Five LA Internet Coffee Shops Perfect for Productive Digital Nomads

If Los Angeles is your city of choice, here are five coffee shops that are sure to boost your productivity and inspire a little creativity while you get your caffeine fix (and did we mention they're incredibly Insta-worthy?)

It’s hard to find the perfect location for ultimate focus when you have a deadline fast approaching, especially when you’re in a city you’re not familiar with. Digital nomads may have the advantage of being able to work anywhere at any time, but that also means they don’t have a home base they can return to when it’s time to concentrate. Although, it means we can spend copious amounts of time in the best internet coffee shops, drinking the best coffee.

The perfect location needs to have a calming, focused atmosphere, the best food in case you get hungry mid-work session, internet and of course, copious amounts of coffee for the inevitable afternoon crash. Are you catching on yet?

If Los Angeles is your city of choice, here are five coffee shops that are sure to boost your productivity and inspire a little creativity while you get your caffeine fix (and did we mention they’re incredibly Insta-worthy?)

5.) Stories and Books Cafe: Echo Park

Stories and Books Cafe LA's best coffee shops


Stories andBooks Cafe is more than just a coffee shop: it’s a bookstore, too. Sip on that latte while perusing some of the best LA book finds around. There’s nothing better than the smell of a used book – the life it had before you found it. If you don’t get too distracted, there’s plenty of chairs, and tables to settle into and get working.

When it first opened in 2008, the Cafe gave Angelenos a place to explore local indie reads. They also buy and trade books, meaning the selection is always growing and refreshing. So if you’re a writer in need of a little help from your friends, look no further.

Stories and Books Cafe LA's Best Coffee Shops


But if you’re feeling like taking a break from the books today, you can opt for the concrete patio, surrounded by succulents and bright murals to boost your creativity. In classic L.A. fashion, its coffee and espresso are organic and fair trade. And if you get hungry, the Cafe serves breakfast through dinner (check out the menu to see for yourself).

Feeling like treating yourself after a long and productive work session? Stay for one of the Cafe’s events, which range from readings to comedy shows and live music.

Stories and Books Cafe LA's Best Coffee Shops


Location: Stories and Books Cafe, 1716 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026


4.) Bricks and Scones: Larchmont Village

Bricks and Scones LA's Best Coffee Shops


This is the perfect coffee shop to hunker down in if you like being in a cozy atmosphere while you work. The coffee options are endless, as are the food. Make sure to try at least 3 menu items while you’re here – we promise it’s worth it!

Just like Stories and Books Cafe, you can choose to sitinside (peep the awesome second-floor area above the bar) for your study sesh. But if you need to wake up, you can always check out the breezy patio.

Bricks and Scones LA's Best Coffee Shops


In case you haven’t guessed, homemade scones are the shop’s specialty, but they also serve breakfast, salad and sandwiches if you’re planning to stick around for a while. And bring a friend – the Instagram game is strong and you won’t want to miss an opportunity for the perfect pic.

Location: Bricks and Scones, 403 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

3.) Groundwork Coffee: NoHo

Groundwork Coffee LA's Best Coffee Shops


NoHo may be the newest location of a Groundwork Coffee shopbut it’s really retro. No, really. This Groundwork Coffee was actually built into the North Hollywood Historic Train Depot (which was built in the 1890s and now is a registered State Historic Landmark Building) as part of its restoration.

It has seating down by the baristas, and if you walk up a stair or two you’ll find a long, beautiful wood-floored room with picnic tables and mason jars of flowers. There’s even a cool bookshelf with fliers from people advertising events around the community.

Groundwork Coffee LA's Best Coffee Shops


Then, if you step outside, you’ll get to the outdoor patio.

Plus, it’s by the North Hollywood stop on the Red Line and the bus bay for the Orange Line, meaning it’s easy to get there without having to worry about parking.

The coffee itself is strong, the employees are kind, and yes, the brunch is to die for.

Bonus: This is one of about a dozen Groundwork locations in Los Angeles, so if NoHo is a bit of a trek, you can still check outthe coffee nearly anywhere in the city. (There are also locations in Portland, and a mobile espresso truck. Score.)


Location: Groundworks Coffee, 11275 Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

2.) Caffe Vita: Silverlake


The outside of Silverlake’s Caffe Vita looks strange to say the least: the building is long and thin, with a mural of a monkey on one side and something that resembles a massive golden dragon flower above its front door. But don’t be overwhelmed … because inside is a calm space with brick walls and massive windows to let in natural light.


The shop is basically set up for people to hunker down and work, boasting a large number of small tables that are often occupied by only one person and his or her laptop. Downstairs, you can grab a seat by a window … but upstairs, you can get a gorgeous view.


Caffe Vita originally started in Seattle in 1995 (so you know they know their coffee), but now they have locations in New York and Portland too – still, this is their only L.A. location, so don’t miss it. Just make sure to eat a solid meal beforehand … they have pastries, but don’t expect to grab dinner here.

Location: Caffe Vita, 4459 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

1.) Verve Coffee Roasters: Downtown LA


Verve Coffee has an undeniably natural, earthy vibe that’s sure to make you feel fresh and engerized as you work. Plus, with indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy Verve in any weather … and always find a seat.


The baristas are undeniably hipster (and so are the drinks – so unless you’re really up on your coffee trends, expect not to recognize a few menu options), but they’re not elitist about it. They even offer fresh juices if you want to feel extra L.A.!

The food is delicious too, although it’s mainly prepackaged so you’ll have to go elsewhere if you want a hot meal!

Bonus: Just like Groundwork Coffee, there are two other Verve locations in L.A. you can try. If your digital nomad lifestyle keeps you traveling, you can find locations in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and even in Japan’s Kanagawa and Tokyo!

Location: Verve Coffee Roasters, 833 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Pssst … kicked your coffee habit? You’re stronger than we are. Check out our favorite coffee alternatives if you’re looking for a new favorite liquid pick-me-up!


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