Katrina Campins: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Photo by Danny Cardoza
While most recognize Katrina Campins from her successful run on season 1 of “The Apprentice,” Katrina has been working toward a successful real estate career since she was a teenager. Now co-founder of The Campins Company, a luxury real estate group, Katrina has used her experience in International Finance and Marketing to be ranked among the top half percent of realtors. Katrina has made several appearances on numerous news outlets and will soon star in her new show “Hot Listings Miami” on Style which will follow her life in Miami as she runs her business. While Katrina has worked hard to make a name for herself as a business woman, Katrina points out that there is another side to her that many people don’t know about. The following are 5 interesting facts you didn’t know about Katrina Campins.

5 My Dad is a Man’s Man

“My dad is a man’s man so I grew up fishing, boating, riding 4 wheelers, on construction sites, etc. I love adventure! I still enjoy all of these adventures today!!!! People are always really surprised to hear that I’d rather go fishing, boating, 4 wheeling in the mud, and airboat riding than a night out on the town.”

4 The Real Me Wears No Makeup, Jean Shorts, a T-shirt and Boots

“For my more laid-back looks, I mix eclectic elements from a variety of stores. I love Zara! My life is a strong balance of ease and peace coupled with luxury and fast-paced business transactions; my style mimics that marriage. I love the highly designed works of art coming out of Proenza Schouler and The Row but I also require my quick trips to Zara. I’m also very aware of the talent budding in our backyard: Alexis and Betsy Moss are two of my home-grown favorites.”

3 I Flipped My First Property When I Was 17

“I flipped my first property when I was 17 years old and used the money I was making stacking books at the library as a deposit on the property. I always wanted to be a journalist as a vehicle to travel the world, experience various cultures and live out the responsibility to deliver those messages through print and broadcast platforms. The point being to unite. I’ve always been extremely driven.”

2 The Most Important Things to Me Are God, Love, Family, Integrity + Peace

“Balancing my business with these vital elements of life takes discipline and it’s something that I continue to strive to master. I’m human, so it’s a constant work in progress. ;+]”


“It’s my favorite thing to do! After meeting me in person so many people tell me, “I never expected you to be so funny. You appear so serious.” I definitely have a very serious business side to me but at my core, I’m a little girl that loves the adventure that is life! I take my business seriously but not myself, that’s the difference. :+]”

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