Epic Kiss Cam Fails You Need to See

Of course we want to highlight these awkward kiss cam moments, they are just too good to not highlight on Top 5. Get ready for some serious laughs!

The kiss cam is one of those moments that can make or break an intermission. The camera operator pans through the crowd in search of couples that are prime to give the audience a show. Sometimes it’s sweet, who hasn’t seen a marriage proposal on a kiss cam – amirite? It gives the crowd something to cheer for even if their team isn’t doing so great.

Plus, who doesn’t like a little PDA thrown in your face, especially when it has the secondary effect of embarrassing the couple. These kiss cam fails are pure comedy gold. Seriously, try not to laugh as you make your way through the list. If you can do it, you’re better than the rest of us.

And this is why everyone should be terrified of birds

It went from love at first sight to an attack.

We wonder what this lady felt like after.

The saying goes that three’s a crowd

kiss cam fail

Rejected and then went for another woman’s man.

The funny thing is, he didn’t reject her kiss.

Someone can’t handle rejection well…

kiss cam fail

All she wanted was her five second of fame. He didn’t care.

Revenge is so sweet. He was definitely in trouble after.

Someone got a little too excited about the kiss cam… He should probably be weary in the parking lot

kiss cam fails

He is trying to rub his head to get lucky.

The guy didn’t feel bad he dropped a whole pint of beer.

Sometimes you just gotta steal the spotlight – by whatever means necessary

kiss cam fails

He didn’t want to be left out and wanted his five second of fame.

The guy in the middle was is shook.

When you can’t give your teammate a kiss, give them a bop!

kiss cam fails

Kisses for support!

This was good luck and hopefully they won that game.

“I promise you my undying love for as long as it takes me to drink you”

kiss cam fails

She was so excited she was going to be famous.

The guy loves his beer a lot more.

You can’t always teach an old dog new tricks

kiss cam fails

He thought about it for a second, but then it was a big no.

It was funny though.

So much for romance, she’s ruined the moment

kiss cam fails

A funny face is more romantic than a kiss.

He still wanted to try and kiss her though.


kiss cam fails

Aww, a true unexpected kiss!

The guy was excited though.

13.) This granny has got some serious game

kiss cam fails

The grandma wanted a kiss from a younger man.

Well, she got her wish!

14.) It was love at first face off

kiss cam fails

A quick peck on the lips won’t hurt anyone.

The helmets bump each other to resist the lips touching.

Ask first or next time it will be a lot worse!

If he would have asked, maybe she would have said yes.

He didn’t, but she hit him to put him in his place.

This Lion couldn’t contain himself!

kiss cam fails

It was calm and then it burst into excitement of love.

The cop seemed okay with it though.

Awkward moment, what do you think they’re hiding from?

Are they cheating?

Is this a forbidden love?

This is my sexy face… and she loves it

Kiss Cam Fail

He looked romantic, and then he licked her mouth!

Well, at least he tried to make up with it at the end.

Ladies man in training

Kiss Cam Fails


His first kiss was with three beautiful women.

This little guy couldn’t have been happier.

This is illegal in most states

Kiss Cam Denied


It went for awkward to funny in two seconds.

He was prepared!

Yep, still single

Kiss Cam Fail

Pizza is life and this girl knows it.

“Time is money, money is power, power is pizza and pizza is knowledge.”

A little too excited

Kiss Cam Fail

Wow, they didn’t notice at first, but then went hard in.

The couple in front wasn’t too excited though.

Dude, she’s my mom!

Kiss Cam Fail Mom

Welp, that’s illegal.

The mom looks amazing for her age though!

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas

Kiss Cam Fail

Did we catch them cheating?

What is happening?


Kiss Cam Fail Proposal

We have a few questions: what happened after? Why did she say no?

This must of hurt.

A girl likes to have options

Kiss Cam Fail

Winner winner chicken dinner!

She didn’t want to choose.

Still in the “friend zone”

Kiss Cam Fail

Well, she did not want this kiss.

He tried, but he was rejected. Oh well.

At least someone loves him

Kiss Cam Fails

Brotherly love is real.

A sneak attack was necessary.

At least wait until the second date!

Kiss Cam Fail

It’s embarrassing to kiss on screen, but this girl was like NOPE.

At least there was all smiles.

Her BF wasn’t feeling it…

Kiss Cam Fails

…but her neighbor was happy to oblige!

Kiss Cam Fails

Well, he wasn’t paying attention!

She wanted to take advantage of her opportunity.

Someone’s sleeping on the sofa tonight

Kiss Cam Fails

It went from super romantic to a big troll move.

He is definitely in trouble.

How ’bout I show off my dance moves instead?

Kiss Cam Fails

Dance moves are more impressive than kisses.

Spirit fingers are life.

Just get a room already!

Kiss Cam fails

It went from cute to too much PDA.

We get it, we love each other.

She’s not my type

Kiss Cam Fails

Well, the feelings were mutual.

This was too much for them to handle.

Kissing his true love

Kiss Cam Fail

She was about to take a selfie, but he thought of something different.

At least he loves his beer a lot.

He just wasn’t in the mood

Kiss Cam Fail

This was a serious conversation happening.

He instantly said no and she looked disappointed.

Oh Hell, no!

Kiss Cam Fail

You need to ask for, dude!

Treat a lady right.

Think he got her number afterward?

Kiss Cam Fail

It was love at first sight.

The man and the goat until the very end.

Let’s hope it was insured

Kiss Cam Fails

How did this happen?

Let’s hope he finds it.

If you don’t treat her right, she’ll find someone that will

Kiss cam

Benny the Bull will steal your girl and treat her like the princess she deserves.

Don’t ever ignore your girl in front of a kiss cam.

Our hearts go out to that poor onlooker

Kiss Cam Fail

Welp, single forever.

Don’t worry dude, you will find love one day.

Don’t even think about it bro

Kiss Cam Fails

We love how they didn’t react.

They both stared blankly at the camera and didn’t do anything.

Sneak attack

Kiss Cam Fail

This was definitely a planned attack.

The reaction to the guy that got kissed was perfection.

How about a beer?

Kiss Cam Fail

They’ve been planning this for years.

The couple that spills beer together, stays together.

When the camera mans cuts the actual kiss off

Kiss Cam Fail

Some might think it’s a tease, others might think it was a blessing.

This was definitely planned.

This dude just need a girlfriend

Kiss Cam Fail

Why is he eating his hockey stick?

Is he that lonely?

Love you man!

Kiss Cam Basketball

A kiss on the head is love at brotherly love.

At least they can embrace their love.


Kiss Cam Fail

Grumpy faces all around.

We love how this guy got trolled.

So much for keeping the relationship under wraps

Kiss Cam Fail

Remember when Jelena was a thing?

Well, this was when they wanted to hide it from the world, but here they are going in for a kiss. Aw!

A girl likes to have options

Kiss Cam Fail

If you reject your girlfriend, she is going to move on.

He shouldn’t have gotten too angry.

Spit, kiss, repeat

Kiss Cam Fail

Aw! The teammate bond is there.

A little peck of the helmet doesn’t hurt anyone.

David Beckham… we couldn’t resist including this adorable kiss cam moment

Kiss Cam Fail

Look how cute this is!

I’m sure she was so happy to be on TV to share a cute moment with her dad!

Don’t forget to breathe!

Kiss Cam Fail

They were so excited they forgot people were watching.

Well, this couple should get a room.

Not happening

Kiss Cam Fail

A lady doesn’t like to feel pressured!

He definitely slept on the couch tonight.

Bears need love too

Kiss Cam Fail

No couple? No problem!

This guy improvised very well.

Air kiss?

Kiss Cam Fail

Do air kisses count?

Well, apparently they do!

What scared him off?

Kiss Cam Fail

What was he embarrassed of?

Were they cheating? Or did he just not like PDA?

When your BFF is always there for you

Kiss Cam Fail

BFFs are there for you always, even for kiss cams.

A little peck on the lips doesn’t hurt anyone. Lady friends forever.

Wrong couple!

Kiss Cam Fail

Well, the camera guy shouldn’t assume.

We love the reactions!

Get off your phone and pay attention

Kiss Cam Fail

You need to pay attention more!

Live in the moment.

When you’re trying to stay incognito, but the cameras still find you

Kiss Cam Fail

This famous couple was trying to stay under wraps.

Well, that didn’t happen!

She left him hanging in the friend zone

Kiss Cam

He was friendzoned so hard.

At least it was a good laugh!


Kiss Cam Fail

Another cheating couple?

Guys, you are going to get caught. Sometimes privately, sometimes over TV.

The old bait and switch tactic

Kiss Cam Fail

He tricked her!

The guy was so happy it worked.

Kiss cam or Lion King cam?

Kiss Cam Fail

There are so many tiny Simbas in the world!

How cute!

Even celebs like to get in on the action – and not always with their partners!

Kiss Cam Fail

Actors can get down and dirty pretty quickly.

Now, that’s how you act!

Did you really need to think about it that long?

Kiss Cam Fail
They thought about it, but then the wanted to wave, then they got hot and heavy.

They are both in trouble tonight.

She’s my sister

Kiss Cam Fail

Oh goodness, he didn’t want to kiss his sister!

That’s illegal!

Kiss cam or dance cam?

Kiss Cam Fail

Instead of showing their romantic feelings, they wanted to show of their dance moves.

This was a great idea.

At least someone loves him

Kiss Cam Fail

Is his girlfriend jealous?

We would be.

Plot twist

Kiss Cam Fail

Mascots need love too!

He was there at the right place and the right time.

Be gentle you dirty bird!

Kiss Cam Fail

The bird wanted to show how much he loved this woman.

This is why people are afraid of birds.

That was cold

Kiss Cam Fail

Dabbing on your girlfriend?

Boy, you will be sleeping outside tonight.

Just not in the mood

Kiss Cam Fail

Even famous people don’t want to kiss on command all the time.

That’s okay, Mila, we understand.

No photos please!

Kiss Cam Fail

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

It’s okay to be embarrassed, but there is no reason to run!

Some people need to just get a room

Kiss Cam Fail

We know you are in love, but jeez.

Calm down, we get it. Sometimes this is too much PDA.

Tone it down a notch

Kiss Cam Fail

Aw look how cute!

But seriously, get a room. We don’t want to see all of that.


Kiss Cam Fails

Another cheating couple. Wow!

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay there!

Busted, part II. When will people learn?

Kiss Cam Fail

How can you be so cozy at first, and then be shy?

Stop cheating.

She is not into you


She doesn’t want you.

Now, go kiss another girl!

Ahhh! Behind you!


Ah no! A zombie!

That’s worse than a kiss.



Well, she definitely prefers girls!

She teases the guy, but she wanted to show her true feelings.

Even celebrities get shy!


This is their job, but sometimes they aren’t in the mood to act and be cute.

It’s okay! We forgive you.

Or they get embarrassed.


Both of their faces say “Oh no, please go away.”

It’s fine, Ellie. You and your boyfriend don’t have to. You have a beautiful voice!

It went from aggressive to romantic. I don’t think she was expecting that!


It went from being a cute kiss cam moment to a moment that would change their life forever.


Showing some teammate love


James Harden wasn’t expecting the air kiss.

His face was super confused!

Even if you are Kobe Bryant, you will show up on the kiss cam!

We had to put this in here because look how cute!

He loves his daughter.

Shaq getting ready for the big kiss!


How would you feel if you got kissed by Shaq?

This guy definitely didn’t want the kiss.

Well, that was intense


Wow, these actors can really act.

It was passionate and full of lust.

Wait for it


It’s cute, and then… a photobomber.

At least the kid broke the ice!

This is too much tongue

He obviously did not want to be bothered so he threatened her with his tongue.

No one comes in between a man and their beer.

No love for Benny the Bull


Benny the Bull trying to get some love, but he was rejected.

He will find his prince or princess to kiss one day!

Tricked you


What a great prank.

He was about to give her all the love he had, and then NOPE.

This is a big N-O


Don’t kid your face!

The kiss cam will always find and it will be a fail.

No one to kiss in site


Forever alone.

It’s okay, we always question what love is.

Double trouble


It must have been the weirdest material rubbing against her.

At least she got to check this off her bucket list.

Look, a small child!


Excuse me, why did a small child pop up out of nowhere?

He ruined the moment for all the couples.

Double photobombers!


If you look in the background, the daughter and father wanted to make sure to get their five seconds of fame.

The old couple is so cute though!

This dude just got friendzoned


Oh heck no!

This lady did not want a kiss. She just wanted to be platonic friends.

After the kiss cam failures, we had to end on a happy note: here’s one proposal that went off without a hitch! Or, at least with a future hitch 😉

We had to end this article on a cute note!

We are so happy she said yes.

Next time the camera pans to you, you’ll hopefully have some inspiration to give those viewers a “kiss” they’ll remember.