7 Reasons This Clay Mask Will Change The Way You Think About Beauty

What do you get when you combine one of the world’s most ancient holistic medicine philosophies with cutting-edge beauty science, then add 600 distilled rose petals? Aavrani’s Healing Rose Clay Mask. Read on to find out how you can experience “Luxury in a bottle” for just $5.

1. It’s a skin-restoring triple play

Drawn from Ayurvedic practices that stretch back thousands of years, the mask’s three key ingredients work together to dramatically revive natural luster. Saffron, the prized flower that can only be harvested two weeks a year, stimulates cell turnover for a brighter complexion. Pomegranate (or dadima) regenerates and protects the epidermis while reducing pore appearance. Rose Water, an arch-enemy of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates, revitalizes, and regenerates skin tissues.

2. Its effectiveness is proven by science

Aavrani was inspired by traditions passed down to founder Rooshy Roy by her grandmothers. What sets the brand apart is Roy’s brilliant marriage of those time-honored holistic practices with modern science. The numbers don’t lie: in a trial, 100% felt softer skin after using the mask, 94% experienced brighter, more radiant skin, and 97% felt soothed skin.

3. It’s especially kind to sensitive skin

Every container of Healing Rose Clay Mask contains Bulgarian Rose Oil distilled from 600 petals of rosa damascena, a rare, emollient wonder that suffuses sensitive skin with moisture, reduces redness and inflammation, and, thanks to antiseptic and astringent elements, even combats acne.

4. It’s also kind to animals

The practice of ahimsa – nonviolence – is central to Ayurvedic principles. That means no animal testing for any Aavrani products, including the Healing Rose Clay Mask, which, like all Aavrani products, is also vegan.

5. It’s for everyone

Buying a product that’s great for someone else is not the best way to enhance your skincare regimen. That’s not an issue here. No matter what kind of skin you have – oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, younger, older, dull, or marked by dark spots –this universal self-care formula will work for you.

6. It fits your schedule, and your needs

If you assumed that a ritual that transported you through centuries of history all the way back to the origins of the journey to self-love would be time-consuming, think again. Each session only takes five minutes, and you can also use Healing Rose Clay Mask as a spot treatment for blemishes, as a pre-shower body mask, or to control t-zone oil imbalances.

7. It’s $5

Right now, you can get a sample of Healing Rose Clay Mask just by paying $5 for shipping (the sample is free). Four sessions of brightening, detoxifying, healing – acquiring “luxury in a bottle” doesn’t get any easier.

$5 sample

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