stops heavy metals too

Lead. Arsenic. Mercury. Chromium. All of these can contribute to hair thinning, hair loss, and tangling, mess with color treatments, and cause discoloration. Jolie is just as effective at stopping these heavy metals (which can be far more prevalent in your water than you think) as it is at stopping chlorine. Bonus: heavy metals also tend to leave residue. So Jolie doesn’t only make your hair shinier, it also makes your shower shinier.

“There’s no interruption to my water pressure. It’s a true win-win! Honestly, Jolie is a shower saver.” – Leah F.

It does all this without sacrificing water pressure

Some overly complicated filters can suffer from pressure lags and clogs. Jolie uses Calcium Sulfite balls to remove the neutralized material, preventing the buildup that can reduce your once-mighty pressure to a mere trickle.


First, you’ll notice the overall minimalist design, which is available in several different subtly stunning colors. But climb in and look up, and you’ll notice a familiar dot pattern, modeled after the Fibonacci sequence – the same pattern found in natural wonders from the sunflower to the nautilus shell.

Whether you’re intrigued by the science or the aesthetics, there’s no risk in trying it out. Use it for 60 days, and if you don’t love it, you can get your money back. Apparently, Jolie filters out 100% of buyer’s remorse – how’s that for best-in-class?


Free returns within 60 days of purchase

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