Here are the 30 Tools You Need for a Fully Stocked Kitchen

We’ve put together a useful list of all the basic tools you need for a fully stocked kitchen. Why? Because acquiring the right kitchen tools can usually be an inconvenient and confusing process. You’ve decided to cook a delicious new roast chicken recipe and halfway through realize you’re missing a basting brush. The recipe says to use a rubber spatula but you only have a metal one. Does it really make a difference? Yes!

Not all tools are created equal. Having the right tool at the right time makes life so much easier. Why not save yourself from a future cooking disaster and stock your kitchen with the most essential tools you need a head of time? While this isn’t a list of ALL the kitchen tools you’ll ever need, it’s a great place to start.

You don’t need to buy your new kitchen tools from a trendy home goods store either. While stores like Crate and Barrel are beautiful to browse through, the truth is you can get the same basic tools for half the price elsewhere. Spend on items like knives and food processors and save on items like measuring cups and tongs. A great place to find deals on quality kitchen tools is restaurant supply stores. Don’t rule out the dollar store for basic white dishes either.

Happy Cooking!

1.) Food Processor

Kitchen Tools Food Processor

Cuisine Art

While you might think this kitchen tool will collect dust in the corner, I guarantee it becomes your most used item. Whether you’re a culinary master or just too lazy to ever chop vegetables, a food processor will come in handy. You can whip up a morning smoothie, puree a soup and blend a guacamole with ease.

While you can find decent food processors for under $40, I recommend splurging on this tool. A good food processor like the 14 Cup Cuisine Art version can last a lifetime. And if it doesn’t many of the quality ones come with lifetime warranties.


Cuisine Art DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor: $157.93


Hamilton Beach 10-Cup FoodProcessor: $36.85


2.) Immersion Blender

Kitchen Tools Immersion Blender

Kitchen Aid

Immersion blenders make life so much more convenient! It’s also known as a stick blender and is used to blend ingredients in the container they are already in. A good immersion blender will save you time and the headache of washing extra kitchen tools.

You can use it to puree soups, get lumps out of mashed potatoes, or whip up your own baby food. I use mine all the time! It’s also great for baking. Try using one to make homemade whipped cream.


KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender: $20.99


3.) 16-Quart Stock Pot

Kitchen Tools Stock Pot

Cuisine Art

A stock pot is a large pot that’s used to make homemade broths, large portions of soup, and even boil pasta. Look for a 12-16 quart stock pot. While there are smaller sizes, a 16 quart stock pot will have you covered even when you’re feeding a crowd.

Look for a stock pot made from stainless steel or enamel. If you’re a fan of meal prepping or throwing dinner parties, this kitchen tool will get a lot of use. Don’t forget the lid!


Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 16 Quart Stock Pot: $68.00


Cuisine Art Enamel 16 Quart Stock Pot: $37.93