Lesson Learned: 5 Topics That Should Be Taught in School

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A group made up of 26 state governments and groups representing teachers and scientists unveiled new guidelines for how science should be taught in American schools—which included the recommendation that they begin teaching climate change.
Seems logical, considering the fact that polar bears are starting to look like furry refugees and glaciers the size of Pittsburgh are breaking off the ice caps and disappearing, there’s not much denying that the phenomenon is occurring. However, this is actually the first time climate change was included in the recommended lesson plan. In the end though these are recommendations and not requirements, and there are plenty of other topics our kids should be learning.

5 Health

Yes, health class is on the standard school curriculum, but it’s time we upped our game. We are undeniably a nation plagued by obesity and a static lifestyle, and if we don’t teach them the long-term effects, our children will continue to suffer the dire and sweaty consequences. Simply put, if they knew that a life of video games and Buttergfingers will likely end with them dropping dead at the age of 36 or losing a foot to diabetes, maybe we wouldn’t have to outlaw 3 gallon cups of soda—people would just stop drinking them.

4 Internet Etiquette

In a world of social networking, the individual’s online presence is fast catching up to our presence in the real world. However, with it being a relatively new technology, too many kids are getting on Facebook and Twitter before they really know anything about how to conduct themselves online. The result; young people are posting ignorant, damaging words and pictures that become public record and could adversely affect them well into their future. Maybe if they were being taught properly, they’d stop acting like such “noobs.”

3 Social Skills

In a society where the individual is becoming more and more isolated, it could be time to introduce a lesson plan on how to navigate the social scene. Every one of us already knows some awkward guy at work who seems to be completely lacking any communication skills or decorum, and with technology isolating people more and more, it only stands to get worse. Think about it, a workplace FULL of Devin’s from accounting; nobody wants that.

2 Money Management

Considering the fact that as a nation we are in a financial hole roughly the size of China (irony fully intended), it seems like as good a time as any to educate our youth on money management. While overall business and finance are widely taught, personal finance is widely ignored, and in a time where far too many American citizens are completely hampered by debt, we literally can no longer afford to remain ignorant.

1 Evolution

Yeah, it is somehow still not required that this be taught in American schools. Being respectful of religion is one thing, and evolution doesn’t necessarily have to be accepted as the one truth, but it should at least be taught. Otherwise, uninformed children nationwide could make it as far as college without knowing any other story of the origin of man aside from the one where a couple wore fig leaves over their genitals and their ideal existence was unraveled by a talking snake.

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