Top 9 Pets for a Family with Young Children.

We have a list of the top 9 pets for a family with young children. Adding a new pet to the family should never be taken lightly.

We have a list of the top 9 pets for a family with young children. Adding a new pet to the family should never be taken lightly. Things to consider is the age of your children and the amount of time that you can give a new pet. Most importantly the cost of food, supplies, crates, etc. We have put together a list of pets that you may consider bringing home.


1.) Dogs


Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend and they are right! They are the best family pet! You do have to be aware that all dogs are not created equal though. They all have different personalities and temperaments as well. You need to do some research on the best dog breeds for your family.

To make your life easier we have a list of top dog foods to feed your beloved pooch. These all can be ordered online making it super easy for you.

2.) Cats

If you aren’t a dog person, maybe you are a cat person. Maybe you are looking for a pet that isn’t so demanding of your time. If that is the case, then you may be interested in a cat. Cats can make an excellent family pet. They even clean up after themselves and require very little training.

3.) Fish

Now, if you want a very little demanding pet than a fish or fish tank is best for you. You can get a Gold fish in a bowl or even a Beta fish. You can step up your game and get a tank with colorful fish, feeder fish or even a salt water tank to channel your inner love of the ocean. It is very relaxing to sit and watch fish. Feeding and cleaning it pretty simple.

4.) Hamsters


Hamster’s are a great starter pet for children. They are cute, fun and playful. The only problem with a hamster is that they don’t live long. You also have to keep their cages clean or they will smell a little bit.

5.) Birds


Birds also make a great family pet. Although some people may find them to be annoying and loud. Birds interact well with each other and it’s fairly easy to clean their cages. You can teach budgies and parrots to even speak which can be a lot of fun for children. Canaries and finches are playful and great with younger children.

6.) Guinea Pigs

guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs are similar to a hamster but are a bit larger making for a more sturdy pet. They a larger, cuddlier and more playful than a hamster as well. They interact with you communicating with a cute squeaking noise. Keeping their cages are fairly easy to clean as well.

7.) Snakes


Snakes are incredibly low maintenance and make a great first time, starter pet for families with kids. Corn snakes and ball pythons are the best. They only require to be fed once a week, tank cleaning once per month, and no special cleaners required. And despite what most people think, snakes very rarely bite unless starved or taunted.

8.) Turtle

Turtles are a great family pet as well! You can have a water turtle or land turtle kept in a tank while they are small. You never have to worry about these guys running away. They’re easy to take care of and live a long time. Feeding turtles is simple and they love their veggies. Turtles are resilient and co-exist really well with other turtles.

9.) Pigs


No joke, a pig is a great pet to have join the family. Much like a bull dog, they’re built strong and can stand up to the rough housing kids often do. They’re just as clean, or even cleaner at times, as dogs and are super playful.


There are many different great first time pets for families with children. If you are ever struggling with choosing, feel free to reach out to rescues and pet stores. They have all the information that you need and supplies to get your new pet home.