The Beginners Guide to Korean Beauty Products

Korean beauty products have caused a worldwide phenomenon. Check out our 10 step guide to Korean Beauty Products for Beginners.

You should have heard of K-Beauty by now or Korean Beauty to you and me. If you haven’t, where have you been? Korean beauty products have taken the internet, magazines and TV by storm. And it’s no wonder as Korean beauty products help us achieve youthfully, refreshed skin. K-Beauty is the secret we’ve all been searching for.

What is K-Beauty?

Korean beauty products have caused a worldwide phenomenon. These products are usually made in Korea or manufactured with the Korean beauty regime and philosophy at their heart. The Korean beauty routine has been designed to give lasting results and nourish the skin over a period of time with gentle care and love.

Why You Should Be Using Korean Beauty Products?

K-Beauty enthusiasts everywhere will sing from the rooftops about the results of using these products. Korean beauty focuses on the health and hydration of the skin and not products that will cover up any existing skin problems. There is no quick fix for your skin and the Korean beauty industry have recognized that. They have created a 10-step skincare routine consisting of a collection of products that will gently nourish and maintain the health of the skin.


This multi-layered approach has been popular in Korea since the ‘1960s and although it has changed slightly over the years is still going strong today. A gentle skin care routine with a long-term focus that produces amazing results. What’s not to love?

Check out our 10-step guide to Korean beauty products for beginners:

Makeup Remover

caolion pore & make-up cleanser stick korean beauty products



An oil-based makeup remover will remove all makeup and impurities.  Once you’ve tried oil based remover you’ll love it and keep going back for more.


Recommended product: Caolion Pore and Makeup Cleanser Stick


What it does:


This unique cleansing still will gently remove makeup and impurities. The solid stick transforms into an oil then a cleansing form to leave skin smooth.


Customer review:

“Stick very convenient to use, rather pleasant smell and feeling of freshness on the skin once rinsed. Leaves the skin soft and containsa lot of product. Good quantity-price.”

– Cancervolant


$23 at Amazon


dermaclear micro foam cleanser korean beauty products



A water-based cleaner will remove any leftover residue after using the makeup remover. Water-based cleansing Korean beauty products will cleanse the skin without stripping or tugging too harshly on the skin.


Recommended product: Dermaclear micro Foam Cleanser


What it does:


This cleanser used hydrogenated mineral water and fine micro-bubbles to remove impurities from the skin. The skin will be left fresh and clean after use.


Customer review:

“I tried this product out of curiosity and I’m not disappointed! Creamy, pleasant on the face having a lot of redness and fragile skin I recommend this product absolutely!”

– YetNoe


$20 at Sephora


belif bergamot herbal extract toner Korean beauty products



Toners will help balance the skins pH levels which is vital for skin health and hydration.


Recommended product: Belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner


What it does:


Suitable for normal to combination skin this toner will tighten pores, moisturize, soothe and rebalance the skin after cleansing.


Customer review:


“After 4 months of use I can say that it still improves my skin, well moisturize and soothe after cleaning but just the gel-liquid formula I did not like it too much because I had the impression of a texture sticky on the skin before applying my moisturizer.”


– Naeml


$28 at Sephora


belif hungarian water essence



Water essence helps prep the skin for the rest of the beauty routine by drenching it in hydration allowing other Korean beauty products to be absorbed.


Recommended product: Belif Hungarian Water Essence


What it does:


The Hungarian Water Essence gives skin a long-lasting radiance making it fully of hydration and subtle and soft.


Customer review:

“I had the miniature version in the kit and I think the product is great, some serums are a bit sticky but not this one. It is moisturizing and easy to use with its pump. Just 2-3 pumps only.”

– Anonymous


$35.30 at Sephora

Sheet Masks

this rubber moisturizing molding mask one of the best korean beuaty products



Sheet Masks are fantastic Korean beauty products as they are easy to use, remove and dispose and leave skin hydrated and full of moisture.

Recommended product: Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask

What it does:

In just 2 simple steps this hydrating mask will give you instant freshness and moisture.






  • 1st step: apply a moisturizing ampoule-serum that firms and strengthens the elasticity.
  • Step 2: the pink mask prevents active ingredients from evaporating and soothes the skin.

Customer review:

“It was time to find a moisturizing mask worthy of the name! I felt a difference in my skin! I am already ready to buy it! And frankly the concept is top: we put the cream and then we put the mask with a feeling of freshness that invades us! I really loved it!”

– Nancy, France

$12.45 at Sephora


erborian black scrub korean beauty products



A very important step in any beauty routine is exfoliation as it helps remove dead skin cells. If these deal cells weren’t removed it could lead to problems such as breakouts and less luminous skin.


Recommended product: Erborian Black Scrub


What it does:


This scrub has been formulated from charcoal powder will eliminate dead cells and leave skin smoother and visibly brighter.


Customer review:


“I heard a lot about coal to fight against imperfections and I am pleasantly surprised! the skin is soft, the skin texture smoothed and imperfections are blurred… I took the mini version in 15ml to test and I actually used it for 4-5 times … apply the mask in a thin layer, I do it before the shower! Moisturizes well and the skin may tend to peel! do I RECOMMEND!”


– Marjoww


$34 at Amazon




cicapair repair serum korean beauty products



When choosing a serum or oil from the many Korean beauty products available be sure to select a serum that best suits your own skin type.


Recommended product: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair repair Serum


What it does:


Apply the serum to perfectly cleansed skin before applying moisturizer. The serum will project and sooth the skin.


Customer review:

“I loved this serum, my skin was really much sharper and the redness faded with the marks. 2-3 drops are enough and it has a duration of 3 months at least which is good.”


$45.30 at Sephora


belif the true cream moisturising bomb korean beauty products



Help seal in the moisture by applying a moisturizer. Remember to select a moisturizer that suits your skin type.


Recommended product: Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb


What it does:


Clinical tests say that The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb will keep skin hydrated for 26 hours. Ideal for normal to dry skin this ‘hydration bomb’ will be absorbed by the skin quickly leaving it smooth, soft and radiant.


Customer review:

“Not being a fan of thick textures and preferring textures gels, this cream impressed me a lot because it does not feel on the skin, does not stick, and moisturizes very very well! It also makes a good base for makeup I highly recommend.”

– Laurashz


$39.50 at Sephora

Eye Cream

erborian bb eye cream korean beauty products



The area around the eyes is the most delicate with the thinnest skin. It is essential to keep this eye area hydrated to maintain a healthy skin and retain moisture.


Recommended product: Erborian BB Eye Perfect Touch


What it does:


A 3 in 1 cream is soothing and will act as a concealer to give a BB skin effect. The cream will help reduce dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. Tired eyes will be left with a bright refreshed look


Customer review:


“I gave an opinion on this BB eye five years ago. And as incredible as it may seem, after trying all sorts of concealer, including at Sisley, after five years, this one is by far my favorite, in truth, the only one I use because no others equal it. For me anyway-: it is perfect, both for the color, the application, the texture, the coverage. PERFECT!”

_ The Valmer Cross

$35 at Amazon


eltamd uv clear facial sunscreen broad-spectrum spf korean beauty products



Protecting your skin against the sun’s UV rays is possibly the most important step of any skincare routine. SPF is a massive part of Korean culture. Regularly applying an SPF should be as normal an everyday task such as brushing your teeth. 


Recommended product: Elta MD UV Clear Facial sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF


What it does:


The Elta MD SPF is recommended by dermatologists as it will not cause sensitivity or clog pores. A sunscreen that will protect against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun while promoting healthy-looking skin.


Customer review:

“I’ve been using this sunscreen for about 3 years. I’ve tried other sunscreens during that time, some of them very pricey, but I always come back to this- I’ve gone through about 5 or 6 bottles. I have extremely sensitive skin that stings if I use chemical sunscreens. I’m also prone to acne, rosacea, and hyper-pigmentation so to find a sunscreen that’s specifically designed to not aggravate those issues is amazing. It has no white cast, no scent, and works beautifully under makeup. It’s not matte but it’s not greasy- it feels and looks like a very lightweight lotion but it totally works at protecting my skin. Truly the best sunscreen I’ve ever used.”

– M


$26.40 at Amazon


All thought this may seem like a lot to do during your beauty routine it will only take a few minutes and the result will speak for themselves!




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the beginners guide to korean beauty products