The Kitty Poo Club Lets You Say Goodbye to That Disgusting Litter Box Forever

Kitty Poo Club is a subscription service that eliminates nearly all of the hassle associated with traditional litter boxes.

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Owning a cat is an enriching, emotionally rewarding experience. But as we all know, there is a major downside to having a cat in the family: cleaning a filthy litter box. Fortunately, the litter box has been reinvented by a monthly subscription service called Kitty Poo Club. It eliminates nearly all of the hassles associated with traditional litter boxes, and allows you to focus on the positive, less disgusting aspects of owning a cat.

Put simply, once you join up with the Kitty Poo Club, you’ll get a fresh disposable litter box delivered to your door once a month. Each all-in-one box will last for 30 days, and is designed to be tossed out and recycled at the end of each month, eliminating most of the hassles and headaches associated with a normal litter box.

Kitty Poo Club – The Litter Box Reinvented

kitty poo club

Every litter box is odor-free, eco-friendly, leak proof, and ships with a fresh supply of litter without any additional shipping or handling costs. This means you’ll actually be saving money on kitty litter compared to the average cost of store-bought litter.

A membership costs just $21.99 per month, and includes your choice of four different litter options. There’s the mineral-based silica litter as well as a fine-grain silica with a more sand-like texture. There’s also the 100-percent all-natural clay variety for optimal odor control and extra-hard clumping. Finally, there’s a natural plant-based organic soy litter with clumping and microbial odor control.

Litter boxes and kitty litter are the primary purpose of the service, but your membership can be personalized with a little flair. Add some food, treats, and litter-box accessories to your shipments, and before too long, your cat will begin to look forward to each new box. That isn’t just an imaginary scenario — Katelyn K is one satisfied customer who says her cat is a huge fan of Kitty Poo Club’s signature treats:

“My cat goes crazy for these. She loves them so much that she recognizes the package and instantly starts begging for one.”

A normal litter box isn’t exactly known for its aesthetic qualities. But each Kitty Poo Club litter box is like a little work of art. And each season will bring its own attractive new patterns (currently, the seasonal pattern is “Kitties on the Slopes”).

The Kitty Poo Club is extremely confident that their service will satisfy almost any cat owner. They’re so confident, in fact, that they’re prepared to let you try it risk-free for two weeks. After that, they’ll give you a full refund if you’re not 100 purr-cent satisfied with your first box (sorry).

So if you’re a cat owner who hates constantly cleaning a disgusting litter box, head over to the Kitty Poo Club website immediately for more info and to sign up.