Top 5 Kawaii Instagram Accounts To Follow For Your Everyday Cuteness Fix

By Youmn February 5, 2018 View all posts (72)

The Kawaii hashtag has since long been taking over Instagram, and for a good reason! Featuring adorable Chibi figures, lively Bento compositions, and sparkling manga-themed accessories, some Kawaii Instagram accounts are the true embodiment of the cute and the shiny!

If you’re not well-versed in the manga universe and wonder what on earth is “kawaii”, then a whole new world is waiting for you! According to the Urban Dictionary, “Kawaii” is an adjective in Japanese meaning “pretty, cute, lovely”. Its stem is two kanji meaning “can love”. It is commonly used by anime and manga fans.

We curated for you 5 Kawaii Instagram accounts that will make you hit the follow button before you even have time to squeal “Awwww”!


5.) @Ibu_Chuan: Chibi all the way!

Even if you don’t know what it’s called, you surely came across a Chibi somewhere on the internet. Chibi style means drawing characters in a “small and cute” way.

And as you can see, @ibu_chan does it perfectly well!

This young resident of Chile swears only by traditional art and mixes pastel and bright colors to convey that Kawaii vibe we all love!

Chibi characters are well-known to be “super deformed” and drawn in an exaggerated style. The head is usually oversized, the fingers sometimes undefined, and the expressions melodramatic.

All of which our young Chilean artist is mastering to perfection!

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