Loopy Comedy: Top 5 GIFs

GIFs are scorching hot right now. So much so that the word “GIF” was chosen as the word of the year by Oxford American Dictionaries, beating out other worthy candidates like “YOLO” and “Super PAC.” (Man, any teenagers who read this in 20 years will be totally lost.) A much older format than people realize, GIFs rang in their 25th birthday this year in style. Seemingly anything and everything can and has been turned into a GIF, so that we can laugh our asses off. And since these lovable looping animations are making the rounds on humor sites and Facebook feeds, we thought it was time for us to jump on the bandwagon. Without further ado, we give you the list of our Top 5 GIFs!

5 Did That Cat Just See Someone That He Owes Money To?

Image Credit: Awesomegifs.com

Or maybe it was your mama’s greasy face! OH! Whatever got this guy got him good. He forgot how a freaking cat is supposed to walk around. And why does it look like there’s a wire holding up his ribcage? If we’re being faked out here, we’ll be really peeved. Hopefully, this cat was just trying to gallop because he thought he was a horse for a moment. Hey, people do strange things when your ugly mama sneaks up on them.

4 These Two Guys Obviously Like Exploring Strange New Trends in Coziness.

Image Credit: Cheezburger.com

This might be nice if a chilly lady wanted to get so intimate with you. When it’s your roommate, though, you might not want to share a bathroom anymore. This GIF is all about camaraderie, and inspires us to grow closer to our fellow man. As an added bonus, it’s nice to see that Urkel isn’t dead, and that he hasn’t bought new clothes since “Family Matters” ended about 15 years ago.

3 What’s Better Than “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”?

Image Credit: Gifbin.com

Not much, except maybe sex and racecars. Suffice it to say that this GIF was right up all of our alleys. Yes, we’re smitten by Kitten Mittens! The only sucky part is that the cat is clearly not willing to make any sacrifices for the cause of humor — or maybe that’s the funny part. Cruelty to animals, yay! Charlie’s amazed expression throughout is the cherry on top of this awesome sundae.

2 There’s So Much Right About This GIF

Image Credit: Awesomegifs.com

First of all, both of these dudes are still using chatroulette — which means they have a surprising resiliency to seeing other guys masturbating. The trap is so good, though. I mean, you can see the smile on the guy’s face because he thinks he’s hit the chatroulette jackpot: a female willing to show you parts of her body. How long was that other guy wearing that bra before he finally caught his unsuspecting victim? In his defense, his hips don’t lie.

1 We’ve Never Seen Such Style and Panache Come from a Woolen Pack Animal.

Image Credit: Gifstache.com

But now we can’t see them any other way. For whatever reason, this seems appropriate for the music video to any disco song. Or maybe just “The Emperor’s New Groove.” Either way, strut your stuff, Llama Mama! This llama is indeed fabulous, and we can’t resist. You can’t argue with sass like that even if you wanted to.

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