90 Hilarious GIFs of Epic Kiss Cam Fails You Need to See

The kiss cam is one of those moments that can make or break an intermission. The camera operator pans through the crowd in search of couples that are prime to give the audience a show. Sometimes its sweet, who hasn’t seen a marriage proposal on a kiss cam – amirite? It gives the crowd something to cheer for even if their team isn’t doing so great. Plus, who doesn’t like a little PDA thrown in your face, especially when it has the secondary effect of embarrassing the couple.

Of course, there are also those awkward moments on the kiss cam. The ones where they show an affair on national television and the partner watching at home finds out. Or, a marriage proposal where they say no. These kiss cam fails are pure comedy gold. Seriously, try not to laugh as you make your way through the list. If you can do it, you’re better than the rest of us.

1.) One kiss, two kiss, side kiss, front kiss

2.) And this is why everyone should be terrified of birds


3.) True love comes in many forms, at least he knows what he wants


4.) The saying goes that three’s a crowd

5.) Someone can’t handle rejection well…

6.) Someone got a little too excited about the kiss cam… He should probably be weary in the parking lot

7.) Sometimes you just gotta steal the spotlight – by whatever means necessary

8.) When you can’t give your teammate a kiss, give them a bop!

9.) “I promise you my undying love for as long as it takes me to drink you”

10.) You can’t always teach an old dog new tricks

11.) So much for romance, she’s ruined the moment

12.) DENIED!

13.) This granny has got some serious game

14.) It was love at first face off

15.) Ask first or next time it will be a lot worse!

16.) This Lion couldn’t contain himself!

17.) Awkward moment, what do you think they’re hiding from?


18.) This is my sexy face… and she loves it


19.) Ladies man in training

20.) This is illegal in most states

21.) Yep, still single

22.) A little too excited

23.) Dude, she’s my mom!

24.) What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas

25.) Ouch

26.) A girl likes to have options

27.) Still in the “friend zone”

28.) At least someone loves him!

29.) At least wait until the second date!

30.) Her BF wasn’t feeling it…

…but her neighbor was happy to oblige!

31.) Someone’s sleeping on the sofa tonight

32.) How ’bout I show off my dance moves instead?

33.) Just get a room already!

34.) She’s not my type

35.) Kissing his true love

36.) He just wasn’t in the mood

37.) Oh Hell, no!

38.) Think he got her number afterward?

39.) Let’s hope it was insured

40.) If you don’t treat her right, she’ll find someone that will

The best Kiss Cam I’ve ever seen

41.) Our hearts go out to that poor onlooker

42.) Don’t even think about it bro

43.) Sneak attack

44.) How about a beer?

45.) When the camera mans cuts the actual kiss off

 46.) This dude just need a girlfriend 

47.) Love you man!

48.) #Workhusbands

49.) So much for keeping the relationship under wraps

50.) A girl likes to have options

51.) Spit, kiss, repeat

52.) David Beckham… we couldn’t resist including this adorable kiss cam moment

53.) Don’t forget to breathe!

54.) Not happening

55.) Bears need love too 

 56.) Air kiss?

57.) What scared him off?

58.) When your BFF is always there for you

 59.) Wrong couple!

60.) Get off your phone and pay attention

61.) When you’re trying to stay incognito, but the cameras still find you

62.) She left him hanging in the friend zone

63.) Busted

64.) The old bait and switch tactic

65.) Kiss cam or Lion King cam?

66.) Even celebs like to get in on the action – and not always with their partners!

67.) Did you really need to think about it that long?

Kiss cam. Yay they won! …. ooohh well nvm

68.) She’s my sister

69.) Kiss cam or dance cam?

70.) At least someone loves him

 71.) Plot twist

72.) Be gentle you dirty bird!

73.) That was cold

74.) Just not in the mood

75.) No photos please!

76.) Some people need to just get a room

77.) Tone it down a notch

78.) Busted

79.) Busted, part II. When will people learn?

80.) She is not into you

81.) Ahhh! Behind you!


82.) Rejected!

83.) Even celebrities get shy!

84.) Or they get embarrassed.

85.) It went from aggressive to romantic. I don’t think she was expecting that! 

86.) Showing some teammate love


87.) Even if you are Kobe Bryant, you will show up on the kiss cam!

88.) Shaq getting ready for the big kiss!

89.) Well,that was intense

90.) After the kiss cam failures, we had to end on a happy note: here’s one proposal that went off without a hitch! Or, at least with a future hitch 😉

Kiss cam proposal!

Next time the camera pans to you, you’ll hopefully have some inspiration to give those viewers a “kiss” they’ll remember. Getting the attention of the camera operator seems to be the biggest hurdle. Some common themes: Costumes, full glasses of beer, and signs.

Which GIFs made you giggle like a little school girl? Have you ever been featured on a kiss cam? Have a record of it? We’d love to see some of your kiss cam fails, or just ones that you think are hilarious. Please post them in the comments below.

We hoped you liked this article. We got inspired by an article on College Humor and we just couldn’t resist sharing. Want to see more of these? Stay tuned for more!

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