Here’s Why You’ll Never Have To Pass On Ramen Again

Posted 2 years ago

In January 2021, two food-industry disruptors launched a near-miraculous New Year’s resolution empowerer: a healthy instant ramen. Finally, people with fond memories of ramen from their childhood or college years could indulge their nostalgia while staying focused on their fitness and long-term health.

Here's Why You'll Never Have To Pass On Ramen Again

Here’s what “the Kevins” (co-founders Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan) had to say about their revolutionary product:

“Everybody loves a bowl of instant ramen—but it always made us feel so guilty afterwards. And it should have. Traditional instant ramen just isn’t good for you. It causes heart disease and diabetes, something we’ve experienced in our own families.

That was a hard realization for us to come to. We grew up working alongside our families in the markets of Taiwan and Thailand, where making (and eating) noodles was a part of our everyday lives.

As adults, we searched for an instant ramen that had the same addictive, comforting quality as the packets of huge flavor – and huge carbs – from our childhood, but that could actually fuel us through our days. Our search led us to nothing. So we decided to do something about it.

For 2 years, we experimented to invent a healthier instant ramen inspired by our nostalgia for flavor-packed childhood favorites, upgraded for our modern lifestyles. We tried ingredient after ingredient, trying to perfect a recipe that captured warm memories while sustaining our well-being. We succeeded because we weren’t afraid to fail.”

#1 It’s low carb

Each serving of the slurpable sensation has 85% less carbs than traditional instant ramen. Steeped in iterative thinking from their tech backgrounds, the Kevins went through version after version until they were able to replicate instant ramen’s beloved texture but with only 5-6 net carbs per packet.

#2 It has over 20 grams of protein

Could you add a hard-boiled egg or diced ham to round out a bowl of immi? Sure! Do you have to do that just to ensure your meal packs enough protein to sustain you? Absolutely not. That’s because, at about 21 grams per packet, immi has 3.5x more protein than traditional instant ramen – which, let’s face it, isn’t so much a meal as a delicious snack you ate in college just to say you ate something.

#3 It’s plant-based, believe it or not

immi’s protein secret? Wheat gluten and micronutrient-rich pumpkin seeds, whose nutritional value has been prized since their earliest known dietary use in the Oaxacan Highlands over 7500 years ago. Add to that sustainable palm oil and wheat extract, and you’ve got the most satisfying vegan meal on the market… instantly.

#4 It’s sooooo much lower in sodium

Or, to be more precise, it’s 50% lower in sodium than traditional instant ramen, a salt-saturated coma inducer that can leave you desperate for water, uncomfortably bloated, and – being mostly refined carbs – still hungry after eating.

#5 It’s got the fiber you and your gut deserve

The typical serving of instant ramen contains 6% of your daily recommended fiber. One serving of immi contains 50% of your daily fiber requirements – giving you the healthy gut you need to help you regulate your metabolism, manage your weight, and even reduce your stress levels. Though now that you know you can get a legitimately filling, healthy meal from a bowl of ramen, how stressful could your life possibly be?

A product this game-changing is bound to get folks talking. Here’s just a taste of what real people are saying:

“These are the best low carb alternative ramen I’ve ever had!!! Since starting keto I’ve been bummed about not having ramen or noodles that actually taste good but these are absolutely delicious!!!” – Mallory S.

“Imagine my excitement to find out that they didn’t spike my blood glucose hardly at all. I now use them for pasta replacement when we have spaghetti night and as delicious ramen meals! So versatile. So grateful!! Thank you!!” – Colleen B.

“At first I was a little thrown off by the price, but given the nutrition benefit, I decided to give them a try. I got the variety pack and was immediately blown away by the quality of the noodles and broth! This is definitely not your normal instant ramen – highly recommend giving these noodles a try.” – Mason M.

“Ramen is one of my favorite on-the-go meals so I was thrilled to finally find a nutritious and delicious alternative to the existing options.” – Kygo

So what’s actually in immi that has chart-topping DJ sensation Kygo singing its praises? Here’s a look at the key ingredients:

  • Pumpkin Seed Protein: High in fiber. Loaded with antioxidants and micronutrients like manganese, magnesium, and Kygo’s favorite vitamin, K.
  • Wheat Gluten: The primary protein found in wheat. immi’s non-GMO wheat gluten is what gives the noodles that memory-triggering chewy texture.
  • Food Starch Modified: A fiber-forward starch that works like a personal trainer for your gut.
  • Sustainable Palm Oil: This adds richness to the soups in a way that’s healthy for you, and the planet.
  • Non-GMO Wheat: For smooth, slurpable noodles.
  • Yeast Extract: YE brings the Vitamin B. Just as importantly, it gives immi umami – the savoriness that makes food worth eating, and life worth living.

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