Dad Sees Little Girl Talk To Fence Everyday, Calls Police When He Realizes Why


Such Uncertainty

Jason sat there, a crippling feeling of uncertainty gnawing within him. When his daughter first started acting strange, he didn’t think much of it.

But after he found that letter, he knew that he needed to act. This was far beyond his scope. He would need to involve the police as soon as possible. What was going on in his backyard?

Loving Family


Jason Knightly had it all. He had a good, stable job. He had a beautiful wife and two amazing children. And he owned the house of his dreams.

What he didn’t know was that there was a problem with that house. The backyard held some secrets about its long past. And it was his daughter, Lori, who uncovered them.



Ever since Lori’s 6th birthday, she had been acting strange. She was used to her routine and had settled into it quite well. But recently, she started doing something new, and it started bothering her father.

He knew there was more to the situation than he could see, and he wanted to find out what it was that caused the sudden shift.

A Behavioral Shift


What had Lori been doing that was so strange? She would walk up to the property fence and start talking like there was someone on the other end asking her questions.

At first, Jason thought she was just being a typical 6-year-old and having some fun. But he quickly realized that there was more to it.

Every Afternoon


Jason let it go on for a couple of days, but he quickly discovered that this had become a new routine. She would do it every single afternoon.

That was when Jason started getting suspicious. But he would soon discover that there was more to this than just a daily visit. And what he found would have him scratching his head.

It Happened At The Same Time


After observing her for a few days, Jason realized that this incident happened at exactly the same time every day. Whether Lori was inside or outside, she would approach the fence at exactly 4:30 pm.

Did that mean something? Was there any significance to that specific time? Or was her father just imagining things?

Getting His Attention


At that point, his daughter’s behavior had gotten Jason’s full attention. He was intrigued by what he was seeing. And his intrigue quickly turned into a puzzle that he wanted to solve.

So he spent every day watching Lori. He stayed away so she wouldn’t pick up on it. But something was about to happen that would force him to act.

Who Was She Talking To?


After a few days, Jason started wondering who it was that his daughter was talking to. Was it a dog? Or maybe a cat? Or was it simply their next-door neighbor?

He couldn’t say for sure, as he never actually heard the discussions. But that was about to change. He wanted to know what was being said and who was saying it.

Testing The Waters


With that thought in mind, Jason decided to test the waters. One afternoon, while his daughter was pouring her heart out to her newfound friend, he approached.

He could hear his daughter chatting up a storm as she sat on the grass, facing the fence. But that wasn’t what confused her father. It was the response that really got to him.

No Response


Jason waited for a while, but he didn’t hear anyone responding to young Lori. There was no neighbor keeping the discussion going. There was no excited dog barking in response. And there was no cat to give her an answer.

Confused, her father looked over the fence. But what he saw left him even more confused than he was before.

An Imaginary Friend?


There was absolutely no sign of any creature on the other side of the fence. His daughter wasn’t speaking to anyone at all. Or was she?

Jason considered that his daughter might have an imaginary friend. It was common for children around her age and would explain her strange behavior. If only he knew how wrong he was.

It Was Bugging Him


As the days passed, the situation started bugging Jason. His son had an imaginary friend when he was Lori’s age. But he spoke about him all the time and even had him over for dinner.

Why wasn’t Lori doing that? Why didn’t she tell her parents that she had made a new friend? Was there even more to this situation? Was Jason missing something?

What Could He Do?


Jason found himself constantly thinking about what it was that his daughter was doing. He was questioning every word that left her mouth when she was outside. And before long, he was questioning everything she did.

He knew that he needed to do something about this. But what was the right way to approach the matter?

Thinking It Over


That night, Jason thought about everything he had seen and heard. He knew he needed to come up with a plan, but he was still unsure of what it was that was actually happening.

Before he could find a solution, he’d need to find an answer. Was this as innocent as it seemed? Or was there more to this situation?

Man With A Plan


By the time he woke up the next morning, Jason was armed with a plan. He could get all the information he needed if he invested money in some cameras and installed them in the right positions.

So that was exactly what he planned on doing. But he would do it overnight so no one could see what it was that he was really up to.

Setting Up Cameras


Jason spent that day going from one store to another, looking for the best deals he could find. And before long, he was ready to go.

Armed with his tools, he waited for nightfall. Once his daughter was asleep, he crept outside and installed the cameras where he thought he would get the best views. What would he see?

A Few Days Later


Jason tried to calm his nerves for the next few days, knowing that he would have the answers sooner rather than later. He wanted to collect enough footage before he looked, and no one could blame him for that.

But when the big day finally came, he was more confused than ever before. Jason looked at the footage, and he couldn’t explain what he saw.

Nothing There


Jason spent hours going through the footage of his daughter’s discussion, but he found absolutely nothing. There was nothing there for her to talk to.

That was when the father knew that something was seriously wrong. Something was happening in his backyard, and he needed to find out what that was. What would he ultimately discover?

What Was It?


Jason spent countless hours wondering what it was that his daughter was up to. Who was she talking to, and why? Why didn’t the cameras capture anything?

His mind was filled with questions that he didn’t have the answers to, and it was starting to drive him mad. Would he ever uncover the truth? Or was he just wasting time on figments of his daughter’s imagination?

Driving Him Mad


At this point, months had passed. Jason had reached the point of no return, and his mind was filled with worrisome thoughts.

He had done extensive research into imaginary friends and now knew that his daughter’s behavior didn’t fit the description. There had to be something else. But what was it? What was going on in his backyard?

He Needed Answers


Jason couldn’t just stand by and watch anymore. He needed answers. He needed to know who his daughter was talking to and why.

He couldn’t let this madness continue anymore. Jason had to get to the bottom of this before it was too late. What if his daughter was in danger and he didn’t see it?

In His Mind


In Jason’s mind, there was something sinister going on behind closed doors. He had discovered that no one lived in the house next door and that it was a playground for criminals.

Was one of those criminals targeting his daughter? Was she talking to one of them? The thought sent a chill down his spine. But it was a possibility he couldn’t ignore.

Was He Right?


Jason couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. He was sure one of the syndicates had been trying to get their claws into his daughter. And he couldn’t allow that.

He was more determined to solve this puzzle than ever before. But what could he do? Should he call the police? Or should he stop his daughter from going outside?

He Couldn’t Allow It


All Jason knew at that point in time was that he couldn’t let any harm come to his daughter. She was the most precious thing on the planet, and he couldn’t let anyone take her away from her family.

A firm knot formed in his stomach as he tried to come up with a plan, but there was only one thing he could think of to protect her.

She Needed To Be Safe


In order to keep his daughter safe, Jason forbade her from going outside. She kicked and screamed in protest, but this time, he wouldn’t back down.

The only time his daughter would be allowed in that backyard again was when he was one hundred percent sure that no harm would come to her. Would that work?

Something To Consider


Jason kept watching the footage, hoping that he would find evidence to prove that he was right about the syndicates. But he saw absolutely no movement next door.

No one had gone into or left that house in days. Was it because they saw his cameras? Or was his mind getting the better of him? Was he the one with an imaginary friend? Or, in this case, predator?

Sleepless Nights


For the next few nights, Jason couldn’t sleep. His mind was going over all the possibilities that would explain his daughter’s behavior. But he simply couldn’t come up with any other explanation.

That was until he woke up one morning. Something told him to watch the previous recordings. The ones he had already seen. And that was when he saw it.

Checking The Footage


Jason went over the footage he had captured before locking his daughter inside, and that was when he saw something he had missed before.

This was the crucial piece of information he was looking for. It was the clue that he had spent months trying to find. But what did he see? Was he right about the syndicates?

Noticing Something


Jason had to run an errand, and he paused the recording. That was when he saw Lori doing something peculiar. She was sitting on the ground and pulling on the grass.

Jason zoomed in and kept watching his daughter. That was when he realized that she was slowly digging a hole. What was she trying to find? And was it buried in the ground?

A Bit Of Digging


That night, Jason decided to do a bit of digging himself. He grabbed his shovel and went to the spot where he saw his daughter sitting. Then he started digging.

When he was about 2 feet down, he found something. It was an old letter detailing a series of tragic events that took place on his property.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.