How Does This “Power Couple” Make Your Skin Unstoppable?

In just 5 years, AAVRANI has established itself as the embodiment of the American dream. Built on a foundation of time-honored tradition, personal history, and innovative science, the company has put its unique vision in the service of one goal: make women feel beautiful, inside and out. Now AAVRANI has outdone itself, with the Pore Perfecting Power Couple. Below, learn more about this two-product set, and how it will make you a convert for life.

Meet the team:

Healing Rose Clay Mask

Step one of your new favorite ritual: a powerful healing mask that draws out impurities, restores damaged skin, and improves skin elasticity. Saffron, Pomegranate, Rose Clay, Rose Water, and Pure Rose Oil sets you up for self-care success.

Balance Restoring Serum

Step two to a brand-new you: a gentle, alcohol-free toning serum that clarifies the skin, removes toxins, minimizes the appearance of pores and dark spots, and restores your natural moisture barrier with ancient Ayurvedic ingredients.

Find out why this is such an effective combo:

1. The Two Were Formulated to Work Hand-in-Hand Together

We won’t get into the details of how Healing Rose Clay Mask and Balance Restoring Serum – the two products in this priceless pairing – met each other. We’ll just say that not only was it love at first sight, these two products truly respect each other, playing off each other’s strengths and doing everything they can to make their partner even better. And as a result, thanks to the Power Couple’s carefully calibrated formulation, the two work together towards pore shrinking, balancing, and detoxifying. Looks like the beneficiary of that perfect romance is you.

2. They Restore Your Damaged Skin

Healing Rose Clay Mask can bring back the real you in as little as five minutes. Its trio of key ingredients draw deeply from Ayurvedic traditions: Saffron (for cell turnover to brighten the complexion), Pomegranate (regenerates & protects the epidermis, reduces pore appearance), and Rose Water (hydrates, revitalizes, and regenerates skin tissues to stop fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks).

3. They soothe irritated and sensitive skin

The Healing Rose Clay Mask has literally been kissed by a rose. 600 distilled rose petals, actually. That’s what you’ll find in every container. The specially sourced Bulgarian Rose Oil soothes irritated, sensitive skin, and has been scientifically proven to reduce rosacea (the one kind of rose you don’t want).

4. They Minimize the Appearance of Pores & Dark Spots

Step two, Balance Restoring Serum, internally cleanses your skin, treats toxins like the unwanted guests they are, and minimizes the appearance of pores and dark spots, turning them from scene stealers to mere extras in the movie of your life. The Serum’s restoration of your natural moisture barrier helps your skin stay hydrated, so you can always look and feel like the star that you are.

5. They Calm You Down

Not only does the Serum clarify the skin, it also calms it. Its key combo of Tea Tree Oil, Cucumber Extract, and Chamomile Flowers handle everything from combatting blemishes and evening skin tone, to soothing puffy skin, to fighting free radicals.

6. They Give You a Gift

How many couples actually give you a gift, instead of the other way around? This one does: a free mask applicator that saves you from using your hands and spreading bacteria and germs. Plus, Aavrani gives you free samples with every order.

7. They Were Married by Science

The rigorous testing that went into this marriage resulted in 99% of survey respondents experiencing a reduced appearance of pores, and 98% experiencing reduced redness. That is one hell of a wedding reception.

8. They Are Kind

This couple is kind to your wallet: it’s only $85 for the set, and an introduction to a ritual you’ll want to practice the rest of your life. And it’s kind to the world: it’s made without animal cruelty, and 2% of AAVRANI’s annual proceeds go to support young women’s education in India – because the most formidable power couple is women and knowledge.

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