Top 5 Kawaii Instagram Accounts To Follow For Your Everyday Cuteness Fix

Are you familiar with the Kawaii vibe? Follow these Kawaii Instagram accounts to discover the latest trends in everything cute and shiny!

The Kawaii hashtag has since long been taking over Instagram, and for a good reason! Featuring adorable Chibi figures, lively Bento compositions, and sparkling manga-themed accessories, some Kawaii Instagram accounts are the true embodiment of the cute and the shiny!

If you’re not well-versed in the manga universe and wonder what on earth is “kawaii”, then a whole new world is waiting for you! According to the Urban Dictionary, “Kawaii” is an adjective in Japanese meaning “pretty, cute, lovely”. Its stem is two kanji meaning “can love”. It is commonly used by anime and manga fans.

We curated for you 5 Kawaii Instagram accounts that will make you hit the follow button before you even have time to squeal “Awwww”!


5.) @Ibu_Chuan: Chibi all the way!

Even if you don’t know what it’s called, you surely came across a Chibi somewhere on the internet. Chibi style means drawing characters in a “small and cute” way.

And as you can see, @ibu_chan does it perfectly well!

This young resident of Chile swears only by traditional art and mixes pastel and bright colors to convey that Kawaii vibe we all love!

Chibi characters are well-known to be “super deformed” and drawn in an exaggerated style. The head is usually oversized, the fingers sometimes undefined, and the expressions melodramatic.

All of which our young Chilean artist is mastering to perfection!

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4.) @JapanLoverMe: Spreading Japan’s Kawaii one snap at a time!

How about learning Japanese culture and language in an artsy and trendy way? @JapanLoverMe is here to deliver!

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こんにちは!Here's a Japanese Onomatopoeia Cheat Sheet by @valiantjapanese ! ✨🎌 . QUESTION: What are your favorite free sources of online Japanese language study review? 🤔 ⛩️ Let us know below! . Feel free to comment if you want to add more to the list! . Also, good luck to everybody who will take the JLPT soon! Art by @chichilittle. . . . . . #nihongo #japanese #japan #日本語 #にほんご #japaneselanguage #kanji #learnjapanese #studyjapanese #learningjapanese #japaneseculture #日本 #lovejapan #jlpt #lovers_nippon #japanesevocabulary #japan #japanloverme #valiantjapanese #littlemisspaintbrush #日本語能力試験 #日本語能力試験2017 #japaneseonomatopoeia

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Her Kawaii Instagram account is full of mini-guides to learn Japanese expressions and words, stunning shots of everyday life Japan, and some cute snacks only available in the Land of the Rising Sun. We so want to try those Orange flavored Kitkat!

Furthermore, JapanLoverMe took her Kawaii Instagram to a whole new level: the Instagrammer consistently built a website to advise on things to do in Japan, what to eat, “cool-tural” activities, and sell her merchandise. You go, girl!

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3.) @Pusheen: The Beloved Cat

How can we forget Pusheen the cat? If there could be one example of the extent of the Kawaii wave, it would certainly be this grey mischevious cute cat.

Since its creation by the Claire Belton and Andrew Duff duo for a comic strip on their website Everyday Cute on 2010, the concept skyrocketed!

Indeed, Pusheen Cat may be one of the finest examples of the internet’s obsession with cats!

According to the info available online, the Pusheen corporation started selling Pusheen merchandise after the popularity of the cat took off in July 2010. The first Pusheen merchandising was sold on the Everyday Cute website as a charm keychain and necklace. From there the merchandising expanded and now Pusheen corps have teamed up with many brands to create and sell merchandise in stores such as Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, and Petco.

Our favorite part? They even have a monthly subscription box that is filled with Pusheen products! A-meaw-zing!

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2.) @TokyoFashion: Bringing street fashion from Japan to the world!

Japan is not considered a land of contrasts for no reason. When this traditionally inclined nation opened up to the world, the creativity of Japanese people took the world by storm! Equally, its fashion designers became trendsetters and quirky clothing styles are a common sight in the streets of Japan.

And to our utmost delight, @TokyoFashion documents it all in their aesthetically filled Instagram!

TokyoFashion shoots all their pictures in the famous streets of Shibuya, Harajuku, and other areas of Tokyo. Ranging from futuristic models and gender-neutral styles to Lolita fashion and traditional kimonos, they have it all!

Mark our words, they will provide you with your daily dose of the quirky and the cute!

Moreover, since fashion never sleeps, neither does @TokyoFashion! To “keep you up to date with what’s going on in Japanese fashion, day to day, hour to hour”, they created, an online magazine devoted to clothing, accessories, and style in Tokyo, Japan.

Neat, right?

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1.) @LittleMissBento: because food always wins!

We live in a world where artists can express themselves through a new medium: food. And we are oh-so-grateful for it!

According to her bio, Little Miss Bento is a food artist, cookbook author, cooking teacher, and traveler. Although, it doesn’t give her enough credit! This superfegalicious food artist knows how to mix colorful ingredients and create dishes that are too adorable to eat!

Shirley is an award-winning bento artist and blogger based in Singapore. She is also the first certified Singaporean instructor with the Japan Sushi Instructors’ Association and a bento specialist for Bento&co. Her bento creations have been featured in numerous local and international media and won top awards in contests both in Singapore and on international platforms.

And seriously, who wouldn’t give these creations a 10/10?

Honestly, tiny food is the epitome of Kawaii! It (almost) makes us want to try cooking it!

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After reading about these Kawaii instagram accounts, did you get hit by the cuteness wave yet? Do you know any other Kawaii Instagram accounts you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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