Epic Kiss Cam Fails You Need to See

The kiss cam is one of those moments that can make or break an intermission. The camera operator pans through the crowd in search of couples that are prime to give the audience a show. Sometimes its sweet, who hasn’t seen a marriage proposal on a kiss cam – amirite? It gives the crowd something to cheer for even if their team isn’t doing so great. Plus, who doesn’t like a little PDA thrown in your face, especially when it has the secondary effect of embarrassing the couple.

Of course, there are also those awkward moments on the kiss cam. The ones where they show an affair on national television and the partner watching at home finds out. Or, a marriage proposal where they say no. These kiss cam fails are pure comedy gold. Seriously, try not to laugh as you make your way through the list. If you can do it, you’re better than the rest of us.

1.) One kiss, two kiss, side kiss, front kiss

Which one should be pick?

There are too many options!


2.) And this is why everyone should be terrified of birds

It went from love at first sight to an attack.

We wonder what this lady felt like after.


3.) True love comes in many forms, at least he knows what he wants

A beer is always there for you. This guy thought so.

He definitely got in trouble after this.