Top 5 Times They Shouldn’t Have Left The Kids With Dad

Rules can go out of the window when dad is left to take care of the kids when the mother is away. Top 5 Times They Shouldn't Have Left The Kids With Dad

Rules can go out of the window when leaving the kids with dad. It is pretty much guaranteed that something will go wrong and you’re asking for trouble. What dad will think is funny or a source of his own amusement, mom may not agree.

Dad’s ‘unique’ parenting techniques can be questionable at times. Their relaxed laidback attitude can lead to a mixture of shenanigans and troublesome behavior. The kids, however, seem to love it. We’ve put together our Top 5 moments you shouldn’t have left kids with dad. We really enjoyed watching these, admittedly you can’t help but laugh at some of these ‘dad fails’!


5.) Boys Night In Dancing

You just can’t beat it. Dad nails a bit of dancing to the one and only Michael Jackson. That baby’s got da moves. Check out his moonwalk!


4.) Arguments With Dad

It seems you just can’t reason with a baby. Who is really in charge here?!


3.) Dad Doing Hair

This dad uses a vacuum cleaner to create a ponytail for his daughter. It’s quick, it’s easy. Innovation at it’s best!


2.) Casual Sunday Drive

When dad tells you he is taking his son out for a casual Sunday drive. And this happens!


1.) Getting Covered In Paint

All kids love a bit of an art and craft session. Painting, gluing and getting their craft on. However, mischief can happen within the few minutes when your back is turned. Check out these two brothers getting caught in the act.

These are just a few of the examples of the mischief that you might encounter when kids are left with dad. It will make you rethink leaving your other half home alone with the children or you might just be thoroughly entertained! I know we were!

Which one made you laugh the most?


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