The Ultimate London Late Night Eats That’ll Revive You After a Big Night Out

London has been viewed as one of the most lively cities in the world. And while it’s known for the history, fashion and royal family, the English capital is also a great place to get your drink on. And after downing pints or gin and tonics for hours, you’ll want to grab some London late night eats. Unfortunately, London’s restaurants and cafes have been known to close on the early side of midnight.


So even though your stomach may be rumbling, it might be a little difficult to find places that’ll serve you a little something to hold you over on the way home. But as more pubs and clubs have been staying open later, there are no more food establishments that are starting to follow suit. And yes, there are some mom-and-pop shops that serve you some quick curry chips (fries smothered in curry sauce) or a bacon butty (a bacon sandwich on a buttered roll). But sometimes you want a place to unwind and eat your drunkenness away.


Not to worry, we found five great food spots that will let you eat to your heart’s content till the wee hours of the morning. Find out more about these London late night eats and how to get them into your tummy.



5.) Balans


After a night out, some people like to go straight to a diner to unwind and end their night with breakfast. And although the 24-hour diner has been a longtime American concept, Balans has taken the idea to another level. The Soho restaurant combines the warmth of comfort food with a classy lounge setting. Regardless of what time you decide to show up, Balans is ready for you. But as far as late night eats are concerned, their “Night” menu has all the fixins for every palate. You can go all the way with a red curry or The Infamous Balans Burger with twice-cooked fries. Or you can have something lighter like Korean BBW chicken wings or a black bean tostada.


However, if you’re craving breakfast options, you can order anything from a stack of fluffy pancakes with bacon, bananas or berries with warm maple butter or the more traditional full English breakfast. More importantly, the last call times at Balans are pretty extensive — 6 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, 5 a.m. on Monday through Thursday and 2 a.m. on Sunday. Balans guarantees that you’ll never go hungry.


Balans, 60 – 62 Old Compton St., London W1D 4UGTube stop: Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square