Locked In: Today’s Most Accurate NFL Passers

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A quarterback could have a cannon arm, athletic versatility, and a dramatic flair, but if he can’t throw the ball on target, he won’t keep his job for long. Accuracy is arguably more crucial to becoming a top-tier QB than any other attribute, and you won’t often hear a guy discussed among the best if he can’t seem to put the pigskin on the mark.

As it happens, we’re in the midst of an era of extreme accuracy: Today’s NFL is home to some of the most precise passers in the history of the league.

5 Matt Shaub

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64.3% CP, 2,823 Att

Perhaps another surprising name to pop up on this list, Matt Shaub has been below the radar of a lot of fans due to his troubles with injury. When healthy, Shaub has actually been putting the ball on the mark with the best of them. In fact, back in 2009, Shaub led the league in completions, pass attempts, and yards, all while throwing for a career-best 67.9-percent completion rate, and rightfully earning his first trip to the Pro Bowl. As a starter, Shaub has transformed the Texans into perennial playoff contenders, and placed himself in the conversation among the league’s best.

4 Tony Romo

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64.7% CP, 3,240 Att

While he is associated by many with slipping up in crucial moments, the criticism of Tony Romo may be more unjustified than his dissenters realize. He’s not a name you’d expect to see on this list, but the fact of the matter is, when Tony Romo lets it rip, he is actually an extremely effective passer. Romo has never thrown for less than 61.3 percent as a starter in Dallas, and he actually has a similar career interception percentage as guys like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees (2.8). His consistency hasn’t gone entirely unnoticed, as he’s made three Pro Bowls since becoming a starter in 2006.

3 Peyton Manning

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65.2% CP, 7,793 Att

One possible explanation for his numbers would have to be that Peyton Manning simply isn’t human. Having thrown more than any other quarterback on list by a whopping margin of nearly 1,600 passes, Manning’s accuracy never seems to diminish regardless of age or number of attempts. In fact, Manning led the entire league in completion percentage in 2012, at the age of 36. His remarkable consistency has been duly rewarded, as Manning has won the MVP four times and has only missed the Pro Bowl twice over the course of his 14-year career.

2 Drew Brees

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65.6% CP, 6,149 Att

The fact that the New Orleans Saints seem to throw the ball about 110 percent of the time is a true testament to the pinpoint precision of Drew Brees. As an 11-year starter, Brees has thrown more than 500 passes nine times, and has actually gone well over 600 attempts in five of his last six seasons. The Saints’ primarily aerial offense has not had any negative effect on Brees’ accuracy though, as he’s led the league in completion percentage three times, won two Offensive Player of the Year Awards, and gone to six Pro Bowls since joining New Orleans in 2006.

1 Aaron Rodgers

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65.7% Completion Percentage, 2,665 Attempts

When you look at the skill set of Aaron Rodgers, there’s not too much he can’t do. He’s simply everything you’d look for in a quarterback. The former first-round pick out of Oregon has established himself among the top tier of NFL quarterbacks, leading the league in accuracy while playing in an offense that relies heavily on his arm, and throwing more than 500 passes in four of the last five seasons. As a five-year starter for the Packers, Rodgers has never completed less than 63.6 percent of his passes and has an astonishing 1.7-percent interception mark, stats that have helped him take home one MVP Award and make three trips to the Pro Bowl.

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