Could The Best-Kept Secret In Hair- & Skincare Be A Showerhead?

“Within a week, I began to notice that my skin felt softer coming straight out of the shower than it ever has before… I also have curly hair which is naturally on the drier side, and like my skin, it’s now a completely different beast.” – Fashionista

No matter how dedicated you are to modern hair and skin rituals, you might still be overlooking one critical source of damage and irritation: your shower, which is literally… showering you with chlorine and heavy metals every time you turn the handle.

Fortunately, one ingenious solution is turning the tide against the biggest problem we didn’t know we had: the Jolie Filtered Showerhead, a stylish, easily installed wonder that has been written about everywhere and removes 85% of chlorine, plus heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, and chromium. Here’s why it will ensure the hard work you’re already doing will pay off:

1. Jolie preserves your hair’s natural oils

You’d never think of washing your hair in a swimming pool. While the chlorine concentration in your shower isn’t quite that intense, it’s significant enough to strip your hair of oils, leaving it dry, brittle, prone to changing colors, and overly porous, leading to even more dryness and unwanted frizziness. Jolie’s filter renders chlorine harmless, removing 35% more than the filter industry standard using best-in-class levels of KDF-55 (ultra-pure zinc and copper shavings, “the Ferrari of water-filtration media”).

2. It’s especially valuable for curly hair

The issues chlorine causes are magnified with curly hair, whose wide open cuticles serve as an open invitation for oxidizing agents to invade your follicles’ shafts and dry them out. We all know that curly hair is a blessing when it’s healthy, and a hassle when it’s not. Jolie will help you keep yours in top condition, effortlessly.

3. It will help you keep your hair, whether it’s curly or straight

Hair metal is fine if it’s on a party playlist – after all, who are we to deny the rallying power of “Living on a Prayer.” But when it comes to metal in your hair, that’s a problem. Why? Because heavy metals like mercury and arsenic can contribute to hair loss. As pure as we think our water might be, those impurities do find their way in – but Jolie will neutralize them on the spot.

4. It’s just as effective in protecting your skin

The chlorine concentration in tap water might be “safe” for internal organs, but for your largest organ – your skin – it’s high enough to wreak havoc. No matter what kind of skin you have, having chlorine pour through pores opened by warm water will leave it dry, cracked, and prone to premature aging. Jolie’s peerless capacity to prevent this chemical infiltration is one reason its designers call it “Step Zero” in any self-care routine.

5. It’s even more invaluable for sensitive skin

One of Jolie’s founders was inspired by his own issues with dry, sensitive skin. Chlorine can make conditions like dermatitis worse, while metals like chromium can trigger allergies that lead to scaling, swelling, and other symptoms. Acne, dryness, hives, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, redness, skin burns, random breakouts, accelerated aging… All are problems that unfiltered shower water can cause, and all are problems you can avoid if you have a Jolie.

6. It’s actually great for showering

Some filters can cause lag and buildup, reducing water pressure and generally making your shower less enjoyable as a place to relax, rejuvenate, and, of course, listen to true crime podcasts. Jolie is designed to never lag, and its proprietary composition features Calcium Sulfite balls, which remove the neutralized chlorine, keeping the stream flowing uninhibited.

7. It’s the smartest, safest money you’ll ever spend

Women spend an average of $3800 a year on beauty-related products and services. Men spend $2900. That money is worth it, if you don’t allow your shower to devalue the investment you’ve made in yourself. Jolie will protect your investment. And if you’re not happy with the results after 60 days, you can get your money back, a guarantee that filters out the ultimate irritation: buying a product you don’t absolutely love.


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