7 reasons this moisturizing hydra-cream is the next self-care sensation

If you thought a moisturizer couldn’t be nourishing, plumping, and ultra-hydrating without ever being greasy, think again. Aavrani, the brand famous for its marriage of Ayurvedic beauty secrets and modern science, has released Moisturizing Hydra-Cream, and it’s changing the skincare game. Read on to find out why converts are saying, “You can’t ask for more.”

1. It’s oil-free

If you have dry skin, this product will make it feel rich and nourished. If you have oily skin, this intensely researched, water-based formulation will deeply moisturize without adding any greasiness, by harnessing the power of humectants to attract and preserve moisture.

2. It’s exceptionally light

Moisturizing Hydra-Cream is light enough to layer under makeup. Because it’s plant-based rather than silicon-based, you won’t get any pilling, either. And together with sunscreen, it’s perfect for those dehydrating days of summer. You can enjoy the sun, without worrying that it’s going to steal any moisture from your now-enhanced skin.

3. Its hydration is deep

One key ingredient of Moisturizing Hydra-Cream: tamarind seeds. Long used in Ayurvedic practices, these seeds can produce deep hydration, and work wonders in preventing water loss. When it comes to plumping, tamarind seeds have no peer.

4. Its healing is powerful

Lychee, which you might know from your favorite bar’s cocktail menu, has an even more beneficial use than adding tart sweetness to martinis. The superfruit is rich in antioxidants that heal and hydrate the skin, while protecting against the harmful effects of UV rays.

5. It contains a “miracle”

The Miracle Tree. The Tree of Life. Nature’s Medicine Cabinet. Those are all popular names for the moringa tree, whose leaves – the third key ingredient in Moisturizing Hydra-Cream – contain absurd levels of antioxidants, making them enormously effective in fighting the free radicals that cause cellular aging. (The moringa is also known as “The Drumstick Tree” for its long, slender pods, but that nickname doesn’t exactly conjure images of the loveliness its leaves can impart.)

6. It smells nice

The moringa leaves give off a delicate fruity scent that will begin to transport you to a blissful headspace as soon as you open the bottle. No scented candle? No worries, Hydra-Cream provides all the olfactory ambience you need.

7. It deeply nourishes your soul

After a stint in the finance world, founder Rooshy Roy started Aavrani as a way to reconnect with her Indian roots. By applying scientific rigor to beauty recipes handed down to her as a child by her grandmothers, she sought to bring balance to every aspect of who she was as a person – harmony she hopes she can inspire in everyone who uses Aavrani.

Moisturizing Hydra-Cream

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