Employee Retention Credit Grants Are a Goldmine for Small Businesses. So Why Haven’t You Claimed Yours?

“I thought there was no chance my business would be eligible. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.”

Employee Retention Credit Grants Are a Goldmine for Small Businesses. So Why Haven’t You Claimed Yours?

The Employee Retention Credit program is rewarding small businesses all over America. That even includes businesses that already received PPP loans – and because the ERC is a grant, not a loan, you don’t have to pay it back.

Finding out if you’re eligible for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars is as easy as taking a 3-question quiz. So why have thousands of small business owners, CEOs, and COOs been pleasantly surprised by just how simple the process can be?

You might know about the government’s $250 billion ERC grant program, designed to reward small businesses for doing the right thing during COVID. What you might not realize is that, with the help of an experienced financial consulting firm, you can claim your slice of that massive pie quickly, with minimal risk and zero hassle.

Take this quiz to see if you pre-qualify ➤➤



“I run a catering business,” says the entrepreneur, a culinary school grad who started his company in 2012. “Obviously, going from elaborate, 120-guest weddings to a few people gathered in a park was a shock to our business. But we pivoted into home-cooking kits, and ended up doing surprisingly well. Most importantly, I didn’t have to fire anyone.”

“The firm I worked with handled everything. My amended filings were practically works of art. To anyone who’s not sure if they should file a claim, my response would be, ‘It’s found money. If you saw it in the street, you would pick it up. This is the same thing, just with more paperwork – PAPERWORK THAT SOMEONE ELSE DOES FOR YOU.’” – Kenny, mechanical contractor

So how does the ERC grant work?

1 — Start with that 3-question quiz

Seriously, you’ll finish it faster than you can say “Employee Retention Credit.” One of the questions will lay out around 15 setbacks that could qualify you for the grant, from “shutdowns in your supply chain or vendors” to “a disruption in your business” to “lack of group meetings.” If you experienced just one, you prequalify, even if it’s the good one (who likes group meetings?).

2 — Have a quick conversation

The second you finish your quiz a calendar will pop up allowing you to schedule a ten-minute consultation with a financial professional, who’ll answer questions like, “And you’re sure I still qualify even if I got PPP?” (answer: yes.)

3 — Let your firm prepare your filing

Give them some basic data, and a team that’s worked on government credits for thousands of clients will put together a rigorously comprehensive filing. In the unlikely event you’re ever audited, you’ll be protected: your firm also provides you with a 25-35 page Audit Protection Report that lays out in detail exactly how you did everything right. Also, keep in mind: none of this costs you any money. Your firm only gets paid if you get paid, and if the firm’s legit, the percentage will be low.

4 — Wait (it’s very quick)

An experienced firm will have a compliance department that’s been dealing with the IRS since well before COVID was a thing. The accuracy of your filing, combined with their existing relationships, means you should receive your claim in months not years – far less time than it takes for people attempting to navigate the system on their own.

5 — Spend your money however you see fit

Again, the ERC is a grant, not a loan. Not only do you not have to pay it back, you also don’t have to worry about extensive restrictions. This is the payroll tax money that you’ve already paid the government. Consider it a no-strings-attached reward for keeping people employed when others might not have. If that sounds about as good as it gets to you, take your 3-question quiz now.