Leopard Visits Cow Every Night Farmer Gets Worried And Installs Camera


His Father’s Warning

His entire body shook as he snuck around the corner. He had to be sure if it was true. He loved the cow too much not to see the animal next to her with his own eyes. But was he ready to see it?

He had learned much from his father and his life as a farmer. He had always been told that all predators were dangerous and that they had to be scared away no matter what. Everything his father told him flooded his mind as he looked at the animal in front of him.

Abraham Amel


Abraham Amel lived an ordinary life. He took over his family farm once his father retired. It was a simple life, but he grew up helping his father with everything on the farm. He knew exactly how to look after all the cattle and tend to the crops, and make sure everything ran smoothly.

Now that the farm was his, he prided himself and kept the standards his father had before him. But one day, he’d find something strange that his father never had to deal with.

Raising Cattle


A specialty of Abraham’s was raising cattle. His father was well-known for his strong and reliable cattle, and he aimed to make sure that he would be proud of the way he took over the farm. But there was one special cow on the farm.

She was the prize of his cattle. He named her Abiba, which meant beloved. He even kept her in a different pen than all the other cows.

Early Struggles


Abiba struggled early in life. She was the smallest cow in her litter and was rejected by her mother when she was born. Abraham hated to see an animal in pain and nursed her so she wouldn’t die.

She was weak but got to a reasonable amount of health after Abraham’s efforts. He bonded with the little calf and made sure that she would make it. He also decided never to sell her off and kept a close eye on her at his farm. But he had no idea that she would get an unlikely visitor.

Something In The Night


Something strange started happening to Abiba’s pen at night. Every morning when Abraham woke up, he would make his morning rounds feeding the livestock. He’d get to Abiba’s pen only to discover that it wasn’t the way he left it.

The fence for the pen was busted open. His eyes grew wide as ever as he rushed into the pen to make sure that she was okay. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

Strange Circumstances


He looked into the pen and noticed that the straw was moved around, and there were scratches on the wood. He turned to see his prized cow see her lying in the pen, looking happy as ever. He examined the marks and couldn’t believe what it was.

It looked like the marks from some kind of predator. He was just glad that his cow was alright. He spent the day reinforcing the pen. He was sure nothing could get in. He was still perplexed as to why the predator broke into the pen but left Abiba untouched.

The Next Day


Abraham went to bed that evening feeling good about his work during the day. But once he woke up the next day, he was met with a familiar sight – too familiar. The pen was once again broken despite his handiwork.

He was confused as ever. Once again, his cow was alright, but why was this happening? He fixed it once more but decided to set up a camera. He needed to find out what was going on.

The Footage

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As expected, Abraham woke up the next day to a broken fence but a happy cow. This time he was prepared, so he decided to check the cameras. But he couldn’t have prepared himself for what he would find.

He sat down and plugged in his monitor to check the footage. He watched a shadowy figure effortlessly break into Abiba’s pen without much effort. Then it slinked over to the cow and did something he never thought possible.

A Friend


The animal walked up to the cow and lay down next to her. Abraham felt a lump in his throat watching an unfamiliar animal with his cow. But nothing happened. The animal snuggled with Abiba.

They must have known each other because Abiba looked quite happy with the animal by her side – even happy. They must have been friends with each other. But the animal wasn’t part of his farm. It was something much more dangerous.

In Awe

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Abraham was still in awe at what he saw in his footage. His first thought was to notify the appropriate services or to take matters into his own hands. He decided that he would take a less violent route since the animal had only been peaceful so far.

So he thought of his next step, and once he had settled on an idea, he knew he would be called crazy if anyone knew about it. But his curiosity got the better of him.

Needed Physical Evidence

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Even though he had video evidence, his curiosity compelled him to take a closer look. He mentally prepared himself to do the unthinkable – to catch the animal when it was still there in the pen.

He knew it left at around 4 in the morning, an hour before he normally woke up. He decided to have an early night and try to catch it in the act. But as he approached the pen, he felt his nerves get the best of him.

The Animal

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He felt his hands shake as he slowly crept around the corner. He knew that the animal was in the pen with his beloved cow. He would finally see it with his own eyes. But he wasn’t ready for what he would see.

After being a farmer his whole life, he was taught by his father to scare off predators and that they were dangerous. But looking at the animal in front of him with his cow made him question everything.


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The animal that broke into his pen every night was a leopard. He was sure now that he saw it with his own two eyes. But there was something that the cameras didn’t quite capture – affection.

He could tell that the leopard was looking after the cow, making sure it was alright and checking in on it every night. Was it possible it could tell she was weak and needed protection?


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Abraham was somehow more confused than he had been before. It was clear that the leopard didn’t mean any harm, but it went against its nature to look after his cow. He knew he’d have to make some changes.

He decided rather than fight it. He could let things play out. It was clear there was no threat from the leopard, and to be honest. It would help scare off wolves and wild dogs.

Part Of The Family

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Abraham decided to induct the leopard as part of his strange animal family. His father would have hated the idea of there being a predator on the farm, but old traditions are meant to be replaced with new ones sometimes.

The leopard stuck around and would go visit its friend every night like clockwork. He knew he no longer had to worry about his cow and especially about predators.

A New Tradition

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Over the course of the next few months, the leopard started getting more comfortable with Abraham and started sleeping on the property. It was almost like he had become another member of his cattle.

He decided to help it feel appreciated and started leaving meat out for it to eat. And right then, he promised himself something.

A Promise

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He knew that his farm was a little unorthodox, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He knew he’d teach his son one day to run the farm just as his father did with him.

The leopard and the cow’s friendship might seem unusual; after all, they’re natural enemies. However, the friendship between animals of different species, even apparently irreconcilable ones, is more common than you think.

Bea And Wilma

Public Domain

Bea the giraffe and Wilma the ostrich share something else than just their long necks: a tight and endearing friendship. The pair first met at the Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa, Florida, and they clicked right on the spot.

They both live in the same big enclosure of about 65 acres; however, they can be seen relaxing together most of the time.

Bubbles And Bella

Public Domain

Bubbles is an African elephant, and Bella is a black labrador. Bubbles was originally rescued from ivory poachers in Africa and brought over to a safari reserve in the US.

That’s where he met Bella, who had been left there by a contractor who used to work in the park. Ever since then, they have been inseparable. One of their favorite moments together is when Bella uses Bubbles as a diving board.

Shrek And Torque

Solent News And Photos

Owl Shrek was taken away from her mother when she was born; the carers in the animal center feared that she might be eaten by her own mother, who was under a lot of stress and acting erratically.

This six-month-old greyhound, Torque, adopted Shrek right away. The greyhound is very protective of his adopted daughter; he follows her around at their carer’s home and always keeps an eye on her.

Dennis And Fred


Dennis is a duckling. His mother was hunted by a fox, and things were looking grim for him. But right then, Fred the Labrador and his owner Jeremy stepped into the picture. They found Dennis and rescued him.

Ever since then, Dennis and Fred have been soulmates and are always seen wandering around Jeremy’s property together.

Milo And Bonedigger

Public Domain

Believe it or not, this 11-pound dachshund named Milo is this lion’s biggest caregiver. Bonedigger is a 500-pound lion suffering from a metabolic bone disease.

Since they first met five years ago, Milo took Bonedigger under his wing. Nowadays, they’re still great friends. Bonedigger also enjoys hanging out with Milo’s friends, named Bullet and Angel.

Mabel And Her Puppies

Public Domain

Mabel was saved from the pot due to a foot injury when she was just a chicken; shortly after, she was moved into her owner’s home. That’s when she met his puppies and became enamored with them.

Now, Mabel is a year-old hen who treats the puppies like they’re her own children. The puppies’ mother also lives in the house, but Mabel seems more involved than her in raising them and taking care of them.

Wild Cat And Fox


The picture was taken by a fisherman, and nothing is known about the cat and the fox. Isn’t it weird that they seem so close and friendly? After all, foxes are known to be elusive animals who tend to keep to themselves, not to mention natural predators.

Also, feral cats are similar. They tend to be loners who wander around with a chip on their shoulder, always ready to hunt their prey or defend themselves against predators. Maybe the pair got tired of being alone and became friends.

Sere Khan, Baloo, And Leo

Barcroft Media

These are Sere Khan, Baloo, and Leo; they are a tiger, a bear, and a lioness. Their story is a tragic but also heartwarming one; they used to be under the possession of a millionaire criminal, who kept them captive and mistreated them.

Fortunately, the criminal was arrested, and the three big animals were rescued. Right now, they are under the care of the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in the US.

Manni And Candy

Public Domain

Manni is a wild boar piglet who was found in a field in southwest Germany. He was found starving by the Dahlhaus family, who immediately felt moved by the heartbreaking sight.

The family decided to take Manni to their cottage. There, he was introduced to their Jack Russell terrier, named Candy. They two have been soulmates ever since then.

Kasi And Mtani

Busch Gardens Tampa

Kasi and Mtani, a cheetah and a labrador, have been friends since the beginning of their lives. They grew up and were raised together in Busch Gardens, Tampa.

As Kasi grew into adolescence, he became more interested in the female cheetahs living in the park and started distancing himself from Mtani. However, they are still friends to this day and hang out together every now and then.

Real Life Bambi

Tanka Askeni

Remember Bambi? This deer and his friend, the rabbit, will instantly make you think of the classic Disney movie. They were spotted by animal photographer Tanja Askani in the middle of a snowy forest. Right then, she knew she had to portray them.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the image is how the rabbit’s face seems like a tinier version of the deer’s.

Suryia And Roscoe

Public Domain

As you may know, orangutans are an endangered species. The one in this picture, Suryia, lives in a reserve in the US. She met this dog, Roscoe, when he followed her and her carers home. 

It didn’t seem like he had any other place to stay, so they let him stay in the reserve, where he became really close to Suryia.

Anjana And Her Tiger Cubs

Public Domain

This chimpanzee, named Anjana, lives in a reserve in the US. When they brought over some white tiger cubs, the ape instantly became enamored with them.

She has been helping their caretaker, China York, to raise them like they’re her own offspring. It’s not her first time: she has helped China take care of other orphaned animals in the past. And as you can see in the picture, she really enjoys doing it.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.