7 Reasons Small Businesses Should Determine Their Eligibility for Employee Retention Credit Grants Today

As a small business CEO, COO, or CFO, there’s one rule you know better than any other: claim every single dime you’re eligible for. But despite the federal government making 250 billion dollars available to small businesses through the Employee Retention Credit program, the vast majority of eligible businesses have left that money sitting on the table.

Maybe you think you’re not eligible – but you probably are. Maybe you think filing’s too complicated or risky – but it’s definitely not. Here’s why you should take this 45-second quiz to determine your eligibility now, before the grant pool is fully claimed:

1. The process is lightning fast — just answer 3 questions.

We’ve assembled a team of best-in-class firms who can help determine your eligibility via a prequalifying quiz that consists of – wait for it – three questions. Answer those, and you can be on the phone with a specialist whose firm has processed thousands of claims almost immediately. That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.

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2. You almost definitely pre-qualify

Your quiz will lay out around 15 different scenarios, from revenue reduction, to change in business hours, to an inability to travel. If you suffered from any of the events on the list, your business could be eligible for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. Which sounds like a lot, but 2020-2021 was a lot. If you did the right thing and retained employees, you deserve a lot.

Oh, and another thing: even if you got a PPP loan, you could still qualify for an ERC credit. Many people don’t realize that. But you do.

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3. There’s no financial risk in finding out — commission-only.

A serious firm won’t charge you money unless they get you money. And if they do get you money, they’ll only take a reasonable commission. These aren’t fly-by-night enterprises. They’re established financial consulting firms with at least 10 years experience in clawing back money from the government – far longer than the ERC program has been around.

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4. Your filing with be comprehensively examined and dead-on accurate

Your service agreement will include an Audit Protection Package that’s typically around 25-35 pages. That thoroughness ensures that your claim is precise and in the unlikely event you’re ever audited, you’ll be well-protected, with a deeply experienced team there to support you.

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5. You’ll be protected against extra scrutiny

In the unlikely event you are audited, the thorough documentation and analysis applied to your case before filing will ensure your claim is fully defensible. And you won’t have to defend it alone: your firm will be there to help you through the process. Again, these are pros. This is what they do.

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6. You’ll get your money faster

An established, diligent firm will have a compliance department that’s been dealing with the IRS for over a decade. By setting you up for success, they’ll eliminate any hiccups that could delay your payout. And because of their existing relationships, they’re also able to check on the status of your claim with ease. So not only will you get your money faster, they’ll save you invaluable time while you’re waiting for it, dealing with the government so you can deal with your business.

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7. Once you get your money, it’s your money

This isn’t a loan. It’s a refund on payroll taxes that you already paid, designed to reward you for keeping people employed while other businesses chose a more expedient path. Once you get it, it’s yours to do with as you see fit – and as a business owner, no one knows how better to use it than you. Again, the rule is: get every dime you’re eligible for. There are two trillion, five hundred billion dimes out there right now. Go get yours today.

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