Kick It Up a Notch! Top 5 Reasons to Add a Cardio Element to Your Routine

A lot of people dread cardio workouts, but there is a possibility that they just don’t understand the vital benefits of aerobic fitness. Cardiovascular exercises elevate your heart rate, pump more blood to your muscles and challenge your body to maintain an elevated heart rate for a period of time. There are multifarious health benefits to adding a cardio exercise to your regimen.

5 Increased Metabolism

Burn more calories throughout the day! Cardio can increase your metabolic rate. With an increase in cardio endurance, you may see and increase in metabolism. Cardio exercises increase the amount of capillaries that bring nutrients and oxygen to all your muscle, thus improving your body’s energy production. The efficiency of your muscles increases as well, streamlining the way the body manufactures energy and increasing your metabolism.

4 Fat/Calorie Burning Zone

Cardio is a great way to burn a lot of calories — it’s even more efficient than weight lifting or most strength exercises. You need to burn 3500 to lose a pound of weight, so by adding a cardio component to your workout and maintaining a healthy diet you can lose that pound and more faster than you think!

3 Improve Mental Outlook

Want to be more positive? Get your cardio in! Improve your mood and mental health with endorphins you get from a cardio workout. Endorphins can quell fatigue, suppress pain, and produce a sense of elation. It can also help you manage stress and stress triggers so you can live more productively. They don’t call it a runner’s high for nothing.

2 Increased Stamina

Because you’re increasing your aerobic capacity with each workout you’ll also be increasing your cardiorespiratory stamina. Being able to endure longer and harder workouts will aid in other areas of your fitness, including strength training. Reaching fatigue later in your workout allows you to push past plateaus not only in your workouts, but also in every day life. Day to day activities like climbing stairs, distance walking, sexual activity, long work days and even long play days improve with increased stamina.

1 Healthy Heart

You are working the heart and the lungs with any cardio exercise. Giving these organs a regular workout helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Think about it, your heart is a muscle, if you’re going to work hard to strengthen your other muscles don’t neglect this one! Cardiovascular exercises also increase your heart rate and your breathing pace. Over the course of a 30-minute cardio session, this elevated heart rate strengthens your cardiovascular system as a whole, which can also lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and help regulate blood pressure.

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